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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Holidays Indeed!

Posted by Tiko 3D (Creator)

Hi Everyone, 

Hope you're having a great December! We're just dropping by to bring you up to speed:

Batch #1 (Canada) - Out for Delivery 

After spending a full week in customs, the Batch #1 printers were released and labeled late last week. Most are already being moved by Canada Post, and should be delivered throughout the week. A few have already reached their new owners!

How exciting! Hope you guys have a great time printing over the holidays. Please ensure you update your Tiko to get all of the latest software goodies, and we encourage you to document your experience on the Tiko forum at

Your feedback and ideas help us make Tiko even better, so keep those suggestions coming!


Batch #2 (USA) - Landed 

Batch #2 has landed in Long Beach California. Woohoo! 


We do not yet know how long it will take to clear customs, however we do know it will take a day or two to process all of the individual boxes once cleared. Unfortunately, most of these Tikos will not arrive in time for Christmas, but there is still hope for those on the west coast. 


Batch #3 (USA) – Loading onto Ship 

Batch #3 is currently being loaded onto the Maersk Essex, and will set sail for Los Angeles tomorrow, with an expected landing date of January 3rd 2017. 

Click to Track
Click to Track


Batch #4 (Europe) and Beyond – ETA TBD

Due to some unexpected holiday-related slowdowns, we don't yet have an exact ship date for batch #4, but it’s going to be in the first or second week of January. We’ll let you know once it's booked!


Latest Software Updates

Software development is moving at breakneck speed, with no sign of slowing down. In the last two weeks alone we pushed a number of updates that improved rafts, print quality, print speeds, success rates, and more.

One of the biggest steps forward was solving the “White Whale” problem we mentioned last week, which routinely resulted in partially-unsliced objects like this:


Now that it’s fixed, we are working on some very clever overhang-improvement algorithms. This is important not just for print aesthetics, but also layer shifting. You see, shallow overhangs tend to curl upwards, and this can interfere with the nozzle and cause shifts like this: 


Solving this will allow Tiko to print even more complex objects, and print existing ones better. It’s looking good so far, and we expect to push another slicer update before the week is out.

Also, just a heads up, we identified some pretty serious bugs in our support-generation algorithm that causes prints to fail, so we have decided to disable supports entirely until we fix these issues. We’ll tackle it the week after the holidays.


Tiko on Holiday 

Tis the season to get some rest, and believe us, the whole team needs it. Please be aware that all of Team Tiko will be on holiday from Saturday the 24th until Monday January 2nd.


This was planned months ago, long before we could have predicted Batch #1 printers would arrive just a few days before Christmas. A couple of us will keep an eye on things, but we’ll generally be unable to offer support/service during this time. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and we encourage new owners to visit There you can mingle with existing owners, 3D printing gurus, and occasionally one of us too!


Wrapping Up 

2016 has been a year that nobody at Tiko will forget. It’s been a grueling experience filled with personal sacrifices, long hours, weekends at the office, crap pay, periods of frustration and even outright panic. But looking back on it all has taught us that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and that you are unstoppable if you just keep pushing forward. Don't ever give up on your dreams!!!

We look forward to 2017 and the new opportunities, challenges, and lessons it will bring. Thank you so much for supporting us. You have been amazing, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

All the best, 

Team Tiko

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    1. Yeh,Chun-Ching on

      I would love to know when I'm going to get the tiko I have backed more than 2 years ago??
      I'm from Taipei, TW, where is my Tiko??

    2. Danielo Rodriguez on

      I would love to know when I'm going to get the tiko I have backed more than 2 years ago

    3. Richard Lozier on

      Best thing that happened personally was I added (5) additional sub $200.00 printers to the flock, just from reading the comments between the beta and production cap showing up on the doorstop.

      (3) were $1,000 printers with chipped cartridges, but 7 months later that roadblock is just a distant memory.

    4. Roberto Mendoza-Diaz

      @RoyT who told you that the remaining shipping have been suspended?

    5. Roberto Mendoza-Diaz

      @RoyT who told you the remaining shipping have been suspended?

    6. Missing avatar

      ramanfung on

      I'm from HK, where is my Tiko??

