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A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
13,454 backers pledged $675,614 to help bring this project to life.

SHIPPING! (We know you need this NOW more than ever)

Posted by Timbuktu Labs (Creator)

Dear Rebels, 

This update is quite different from what we had imagined. We thought that today we would be overwhelmed with joy and enthusiasm: celebrating an incredible coincidence between the election of the first woman as President of the USA and the beginning of the fulfillment operations of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls".

Instead, we're confused and we feel a bit lost. 

The highest glass ceiling of all has not been shattered. 

A few minutes ago, we watched Hillary Clinton's heartfelt concession speech, where she reminded us a powerful three letter word: "yet". It has not been shattered yet.

That's the spirit to go back to work after this painful setback. 

Now, more than ever, it is important that we make sure little girls grow surrounded by positive female role models. Adventurous, independent, strong women in charge of their own destiny. Women who faced setbacks, but stood back up and tried again, and again, and again. Women who flew airplanes, women who lead countries, women tho traveled to outer space, women who fought bravely under the worst circumstances for freedom, equality, and justice.

This is why - even on this very hard day - we're proud and happy to tell you that your books are shipping and that (as long as you have filled out your Backerkit survey) you will receive an email with your tracking number within the next week. In fact, all Kickstarter rewards will be shipped within the next 7 days!!!

We A/B tested and timed 3 different processes to find the fastest one.
We A/B tested and timed 3 different processes to find the fastest one.

 The one below proved to be the fastest method:

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What will you find in the package?

  • Book (s)
  • Poster (s)
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Coloring Book (s)
  • Tattoo sheet (s)
  • A beautiful postcard

Other rewards in the making

We're working on the eBook (which will include a read-aloud function!) and on a fantastic Lesson Plan, for those of you who purchased the homeschooling kit. The Lesson Plan will be ready in late December, and you will be able to download it from your Backerkit profile. We'll talk more about it in the next update.

We booked our flight to Rwanda!

Remember when we announced that if we hit $500K we would go to Rwanda for one week of workshops about female leadership with Art House Rwanda? Well, we did and we're going. We're flying out on December 31st, because we felt there could be no better way to kickoff 2017.

What to do when you receive the book?

Please, let us know! All the hard work we did leads to the moment when you will receive the book, when you will actually read it with your children. We would love to be part of that! Send us a picture, a video, a tweet! Let us know what you think, what your kids think. It will mean the world to us.

Tweet to @timbuktumag, tag @rebelgirlsbook on Instagram or post on our Facebook page. Use #rebelgirls.

We will read and reply to all your messages: this is just the beginning and your feedback will be crucial to determine what this incredible community will build next!

We're looking forward to reading all of your messages! 

Stay rebel and take care of each other,

Elena & Francesca


In need of positive news? "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" is shipping!!! Get your copy NOW!


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    1. Julia Anne Diez on

      Where are my 3 books. I haven't received a tracking number or my books

    2. Susan Knight on

      I received my package yesterday and the items are all gorgeous. I was, however, charged an aditional $12 COD on top if the already increased shipping charge to Canada which is disappointing. I see in the comments I'm not the only Canadian this has happens to.

    3. Madelena M.

      By the way, my package of 5 books came with very little packaging bubbles, so all the books end up with damaged corners... :'( Remember to add more bubbles next time please! The books are super excellent regardless!

    4. Missing avatar

      Patricia Garcia on

      Hello, I also have not received either a tracking email or the books I pledged for. Will there be additional updates? Thanks so much!


    5. Timbuktu Labs 3-time creator on

      @Julie GREAT!
      @Ronn Your package got forwarded, you'll find all the information in Backerkit if you log in.
      @Craig Your book is at the post office in San Jose! :-)
      @Rachel The Lesson plan will be delivered digitally through Backerkit by the end of December
      @Neil Thank you so much for your support!
      @aron @christine @Jennifer @Katie @chole @Rhonda You should have received your tracking number now!
      @Laurie if the book is damaged, we can hook you up with the shipping company for a return. Shoot us a message. Sorry for the inconvenience, sometimes carriers can be brutal. :-(

      @all those who have received the book and posted here or on social media to let us know: THANK YOU SO MUCH! It's great to know you're loving it!

