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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Wherein I channel the spirits of the past.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dearest friends,

I have been asked on numerous occasions about The Séance backing level. I wish to take a moment to share with you some of the history around the custom spirit photograph that we include within this special enhancement to the basic Filigree in Shadow experience.

In our modern age, we take for granted the ease with which we can communicate with each other despite great distances, proximity to a telephone line, or even barriers of language. Only one hundred and forty years ago did the the first telephone transmission take place. Yet, well before we could speak to other living souls across the world, some living souls had discovered how to speak to the souls of the departed. Others had found ways of immortalizing their visages on film.

During the period in which the events of Filigree in Shadow transpired, England and, more accurately, much of the western world had become entranced by spiritualism and its claims that communication with spirits was possible. The most common method of conversing with deceased loved ones or passing specters was the séance.

While Bell, Marconi and many others fidgeted with cables and wires, mediums used talking boards and planchettes to spell out words. Tables that tipped and turned amazed the participants, slates on which ghostly notes were written, and cabinets in which spirits materialized were among other tools that facilitated the transference of messages from beyond. And transfer messages the spirits did!

Photography was in its infancy but it was soon discovered that apparitions could appear in “spirit photographs”. Ghostly figures would rise above the living, captured with the flash of a bulb and immortalized forever. So much more than mere snapshots, these images allowed bereaved Victorians a final chance to sit with their lost loved ones. Given the nature of the house featured in Filigree in Shadow, it would be sensible to expect a séance had been conducted there at least once. Luckily for us, and for our backers, we have records of such an event, and are prepared to share this shocking chapter through our Séance and Bespoke Séance reward levels.

Backers who choose initially, or upgrade to, The Séance levels receive Filigree in Shadow with the addition of this customizable side story. Of great interest is the ability to insert a person of your choice into the Spirit Photograph. This can be the recipient to whom you will send the experience, a loved one, or even yourself. For those looking for even more, The Bespoke Séance level also gives you the opportunity to provide guidance (colour and style) for a custom paint job on the striking artifact that comes at the conclusion of the tale.

Do not miss a chance to experience The Séance. We cannot know for certain if it will be available after a fortnight when this Kickstarter ends. Although we are enjoying ourselves, we are certain that no séance could bring back the spirit of a Kickstarter campaign, so now is your best opportunity to commune with us.

Your servant,

The Curator
at The Mysterious Package Company

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    1. David Funderburk on

      Just to clarify, the person's image that we give you to insert into the spirit photograph - will it appear as the spirit or the person who is sitting under the spirit? This might make a difference in whose image one might choose to include.