    7. RoyT on

      Tiko has suspended all shipping due to financial issues

    8. Pascal Achermann on

      haha i see some people loosing their head about shipping, i guess short tempered screaming is not really helping.
      Just wondering how the europa shipping status is?
      when will it arrive in Switzerland?

    9. Missing avatar

      BB on

      If you guys are going belly up...

    10. Fabio Nagano on

      Any news about my Tiko?

    11. Missing avatar

      Joel on

      Hi from Spain. I'm waiting for my Tiko... Is it normal? Have you sent to Spain?

    12. Missing avatar

      Greg Zeronian on

      I'd at least like my shipping money back. It's one thing to knowingly back a project that might not succeed. Totally another to be subsequently asked to pay for shipping far in advance and when there's no chance now of ever receiving a product. Not right.

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Zeronian on

      I'd at least like my shipping money back. It's one thing to knowingly back a project that might not succeed. Totally another to be subsequently asked to pay for shipping far in advance and when there's no chance now of ever receiving a product. Not right.

    14. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @Keith Violette
      Well if you want to lose money on shipping cost, sure you can send it back to them. Or if you just want to get rid of it anyway, just send it to some backer who wants it.
      As they are in a tight spot anyway, you won't receive a refund.
      As this isn't a store, they aren't obliged to give you a refund, because you don't like it / it doesn't work like you want it to.

    15. Missing avatar

      Keith Violette on

      Finally received my Tiko. It won't connect to wifi, won't load filament, filament keeps breaking, two of the struts have a permanent bend in them from the bowden tube/hot end wires being jammed under them during shipping and the clear plastic base is loose and separated from the aluminum body. After waiting over a year to receive this printer, I am NOT happy and intend to return it immediately. It also sounds like I am one of many with all of these same problems.

    16. RoyT on

      Tiko has stated in the main comment thread there are finance problems and they are cutting staff.

    17. Missing avatar

      Francesco Ambrosio on

      Hi Tiko 3D,

      I am Italian, I have not received anything ... anything at all .... personally I start to get nervous.

      Where is the printer ???

    18. Missing avatar

      Jim on

      I wonder if they know that the _minimum_ drop height for shipments via UPS, FedEx, etc is 20 feet. Realistcally, they need to put a new one in a box, and they play football with it, throwing it and tossing it around the office for 10 minutes and then open it up and see what it looks like inside.

      People wonder about the delay, I suspect they are working to fix the latest software patch that seems to have degraded performance, and I suspect they are still trying to fix quality issues so units don't arrive broken, and trying to solve layer-shifting and other issues. I say this, because youtube vids from people who've received theirs are showing they are having trouble even creating the model that comes printed in the unit.

      Now, I understand we _invested_, this wasn't a purchase, and I'm eager to get a unit-- but like the rest of you, I hope that when/if I get a unit, it works a lot better.

      Wishing Team Tiko the best in fulfilling this. Few people appreciate the huge hurdles involved in starting a manufacturing company with no prior knowledge of anything, really. The truth is, they've done better than 70% of the tech projects on kickstarter, overall.

    19. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bartlett on

      We are a week into February, though of us still waiting are finding it most frustrating.

      Please provide a Backer update.. Not just comments on the main project page, things get very easily lost in there.

    20. Wing Wong on

      The one I got arrived broken. Tried getting through to Tiko3D via their forums(kept logging me out) and through their support ticket(no confirmation email yet) and have emailed

      Basically, the clear portion of the body is cracked along the seam. It's not a user replaceable part, so support ticket open(attempted).

    21. Mike Carter on

      It's been more than a month with no updates... For those of us who haven'treceived our Tiko, here do we stand ?

    22. Wim ten Brink on

      It's the first week of February already. When will Europe be next?
      No worries, I blame Donald Trump for this extra delay... :-P

    23. Herman Schutte on

      When will you be shipping to Africa? I think the time has come for you guys to start giving more frequent updates for the rest of the backers that still have not received anything.

    24. Fabio Nagano on

      Waiting my tracking code =/

    25. Harvey Summers on

      Got mine a couple weeks ago and had it printing in just a couple minutes once I realized I had to push harder when loading the filament. Works just fine. Its top-heavy - be careful when removing the top to get the prints out. Once set up, Its easy enough for the kids. I'd like more control over it, but overall I'm very happy with it.

