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A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
13,454 backers pledged $675,614 to help bring this project to life.



Dear backers,

140 days after the launch of our Kickstarter campaign Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls hit $1 MILLION in pre-orders!!! 

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In this update:

- Data about this unbelievable community

- Elena's grandmother receiving press tests in a remote Tuscan village

- New cool features of the book

- A timeline!

Let's go!


Let's be clear about this. You did this. You made this a record-breaking, history-making, mind-bending success. And you know who you are. But who are the others? How many of them are out there? Where do they come from?

To date, between Kickstarter and InDemand (where you can still order "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" and get it in time for Christmas) we are a community of 

WOW! It sure sounds like a revolution in the making, doesn't it?

90% of you have filled out the surveys! Oh yeah! This also means that there are 1,250 backers who still have not completed their survey. If you're among them, go ahead and fill it out! You can also add more copies of the book or more posters or tattoos... 

Have you lost your survey? Click HERE to find it.

For those of you who need to update their address, you can do it until the end of September!



We're back in LA now, but up until a few days ago we were in the Tuscan countryside working on the book from Elena's village. Now, this place is so remote and free from distractions that it is a challenge to get mail there. The only address that seems to work is Elena's grandmother's house. We gave her address to the printing company and they sent the press test there. The thing is, it comes in a big tube which is not a format nonna Giovanna usually receives her mail in. So this is what happened.

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But what was inside the tube?

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We chose the most expensive paper: Lynx #80, uncoated. It's amazing to touch (rougher than coated paper) and great with the colors. You're going to love it!!! 


Yes, we had already promised you a lot of cool stuff (tattoos, poster, audio book, ebook...) but hey, you rebels showed us so much love that we just can't stop adding awesomeness to the book.

So here's what's new:

  • The book will be slightly bigger: 7 x 9.5 inches! We just realized it would be better to give more space to the amazing portraits the artists created.
  • It will have a ribbon!!! 
This is us choosing colors/materials! (It will be red, double satin!)
This is us choosing colors/materials! (It will be red, double satin!)
  • The cover will be debossed! We saw a book in a bookshop and we loved the touch and feel of it and said: hey, this would make holding Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls so much nicer: let's do it!


We had told you we were going to be in Italy on a creative retreat to finish the book. Well, the book is finished and now we're back in LA. 

Our flight to LA was canceled, so we did the last cuts on the plane and at the airport in Paris!!!
Our flight to LA was canceled, so we did the last cuts on the plane and at the airport in Paris!!!

We just sent the pdf to the proofreader for the first pass, we're doing some tweaking with the design of the title pages, and on September 19th we will send the final file to the printer in Canada!

The books will be all printed by October 25th and by October 31st they will arrive to the fulfillment center in Chicago. From there, they will start shipping. All the books will be shipped within the first two weeks of November, so that you'll have them by end of November, as planned.

In any case, we will give you new updates as things keep moving forward!

This is all for now!!! Let your friends know about Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 

Click to tweet about our mind-blowing 1 MILLION milestone! (can edit before sending)

Take care of each other and...

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 Sincerely yours,

Elena & Francesca

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    1. Mitz Accessories on

      You guys are amazing! I ordered extra copies for my nieces and nephews. So exciting!

    2. Cassandra Morin on

      Your Nona is a gem! So excited about these updates! Can't wait!!! And double congratulations to everyone for another huge milestone!!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Sanna on

      Thank you so much for sharing the progress of this wonderful project! It's amazing that so many people haven chosen to back it up. I would gladly contribute to translate the book into Swedish, if that opportunity would come up in the future.

    4. Missing avatar

      David Rempel on

      I love reading all of your posts! Can't wait to get this book into our home and begin reading it to my two daughters, Mercedes (3.5) and Ava (1.5)!

    5. Timbuktu Labs 3-time creator on

      @Mink OUCH! You're right! Thanks for letting us know. Here is the correct link:
      (that you also have in your email)

      Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn't allow me to go back and change the link in the update. :-(

      @Sarah You can still order your copy here:

      @Kruno Thank you for sharing these beautiful words!

      @Germain It's great to have you here!

      @everyone complimenting nonna Giovanna... she shrugged. (She knows she's too cool to be true). :-D

    6. Mink Rose on

      Your survey link is incorrect. It says it's for an indiegogo campaign, not kickstarter, and also doesn't recognize my email address. I even managed to dig up my survey confirmation email, so at least I'm all set (& I know I'm putting the correct email address into the backerkit survey checker), but if anyone else is trying to check their survey, that link will not work.

    7. Sarah Lenssen on

      Knowing that these will be done in time for Christmas, can I add to my order? I'd love to buy for my nieces!

    8. Rita Olla on

      Tua Nonna e' meravigliosa! Una vera rebel girl!

    9. Betta Games on

      This is amazing! Congratulations on all of your success.

    10. Timbuktu Labs 3-time creator on

      @Julia Hello Julia, you should receive it by the end of November (early December tops, depending on where you live).

    11. Missing avatar

      Julia Minster on

      When will I receive the book

    12. Missing avatar

      Kruno Gajger on

      Just this morning I got this from Dalai Lama sites:
      "Someone may be rich and powerful, but without friends they trust they’ll never be happy. Someone else may be poor, but surrounded by friends they trust they’ll always be happy. Showing concern for others is the best way to make friends and fulfil our own interests. We are social animals; we need to be warm-hearted and to take care of others. And to do that we need to remember what we have in common as human beings."

      I would like to add this small, my personal line - my life motto - "There is no greater joy, no greater happines than helping others - eider to your kin or totally strangers, AND NOT ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN!" - that is why I love this project from the start.

      Obviously, 19.445 of others from 71 countries (until today) think the same! :-)

      BRAVO for your (partly our) Project! BRAVO, BRAVO! :-) :-)

      Kruno Gajger

    13. Missing avatar

      anne on

      che bella la nonnina!!!!!! troppo forte!

      - anne-marie

    14. Missing avatar

      Germain on

      Fantastic !!
      I am very pleased to be a part of this community
      Good luck for all things you have to do yet
      Take care