    6. Julie Daellenbach

      Amusingly, the book arrived yesterday and a backerkit tracking email arrived today. Happy to have it here, helping remind me of the power of Yet.

    7. Ronn Bauman on

      hey guys!
      We travel for our job - and though we had ample time at this addressed for the posted delivery date, I have yet to receive box -or even tracking info!
      what's the procedure if we have to move on and the package gets returned?
      any ETA?

    8. Craig VonDemfange on

      Haven't received my shipment or tracking code yet. What is the ETA? Looking forward to reading your book with my girls. Thanks.

    9. Rachel Kemble on

      Hi! I got my box today! Thank you!! My pledge was, "You will receive: 1 hardcover copy of "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" + 1 Coloring Book + an easy to use lesson plan + a poster featuring great women in science. In addition you will also get our PDF bundle "How to Raise Confident Girls"

      I actually got two books, plan to gift one of them to my nieces, but did not see a lesson plan. Also, will you email "How to Raise Confident Girls"?



    10. Rhonda Weaver

      I also have not received a tracking code. Curious if I missed it. Thanks.

    11. Neil on

      Received my book today. Thank you for making this happen, I'm looking forward to reading these stories to my daughter as she grows up, she was 1 last month. Really love the style of the air work and the finish of the books.

    12. Missing avatar

      Aaron Beagle on

      I have not received my tracking code (I'm in the US.) Is there an eta on shipment?

    13. Missing avatar

      Christine zimowsky on

      I never received my email, with shipping info even though I completed the survey in August. Any info on when I might expect one?

    14. Missing avatar

      chloelim on

      I have yet to receive my tracking code too. Could someone provide an update on the shipping?

    15. Missing avatar

      Laurie Young on

      I received my book today and it is beautifully made. Unfortunately, even though the book was wrapped in bubble wrap and packed in a cardboard box, the top of the spine is crushed and damaged. I had hoped to give this to my niece as a gift, but now it is not possible. I would order another book for her, but I'm not confident it will not also arrive damaged.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jaclyn Denman on

      I have not received a tracking code at all... I'm a backer, and I submitted the survey long time ago with my shipping address. I hope it is only a matter of time.

    17. Jesse Escobedo

      Got mine yesterday. Boy do we need rebel girls more than ever now...

    18. Jennifer Harris on

      its been a week since your post, just wondering when we should expect a tracking number for shipment? want to make sure i don't miss anything and that my package doesn't get lost over the holiday.

    19. Missing avatar

      Katie on

      I haven't received an email, but I am a backer and wonder where my book could be? Is there a way to find out?

    20. Timbuktu Labs 3-time creator on

      @Carly You will receive an email from Backerkit with the tracking number when your order has shipped.

      @Julie @Jenni <3

    21. Carly Baskette on

      Hey there! Will you be sending tracking numbers via email? Thanks so much!

    22. Julie Daellenbach

      Really good timing. It's been a hell of a week. Thank you.

    23. Jenni Dinger

      Thank you for this message. While some of your backers may not like the political leanings of the message in response to the US election outcome, it is naive to think that this book was ever apolitical. It is beyond naive to act as though the outcome was not in some part because of HRC's gender. Furthermore, the project creators' message did not taint anything for the children who will ultimately enjoy these books.

      Keep on keeping on, Timbuktu Labs!
      Jenni Dinger

    24. Timbuktu Labs 3-time creator on

      Dear Sharon, thanks for your long message. We're happy to have the opportunity to clarify that our work is - and it's always been - inherently political. Behind every word we write and every image we post there is the profound belief that all people deserve respect: no matter the shape of their body, the color of their skin, their gender, sexual orientation, religion, class - all people deserve equal rights and a fair shot at fulfilling their dreams. Having clarified this, just one more thing: the reason why we are an independent publisher, the reason why we turned to crowdfunding to launch this book, is to protect our freedom to create products that are unique and that do not pass through surveys dictating what average opinion we should buy into to sell the biggest number of books. This is who we are - we are not afraid to share our beliefs and we encourage our readers to do the same! As long as our products can spark authentic, respectful conversations we'll be as far from ashamed as we can possibly be.

