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The very first documentary about the crowd funding revolution. Finally.
Award-winning documentary CAPITAL C is out now! Thanks to all our 
backers for helping us make this film a reality!
Award-winning documentary CAPITAL C is out now! Thanks to all our backers for helping us make this film a reality!
586 backers pledged $84,298 to help bring this project to life.


By now we’ve talked with far over a hundred crowd funders and experts. We’ve heard exciting stories and statements about crowd funding, how it all began, and how it is shaping our future.

Never before we have talked with a more diverse group of people about the same topic and it’s really thrilling to find one word mentioned in so many different conversations. The word is revolution.

So for us, it is essential to pick the right interviewees to tell the story of this revolution upright and honest.

Today, we`ll introduce some of those fascinating folks to you. And of course, there are many more to come. We will do all interviews in North America and Europe this summer.

But first: Thank you for your amazing support! There is still a lot of money to be raised for bringing CAPITAL C to life, but we are confident to make it together with you!


Brian Fargo
Brian has been in the software publishing industry since 1983, when he founded Interplay Entertainment Corp. He has been behind some of the greatest RPG franchises of all time including The Bard’s Tale, Wasteland, Neuromancer, Dragon Wars, Stonekeep, and the hits Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planscape Torment. Currently he is working on creating Wasteland 2, for which he raised far over $2 million through crowd sourced funding.

Tim Renner
Tim is one of the world’s leading innovators in the music business. He not only discovered bands such as Rammstein in his former days as CEO of Universal Music, Germany. He also predicted the digital revolution of the whole market years before iTunes and Spotify were even looming at the horizon. No wonder that the World Economic Forum named him Global Leader for Tomorrow. Today he is a mentor for independent artists in the ever-changing entertainment industry and Head of Motor Entertainment.

Bernd Kolb

During an exceptional career as a first generation Internet entrepreneur, Bernd received numerous international awards such as the “Marketing Oscar” Clio. And he still is praised and featured regularly by magazines like Wired for his innovative spirit. Today Bernd is dedicated to the world’s fundamental challenges, in order to avoid the collapse of our ecological, economical, and social systems. He founded the Club of Marrakesh, which brings together a global incubation network of interdisciplinary innovators and change-makers. It’s a think tank that is focused on developing new business practices that are ethical and responsible at the same time.

Eric von Hippel
As a professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Eric is one of the leading academics dealing with the nature and economics of distributed and open innovation. His research discovers and explores the sources of innovation and develops new processes to improve the “fuzzy front end” of the innovation process – the end where ideas for breakthrough new products and services are developed. Eric shows how communities of users are actually becoming such powerful innovation “engines” that they are increasingly driving manufacturers out of product development altogether. Two of his major published works include The Sources of Innovation and Democratizing Innovation.

David Alan Grier
David is an Associate Professor of International Science and Technology Policy and International Affairs at George Washington University, Washington, D.C., and is currently serving as President Elect for the IEEE Computer Society. His writing and work deal with the interactions between technology and people, how technology changes organizations, systems, and ways of interacting. Currently he concentrates on the division of labor that is known as crowd sourcing, the process that divides large jobs into small tasks, distributes those tasks over the Internet, collects the individual contributions, identifies errors and assembles the effort into a whole. His publications were featured in a broad range of periodicals ranging from Business Week to Washington Post

Daniel Lieske
Daniel is the mastermind behind the beautiful online graphic novel The Wormworld Saga. Just recently, his saga won the prestigious Publishing Innovation Award at the Digital Book World Conference & Expo in New York. Thanks to his crowd funded project he is now working full time as a graphic novel author and illustrator. He also gives lectures, talks, and workshops about graphic novel creation, independent publishing, and digital art.

Kristy & Coulter Lewis
Kristy and Coulter founded an organic microwave popcorn brand, Quinn Popcorn, which they named after their little son Quinn. On their blog, they tell the story about how to create an ambitious food startup. Upright and honest, they invite others to “learn from our mistakes. It’s on the house.“ Their crowd funding campaign enabled the young family to introduce their first range of products directly to the market. And the story goes on.

Gregor Schmidinger
Gregor is a screenwriter and director from Austria. He studied Digital Television at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, writing his diploma thesis about transmedia storytelling. At the moment, he is working as a Jr. Creative Director while studying screenwriting at the University of California, Los Angeles. He and his team raised $10.000 via crowd funding and used crowd sourcing as instant audience feedback during the production of their short film “Homophobia”.

Leo Fasbender
Leo, a global citizen who has spent many years in Germany, Russia, UK, and Austria and moved to San Francisco just recently, co-founded Newsgrape after discovering that the exchange of articles on the web was hugely inefficient. Newsgrape is an online publishing distribution platform and semantic extraction-based news crawler. The launch of the first prototype was funded online: Crowd sourcing made possible by crowd funding. Newsgrape just closed a seed round to launch the next development phase in May this year.

Stay tuned for the next interviewee update!

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