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We tell stories you can touch.
We tell stories you can touch.
1,786 backers pledged CA$ 606,530 to help bring this project to life.

Wherein we not only surpass our objective but also reach our first stretch goal.

Posted by Timothy Sullivan (Creator)

My dearest delvers into secrets,

By gum we have done it. You mad, wonderful, courageous mystery lovers have shown me once again that this world is not as jaded as I once feared, and that true immersive, tactile storytelling is alive and well.

Our funding has been achieved thanks to pledges from you and other like minded individuals. Indeed, we have crossed the first threshold together, and in less than three hours! Our tale is now supported with full-sized architectural diagrams, rather than simple reproductions. Seeing the new prototype on my desk makes these old eyes rheumy with mist, and I cannot give enough thanks that you have trusted us to this point and allowed us to go this extra step for you.

While I could happily rest on these glorious laurels you have provided us, I am nothing if not a perfectionist. My gaze travels from this magnificent blueprint to our archive of items that truly allow you to be present in our narrative; items we have obtained but have as yet been unable to reproduce in their entirety. How I wish we could provide you with even twice as many as those we have managed to reproduce! What an experience that would bring to pass. I know it is only through your aid that we will be able to achieve this goal, and I implore you to help us improve the experience you have already pledged to receive. Tell your colleagues, your relatives, your friends, even your nemeses. Your victory will be complete when their pledge results in improving your own experience!

Thank you again from the bottom of this aging heart.

Your servant,

The Curator
at The Mysterious Package Company


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    1. Christian Kastaun

      What a rousing adventure! What a fantastic start! I think the words of the late Sir Terry Pratchett may provide inspiration here:

      "Run before you walk! Fly before you crawl! Keep moving forward!"

      Let us not stop here! We can take this Experience all the way!