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Join Doc Wilde and his swashbuckling kids on a quest for new knowledge, incredible thrills, and good old fashioned adventure!
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Of Stretch Goals & Short Adventures...

Posted by Tim Byrd (Creator)

(There have been new developments regarding this update;  you'll also want to read Update #21)

Hi, folks,

We're at 123%!  Thank you!

I really appreciate your continued support in getting the word out. Just because we passed our goal doesn't mean we're done. In truth, my hope all along has been that we hit at least 200%, which will be $6,000. That's still only two thousand per book, and will give us a bit more of a comfortable margin in getting plenty of art for each book and setting us up for starting on next year's books.

As a further incentive to keep helping us by blogging, tweeting, talking us up on Facebook, etc., I'm adding a stretch goal for when we reach $6,000 that will benefit all supporters who've pledged at least $5.

But first I should give you more details on the short Doc Wilde adventures...

There are four of these currently available. The first will be included in Doc Wilde and The Frogs of Doom because I wanted to throw in something extra for folks who'd already read the Putnam version of the book.

The other three are available at certain reward levels starting at DAREDEVIL. Folks getting these will be getting actual trade paperback copies of them, using the same size and book design elements of the novels, with their own covers by Gary Chaloner. That means they'll all fit perfectly as a set with the main books on your book shelves.

Also, these stories will never be available for sale in this form. While I may use some copies in the future for rare promotional purposes (raffle prizes at festivals and such), they are primarily a Kickstarter exclusive.

I've only just begun writing these, so this may change with the whims and vagaries of inspiration, but my current plan is to use them to pay homage to various pulp genres in which the Wildes might not usually operate. The one I'm writing now is basically a love letter to Fritz Leiber and other formative sword and sorcery greats and is called "Doc Wilde and The Gate to Nowhen."

Which brings us to the stretch goal...

If we raise $6,000, I will write a fifth short adventure and everyone who has pledged $5 or more will get an ebook copy for no extra charge. Supporters at PULP HERO and above will receive a signed trade paperback copy as well. In the event anyone else wants a trade paperback copy, you'll be able to get it for $10 (plus international shipping if needed); supporters at SERIAL CLIFFHANGER and above will have their copies signed to match their existing set.

The story will probably be "Doc Wilde and The Spicy Zeppelin," a somewhat more risque adventure than the Wildes usually have (and no, it's not gonna be some weird slash fiction kinda thing). Which is to say I plan for that to be it, but I want to make sure the story will work the way I want it to before fully committing to it.

Onwards and upwards...

Stay Wilde!



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