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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
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Wherein we cross the threshold to unlock human hair, and new stretch goals are announced.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dearest friends,

Once again we have banded together and with the aid of your pledges we strike a blow for truth! Gone are the pale imitation locks that once graced the studios of doll and wig makers alike. Instead the Crosley company is in the process of delivering a quantity of their wondrous machines to our offices. I have instructed my staff and my interns to report to the Mysterious Package Company salon to be shorn, and all is progressing well. The verisimilitude of the fine strands of hair that adorn my desk bring joy to my heart and I find my breath is bated in anticipation of the tales their recipients will tell.

The narrative that is Filigree in Shadow is a thing of complete melancholy beauty. As I review the final chapter, I am overwhelmed with a sense of, as the Malay put it, sayang. I cannot help but wonder, as I am wont to do with any truly great story, what happened next? Well, my fellow lovers of the chronicle, we have a chance to find out.

Should we reach our next goal, not only we will include an epilogue to our lamentable Victorian tale, but we will provide you with a choice about how you wish the story would end. You will shape the taste that is left in the recipient’s mouth when this experience is complete. Will you take this tale on a darker turn? Will you allow ghosts to be laid to rest? You will select the epilogue that wraps up the story best for you, and the lucky receiver. We can only reach this unprecedented level of customization with the help of you, your fellows, acquaintances, loved ones, and coworkers. Together we may just reach the point where finding out would be possible.

Finally, now that we have seen your enthusiasm for Filigree in Shadow, we have now added new stretch goals: PAPERCRAFT, THE COIN, and something those of you who followed The Century Beast may remember: A KEY. These unlock at $600,000, $750,000 and $1,500,000 respectively. Whilst these goals are lofty, I do believe they are attainable, and I look forward to seeing where this story takes us all.

My deepest gratitude for your support thus far, I am, as always, humbled by the staunch allies we have amongst our members, and the mystery loving public at large.

Your servant,
The Curator at The Mysterious Package Company

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