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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Wherein I walk down a path and am faced with a choice.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dear, dear friends,

It is cliché to begin an update with a cliché. On the other hand, the cliché of the cliché’s effect is greatly diminished when one begins instead by acknowledging the implementation of an improper introduction immediately prior to issuing the cliché in question.

Once again I find myself at a road that refused to decide which direction to take, so it took both. Unable to do the same, I must now decide down which path I will travel. I am once again faced with a choice.

Until now we have offered points of customization that instill a sense of identification between the tale and the recipient, which make our experiences more immersive. Under the Ceiba Tree for example has some very clever customizations that give the protagonist and recipient common ground. These could be considered choices, where one is presented with a question, and its answer is used to personalize the narrative.

Our new stretch goal, The Choice, offers great rewards to all who would purchase Filigree in Shadow, however we must first reach the 900% funding point!

After searching the archives and communing with our medium, who still speaks to the spirits of the house, we discovered some dark events indeed. Our next stretch goal will make it possible to include an epilogue that provides details about the fate of the house after its Victorian beginnings.

Moreover, we offer not one, but multiple epilogues designed to give you a taste of the darkness that befalls the house. And since we always have our members sensibilities in mind, we have selected epilogues of varying degrees; the faint of heart may receive a start, and the strong willed may be shocked to tears. The bold will not scoff and the faint will not faint. You can tailor the epilogue to the recipient’s constitution.

In order, to provide this choice, we must first unlock The Choice. Your word when sharing Filigree in Shadow to friends is worth more than all of our messaging combined, so please be sure to tell loved ones, coworkers and suppliers, the kind soul who pours your first coffee in the morning, and the one who pours a lager after a long day at work. Any help you can offer to spread the word will be met with our deepest gratitude.

Your servant,

The Curator
at The Mysterious Package Company


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    1. Nicholas J. Corkigian

      I rather like this aspect. I believe I will opt for the most "not for faint of heart" epilogue possible.

      Will this be presented as a scale? Will each market on that scale have a bit of description to help make the decision?

      Will all narratives be available for those compleatists to compare after the fact?