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$15,807 pledged of $75,000 goal
By Tilt Warning Customs
$15,807 pledged of $75,000 goal

Getting the word out.

Outreach efforts over the past couple of days have been quite substantial, and to anyone who has lent a hand in helping make that happen, another hearty thank you to you.

One of our artists on board, Coop, had a couple of friends put the word out over Twitter to great effect.

-Marc Maron, comedian, writer, and host of the incredibly popular WTF Podcast, christened our custom pinball Kickstarter campaign groovy, to the tune of his 200,000+ listeners.

-Tom Scharpling, comedian, TV writer/producer, and host of the long running Best Show on WFMU, put his 79,000+ fans in the know.

With retweets and such, quite literally hundreds of thousands of folks became aware of our project here. So, to Coop, and his friends Marc Maron and Tom Scharpling, we say thank you! Great stuff.

Tech savvy bloggers BoingBoing picked up on our dream of building a custom pinball arcade and put together a sweet piece that most definitely generated a grip of traffic - – and considering the fact that their community is one of Makers, to grace their pages is quite the honor.

The folks over at Laughing Squid followed up their story on our latest custom pin, Evil Mansion, with a thorough report on our Kickstarter campaign that we've since launched - – two stories so close together is mighty generous of them to contribute.  Duly noted.

Another participating artist, Alex Pardee, blogged it out - – across the many realms of his social media empire. Tuning in to his ever so active Facebook page might be a good look for you.

Thanks again to everyone spreading the word.

If you're interested in turning on any of your friends to our project here, we'd certainly appreciate the support, and any of the links listed above are rabbit holes well worth sending someone tumbling down, as they mostly end up back here on Kickstarter, which is, of course, the raison d'etre of this communique.



Another THANK YOU to our backers.


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Social Media - Link Up

Turn on and tune in to all of our social media channels.  There are six major players involved with this project, and you can find out what we're all into, individually, at the outlets listed below.

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Jeremy Fish

Sam Flores

Frank Kozik

Alex Pardee

Bits of recent press from Laughing Squid, The Verge, Upper Playground, and the Pro-Am Pinball Association

We've got art updates in the works, concept sketches on the way for you all from our guys, but for right now we wanted to highlight some of the recent press our project has received.  The word is finding its way out!

Internet juggernauts and aggregators of cool, Laughing Squid, really raised awareness of our custom pinball project when featuring Evil Mansion on their blog a week or so back -

The Verge happily followed up their stellar report on the "Life and Death of the American Arcade" with a short piece regarding our Kickstarter and plans to resurrect the phenomenon for the next generation -

Upper Playground, San Francisco based purveyors of underground aesthetics, shouted out our passion project on their influential art blog -

And last but not least, the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association put the word out to the pinball community at large with a blast on their web space -

Thanks to all of the above for the shine, we definitely appreciate the love.

More to come.

48 hours in, getting the hang of this Kickstarter thing


For backers only. If you're a backer of this project, please log in to read this post.