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A print book compiling fantasy RPG adventures written by folks like us back in the day. A mix of nostalgia and old-school playability.
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tim hutchings

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The Last Book ships tomorrow (except for a couple)

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So tomorrow I drop the last books off at the post office.  Almost the last, I have three people who I need addresses for but we'll pretend that they aren't really there.

By next Friday everyone should have their stuff.  I'm so glad to have this project done and delivered!  When you get the books let me know what you think and most certainly let me know if you have material that you'd like to contribute for future Habitition-like books or to the PlaGMaDA archive in general!

Thank you all so much,

Tim H

The first book ships tomorrow! PDF link!


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The books arrived today!

Not at my home, but at the fulfillment warehouse.  I still haven't seen them yet but the incredibly kind guy at the warehouse said the books look "awesome".  

I should be receiving my lot tomorrow, I'll pack the boxes over the week and hopefully have them out on Saturday morning.  


Printer delays

Hi folks,

The printer is taking longer than their initial estimate.  It's partially my fault because they are handling the documents differently than they have for Everything is Dolphins and I had to revise the deliverables, but they are also being a little contrary.  

I don't have a new shipping date from them yet, but it should be within two weeks.  I'll keep you posted.  

Happy impending Halloween!

tim h

a page from "The Lair of Turgon" by Todd Nilson
a page from "The Lair of Turgon" by Todd Nilson

The Cover Release, Additional Orders, Pre-Orders

Hi everyone!

So The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord should be on schedule for the printer shipping on October 21st.  Provided all goes rightly we should have it in your hands by Halloween we hope.  

We hope.  

I've created a shop which lets Kickstarter backers order additional discounted copies of the Habitition and order other PlaGMaDA/Hutchingsonian related items.

But first, here's the cover:

The cover in all it's glory
The cover in all it's glory

 112 pages, full color all the way through.  Nice.

The Suffecool Deck of Many Things
The Suffecool Deck of Many Things

As a huge thank you for backing the project you Kickstarter folks can order the newly release "Suffecool Deck of Many Things".  The Suffecool Deck was created by a young Kevin Suffecool in 1980 and it's magnificent.  It's made up of the 22 cards of a standard deck, each with the original chipboard printed on the back.  The cards are standard poker sized, glossy and nicely made from Drive Thru Cards.  About five of the cards are just the cards title with no image, young Suffecool had problems with some of the images - "I knew I wanted to draw a knight in armor for KNIGHT, but I felt my drawing skills were weak, and I was waiting to find a picture for inspiration."  

For you Kickstarter backers the deck is a thank-you $5.  I wanted to make it "pay what you want" but there was no easy way to do that through the SquareUp site.  

For those of you reading this who aren't backers you can do a regular pre-order thought the site and still find some discounts.  Not quite as sweet as the backer discounts, but still enough to make everyone happy I hope!

Again, here's the shop:

There's also... shirt modeled by Anja Keister of D20 Burlesque shirt modeled by Anja Keister of D20 Burlesque


Everything is Dolphins by Ray Weiss
Everything is Dolphins by Ray Weiss

...among a handful of other crazy things.

Thanks so much!

tim h