    26. Justin Hollingsworth on

      Please give us an update on the remaining batches.

    27. Sergio Andrea Botti on

      there any news for shipments to Europe? In the latest update of December were you talking about shipments in January. It's almost February and there are no update. How come? Cordially Sergio

    28. RoyT on

      Might try putting in a support ticket

    29. Tamarinen on

      @Ilana Habib
      Kickstarter seem to do different things depending on whether you follow that link from here or from Tiko 3D's page. If it doesn't work from here, try "Contact me" on

    30. Missing avatar

      Ilana Habib on

      Hey there! I need to pay for my shipping and the link doesn't work anymore. Anybody have the contact info for Tiko? I only see the emails for legal/media inquiries on their website.

    31. Missing avatar

      FL on

      "Batch #4 (Europe) and Beyond – ETA TBD

      Due to some unexpected holiday-related slowdowns, we don't yet have an exact ship date for batch #4, but it’s going to be in the first or second week of January. We’ll let you know once it's booked!"

      Europe here... did not recieve a mail or update so far - any updates?

      Hope you arrived with happyness and new energy in 2017!

    32. Salopp on

      Please provide an update for batch 4 and beyond as promised.

    33. Wim ten Brink on

      Can't help but wonder when the batches up to number 5,000 get shipped. Early January seems to become late January. Or else the site hasn't been updated... :-)
      I'm patient and can wait for my Tiko. I want to use it to print my own cases for my electronics experiments and I still have to assemble all this electronic stuff and actually start designing those cases...
      Still, I am becoming a bit impatient now. As I heard about some bad print results on the Facebook feed, I do hope that mine will have those issues fixed before being shipped, though...

    34. Ian Fagan on

      Hello Tiko folks! I received my batch 3 printer late last week, then spent the weekend trying (and failing) to get it to print successfully. Lots of trouble with layer shifting and filament not extruding well...I see from the forums a lot of people are having the same issues, and those that have had their machines longer seem to be blaming it on the most recent software update. I haven't seen an official announcement or response from Tiko on the subject, so I thought I'd post here and see if I can find out what the plan is to tackle these issues?

    35. Owen on

      Any even rough projections on when later batches will ship? Apparently i'm in batch 11, bound for the US.

    36. Lincoln Thurber on

      Got an e-mail the middle of last week, my Tiko appears to be coming.

    37. Preston L. Bannister on

      The shipping-status web page shows where the cargo ship is currently, which is no longer useful as batch #3 arrived in Long Beach (on time) on 9/3.

      About a day ago, I got a shipment notice from FedEx. Seems my Tiko was sent from Long Beach to Bloomington (about 60 miles from Long Beach). Presumably Bloomington is a hub for FedEx. My package left Bloomington at 4:33am, today (Saturday).

      Sounds like folk in southern California might get our Tikos on Monday. For folk further away, it will be a bit longer.

    38. michael black sr on

      why is it so hard to track my delivery ? i am willing to be patient even though my printer is verrrrry late ,but i wanna know what's up !!!!!

    39. Missing avatar

      Lance KRULJAC on

      Hi Still waiting for my Tiko i should be in batch #3 I live in long beach any clue to the holdup
      any way i can check status?

      i see the comment of
      Check the shipping status page with your backer number

      where is the shipping status page?????? i hope im not alone :/

    40. Preston L. Bannister on

      Any update on batch #3? I can see the ship reached Long Beach on time, and has since departed. Presumably the batch is waiting on customs or shipping.

      Bit of irony - on a clear day, I can see Long Beach from here. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Eric Crisctiello on

      the biggest problem with the 2 years of development- the market has multiple options for similar pricing.

    42. Missing avatar

      Randell K on

      Thanks for the heads up. It says it was delivered today! I should be able to start using it tonight, yippee!

    43. RoyT on

      Check the shipping status page with your backer number

    44. Missing avatar

      Randell K on

      Should I have gotten my Tiko by now? I was supposed to be in the batch #2.

    45. Adam on

      What about batch #8 ?

    46. Missing avatar

      Christopher on

      What is the expected date for batch #5?

    47. RoyT on

      And now it's updating off california

    48. RoyT on

      It's normal. Tracking only occurs near china and us coast.