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A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
A children's book that reinvents fairy tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.
13,454 backers pledged $675,614 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar on

      Why are there no more Rebel Girls Tattoo Packs for the new book - my daughter loved the first ones and we have just run out as she had one on her arm for about a month! Please print some more with different famous women!



    2. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @DC Cahalane - Hello! I am seeing copies/confirmations of all the messages on our end (sent to a account). If these messages are not in your spam folder, we may have the wrong email address on file for you. Please check your Kickstarter inbox, today. I just posted the September 11th message there.

    3. DC Cahalane

      Still never received the email

    4. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @DC - Hi, there! Our customer service team sent you updates via Kickstarter and email. Your survey is incomplete. This is the only way for us to get your shipping information. Please reply to the email you received. We're sending you another today, just in case :)

    5. DC Cahalane

      Never received anything.

    6. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Martijn @Angela we'll go live at 7.30am EST on Tuesday!

      @Jodez4 GREAT!

      @Suz you're not alone! A lot of backers found themselves in your position! :-D

    7. Martijn on

      @Creator - What time is your second campaign tomorrow going to be online?

    8. Jodez4 on

      Nevermind, I found them.

    9. Jodez4 on

      I too have received nothing, double checked to make sure I filled out my survey properly. It didn't even require postage...

    10. Missing avatar

      Suz on

      Was so thrilled to find the book in my local bookstore today! I originally kickstarted to get 2 copies and gave them both away :(. Finally I could replace the copy for my son!

    11. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Marci Thanks for your feedback! You're 100% right, and we changed the Thunderclap message to "get it for the Holidays!"

    12. Angela Bosch on

      Does anyone know what time the "secret" will go live?

    13. Marci Hopkins on

      I love the thunderclap idea, but I wish you'd considered that there are other reasons to buy the book besides Christmas presents and there are other girls who will read this book who are not Christians. I couldn't find a way to edit the Christmas out of the message, so I added a few of my own in the personalization section.

    14. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Ella Our Customer service has contacted you via email.

      @Abberly I see you received your replacement on 3/4/17.

      @Jennifer I see you have been speaking with our customer service team.

      @Laura Thank you so much for your kind words.

      @Charlsie Our customer service team has reached out to you via email.

      @Johan I see your replacement has been delivered.
      @alok I see your order is showing it was delivered on Nov 25th.

      @mildred I see your replacement was delivered on 4/14/17.

      @george I see you spoke with a customer service rep about your survey.

      @Rick Thank you so much for the support and your kind message.

      @Tatiana One of our customer service reps has sent the link to your PDF via email.
      @Flitterkit Thank you so much for the tips!! Also
      Thank you for supporting Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls!

      @AngelaGrubb I see one of our customer service reps has emailed you regarding this issue.

      @Lara I see you have been speaking with Breana, she has messaged you about your previous order.

      @Sakura I see one of our customer service reps has emailed you regarding your order.

      @Prue I see you have been speaking with Breana and she has taken care of your order.

      @DC One of our customer service reps has emailed you regarding the survey that needs to be answered via email.

      @alex One of our customer service reps has reached out to you via email.

      @Jason Awesome! Thank you for sharing!

      @Letizia One of our customer service reps has sent more information via email regarding this matter.

    15. Missing avatar

      Letizia on

      I didn't receive my copy in Italy, how can I contact you to check what happened?
      Letizia Sgalambro Florence

    16. Jason P. Schumacher on

      Just took a trip to Italy and saw copies in Italian everywhere!

    17. Alexander Borodich on

      I did not receive my book. Please help!

    18. DC Cahalane

      Nothing received here!

    19. Prue Elmer on

      Just noticed that I still haven't received anything for my rather large backing. No emails about PDF's. No colouring book, no hardcover. What's going on?

    20. Sakura Tanida Kawano on

      Hi I haven't received my PDF book either. And didn't find the email in my inbox. Where can I find my digital reward?

    21. Lara Ongskibongski on

      I have not received my book.

    22. Angela Grubb on

      I have never received updates or my book.

    23. Flitterkit


      Hey All, I recovered my backerkit survey and the Digital files were there. Never got a notification though!

      If you search your email for "Response Needed -- Get your reward for Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" it'll pull up the survey link, click on it, fill it in with your kickstarter email to "recover a survey link". It emails you a new link, click on it and Voila!

    24. Missing avatar

      Tatiana Matias Guimarães on

      Hi. I haven't received the pdf by email .... please send it. Thanks.

    25. Rick R

      Love the book. My 6-year old hung the poster on her door, and loves the women. I am so pleased to have so many strong women to share with my powerful child.

    26. George Roche on

      Haven't received books: I haven't received any updates on the project or delivery of the books even though I ordered three. Can someone please PM me or email me to sort this out? Thanks!

    27. Mildred Kennedy-Stirling on

      I have emailed several times. I was not psyched to email in this forum because when they respond it is public and they share your email, address and phone. Not professional. This is a great project and product. I am said to have not received the homeschool kit package as promised.