    25. Missing avatar


      @Sharon bravo for sharing your views in such a thoughtful way. Beside Thatcher, we could name Indira Gandhi of India, Sirleaf of Liberia, Golda Meir in your country, Bhutto of Pakistan. And even some controversial figures : Rousseff of Brazil, Park Geun-hye of S.Korea. And Merkel of Germany ;-)
      The "glass ceiling" has already been shattered in many countries, and I also believe, or at least hope, that H.Clinton lost the election because she was not as good of a candidate as Trump was (and not merely because she is a woman).

    26. Missing avatar

      Sharon Eden on

      Dear folks at Timbuktu Labs,

      As glad as I am to finally receive the PDF of your book, which I intend to start reading and translating to our 5-year-old daughter, both I and my husband were quite saddened, dismayed, and disturbed by the content of your message, which alluded to the outcome of the presidential elections in the US.

      To wit, why did you decide that all of the people who chose to express their interest in your book (and give you money for it) were exclusively supporters of Hillary Clinton?

      Why did you decide to politicize your wonderful cultural and sociological undertaking, injecting your own political biases into the already difficult issue of girls and women vis-a-vis achievements? After all, Margaret Thatcher had alread shattered the proverbial "highest glass ceiling of all" many years ago (only she was no "liberal progressive").

      And what made you decide that it was Mrs. Clinton's gender that influenced the outcome of the elections? After all, it would appear (at least as of this writing) that she won the popular vote, after all. And if you have a gripe with the institution of the electoral college, then I suggest you take up this issue with the US Congress, which is empowered to pass a constitutional amendment to implement the necessary changes -- or with the individual states, which, like the state of Maine, could go the way of proportional representation.

      Mixing such important children's issues with politics was a lowly thing to do on your part, imho -- you should be ashamed of yourselves. With all due respect, given what we know about Hillary Clinton by now, she can hardly qualify as a "positive female role model" at this point.

      Incidentally, one of the reasons Hillary lost was precisely due to the cognitive disconnect between the haughty notions of the so-called "intellectual elite," which you seem to have expressed in your e-mail letter, and the "gray unwashed masses" who have risen against the political correctness of the establishment. And your confusion and feeling lost are probably due to the cognitive dissonance you are experiencing, given how certain you were of Clinton's victory.

      Please stop mixing politics with business -- and especially with children's education, lest you fall into the very same trap, which created this imbalance in the first place, whereby preconceived notions and foregone conclusions -- at the expense of facts and knowledge -- have ruined the lives of so many women, causing so much misery for so many years. Enough already!

      Sharon Eden, PhD, biologist
      Hebrew University
      Jerusalem, Israel

    27. Missing avatar


      Come on, don't bring politics into this.
      Little girls around the world can find much better role models than crooked Hillary ;-) (just kidding!)

    28. Donna McParland on

      this is just what I needed to hear, I am gifting a copy to my childrens school so that we can share the inspiration!

    29. Missing avatar

      Tricia R. Saur on

      Thank you so much for this today of all days... I am crushed that we do not have our first woman president about to take office - so sad that my daughter will not have this amazing role model in place as she becomes aware of the larger world (she's 7...) I can't wait to read these stories with her and her younger brother. Thank you!!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Laurie Nelson on

      Wow, your timing is great!
      This project is all about empowering girls to become strong women and supporting that is a political act, regardless of your party affiliation.

      Can't wait to share this with my girls! Their 3 birthdays are this weekend!

    31. Missing avatar

      Shiree A. Shaffer on

      Excited about the new update and I can't wait to get the book I still believe in this project. I also agree with what John Hodges said. I will not state my political beliefs, and I'm a little disappointed that you chose to as well. It is your project and I guess you have that right, even if I don't completely agree.

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott Rohrbach on

      Thank you all for you work to support rebel girls everywhere, especially today! Keep working, writing, and fighting to make our world a better one for everyone!


    33. John Hodges

      I backed this project because I think the truth is always a good thing to share. Sorry to see you bring politics into this and make that more important.

    34. Crystal DeGrote Heppe on

      I really can't wait for this book to bring some positivity back to my life. I'm beyond devastated I couldn't tell my daughter this morning that a woman is president. But I will continue to show her strong role models and empower her to think for herself and know her value.