    28. Missing avatar

      Alok Gahrotra on

      I didn't receive the original package and was told they couldn't replace and I should pick up with DHL. I was offered one book when I had ordered 5 originally but I see from the notes below that people have had their packages replaced and I'm not sure as to why the inconsistent treatment. I've chased with the post office to no avail and now am stuck where I was hoping to have 5 of these for Christmas with one that I can order - doesn't help at all. Could you please let me know next steps. I have written in but haven't heard back either. Thanks.

    29. Johan Lahtinen on

      Hi, I just remembered about this project; haven't received my book (+ coloring), and can't recall any message about it from post or delivery service. Guess I was in the 1,5 % then. What should I do?

    30. Charlsie Elaine Harrison on

      Hello there. I do not recall getting a survey request and have not received my book. Is this normal? I don't mind waiting, I just hope it was not lost.

    31. Laura Rosales on


      My package got lost too and Breana was super helpful! The post in Guatemala is very unreliable, and when I told them the books had never arrived they were kind enough to resend them to a new address plus some extra stickers :) (even though my original message was to place a new order).

      The books have since arrived and they look great! Can't wait to wrap them and give them out as gifts.

      Hopefully this will make you feel better if you package got lost too.

      Thanks for all your help team!!



    32. Missing avatar


      Hey, I am sorry compared to other questions of backers that did not received their copies yet my question sounds frivolous: is it right that the coloring book include Marie Antionette but there is not portrait of her in the book? Thank you for your amazing work, tough.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jennifer de Chickera

      Hello! Was I supposed to have received the books by now? I've been eagerly waiting for them to share with my friends daughter and nieces.Reading this now it looks like should have received the package? I have had no notification at all! Am based in the U.K. If that helps xx carry on the great work �

    34. Missing avatar

      Abberly Lott Limbach on

      I have been waiting for my order and the USPS shipping says a label was created by they are waiting for the item. Where is my shipment?

    35. Ella Pays on

      I am so upset as I backed this project and spent quite a lot of money to buy two books for my daughter and niece. The courier company said it was delivered but it has never arrived and I keep being told that there is nothing that they can do to help me. Almost at the point of opening a dispute. So sad that it has come to this.
      If you are in a similar position to me, I hope you have a better outcome.

    36. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Amanda you can access the lesson plan from your Backerkit profile:

      @Nicole we plan on launching the prints soon! Stay tuned!

      @Sarah We're glad you're enojoying the book! Sorry you had to pay extra to get the book, unfortunately, we can't accept claims for it anymore because more than 3 months have passed and DHL can't process such old claims. We're really sorry about that.

    37. Missing avatar

      Sarah Kirshin-Neilans on

      I got this book for my 2.5 year old and it's great. We also used the posters to decorate her new "big girl" room - she loves looking at all of the illustrations of the women on the poster and then finding her story in the book.
      My only issue was that I was required to pay shipping and handling ($15.23) at the post office when I picked up package. I don't think I should have had to pay this, considering that I already paid shipping and handling through Kickstarter. I would appreciate a refund of the $15.23 CAD.

    38. Missing avatar

      Amanda Welch on

      Hi! I ordered the homeschool kit, but haven't seen where to access the lesson plan or other digital rewards...


    39. Missing avatar

      Nicole on

      Do you plan to offer posters of the single color portraits? Thanks, Nicole

    40. Peter Zappia on

      Would you please send me my survey link. Thank you

    41. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Christine Lucaciu Hi! You have not received the book because you have not answered to the survey! As soon as you do, we'll ship it to you! Here's your link:

      @Jp LaFond Thank you for sharing this! Please, review the book on Amazon! ( The You can find the PDF bundle on your Backerkit profile!

      @Mark The audio track is part of the ebook, which you can download in your Backerkit profile!

    42. Christine Lucaciu on

      Hello, I still have not received shipment and have contacted you guys via message with no response. Could someone get back to me? Thanks so much! Excited to get this in the mail.

    43. Jp LaFond

      Also, how do I get the PDF bundle? I can't find the links.

    44. Jp LaFond

      I just wanted to say thank you. I finally got the book in the hands of my 4yo niece. She loved it. (Especially the temporary tattoos.) My sister loved the book and can't wait to read the stories to her.

    45. Missing avatar

      Mark Lyndersay on

      Hello. Did I miss some notice about the audiobook version?

    46. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      Hello @eduardo! Please, find your digital reward in your Backerkit profile:

    47. eduardo frutos on

      Hello there... excuse me but i didn't get my digital reward or Backerkit... :/
      can you help me?

    48. Timbuktu Labs 2-time creator on

      @Elizabeth Thanks a lot! You can buy more copies on they are back in stock!

      @Shaylyn Please, send us a message on Kickstarter

      @Ana the support team will shortly be in touch with you

      @Nitsan In 2017, the book will be published in more than 10 languages! We are working with publishers all over the world to translate it in as many languages as possible!

    49. Nitsan Breger on

      Will you translate to other languages?

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