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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

Making Progress

Posted by Tiko 3D (Creator)

Hi Everyone!

Happy December! The last few weeks have been quite exciting, so let's bring you up to speed. First, off, let’s talk R&D…

Software Updates

 When we started building Tiko’s slicer, we assumed the greatest challenge would be developing the complex mathematical and algorithmic techniques to efficiently convert STL files to G-code paths. It turned out, however, that developing a good slicer is as much an art as it is a science.

Well, now that production has started and the hardware is good, we have finally been able to shift most of our attention to software.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, both us and early users were routinely seeing prints like this:  


Algorithmically speaking they sliced correctly, but due to issues with our extrusion-volume calculations, start/end point behavior, temperature control, shell sequences, travel planning, etc complex prints often failed, most commonly because of blobbing that caused layer shifting, as seen above.  

However, that was then, and this is now:  

The only difference between these prints is that the latter was sliced on a newer software/firmware version.  

Of course, there’s still a lot of work left to do, and the above print still isn’t particularly impressive. Large/complex parts still encounter layer shifting, overhangs are messy, stringing is common, and we have a bug we call the “white whale” which causes the slicer to completely ignore sections of objects, and it affects a considerable fraction of models.

So, things are looking better by the day, but as always, there is still a long road ahead of us. We love a good challenge, though! 

Big Thanks

On that note, we’d like to thank some very special people. You see, the reason we have been able to improve our software so quickly is because of some pretty awesome backers. To name a few: 



Ben and the Inspector have been publishing full-length livestreams on YouTube for weeks, showing their Tikos printing a variety of models. Click their profiles to see their channel! We’ve caught numerous slicer errors thanks to their videos, and their open feedback in the chat-rooms has been phenomenal. Other backers like Dan Chelchowski, Dustin (JAT.MN), and Jim Spencer have also posted videos of Tiko printing and given us great feedback. 

But wait, there's more! We also have photos from backers like David Schulze:



and Dom Gonzales:



They and other backers have shared images via photo galleries and run experiments of their own, all of which help us see the real-world results of our updates.  

We hope we didn’t miss anyone, because so many great backers have contributed to this project, and we want to thank all of them. Cheers guys, you have been backers in every sense of the word!!  

There’s still a long road ahead, but if there’s anything we have learned this past year-and-a-half, it’s that together we can accomplish anything! :)

On that note, let’s talk about the status of production/shipping…

 Batch #1 Shipment (Canada)

Hoorah, the first batch has landed in Vancouver! It is currently being processed by Canadian customs, which could take a few days. Once the container has cleared it will be moved to a local warehouse and shipped via courier to individual addresses. We'll email you the tracking numbers as soon as we have them!


Batch #2 Shipment (USA)


Batch #2 is currently aboard the Hong Kong Bridge and is already on its way to Los Angeles, ETA Dec 20th. Fingers crossed we can get some delivered before Christmas!

Next Shipments 

In general, production is going smoothly and everything is on schedule. The next shipment is Batch #3, which will ship on Dec 12th. Stay tuned for more updates once that nears. 


Shipping Surveys / Change of Address 

We continue to receive shipping surveys and change of address requests, and it is becoming increasingly impractical for us to accommodate them into the hub-and-spoke shipments.

Please be aware that once your batch number has shipped, it may not be possible to update your address. 

If you have moved or intend to move in the next few months, we recommend making arrangements right now so that your Tiko does not end up at a wrong location. Likewise, if you have not already filled out your shipping survey, then we are unable to guarantee you space aboard a shipment, and your order may be moved to the very end of the queue.


Wrapping Up 

We’ve spent a we over a year preparing for this moment, and so far it’s moving smoothly. We love it when a plan comes together! 

Thank you to everyone for cheering us on and believing in us. You guys are amazing, and we look forward to putting a Tiko your hands. Can't wait to see what you’ll create with it. 

All the best! 

Team Tiko

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    1. Lorenzo Buffa + Analog Watch Co. on

      Would appreciate an update regarding shipments. It looks stalled - and as I am in group 10, seems unlikely it will be here in the next few months. Even updates of cool creations by other folks who got theirs would help with our overall enthusiasm as we wait.

    2. Debi Lewis on

      *sigh* Buyers remorse setting in. Hard to be appreciative of a product that was supposed to be on my desk 9 months ago.

    3. RoyT on

      Canada Post has received the printers from batch #1.

      Batch #2 (1 of 4) of USA backers has docked at Long Beach. Unloading and customs next.

      Batch #3 should ship shortly (2 of 4 USA).

    4. Edward Chamberlain on

      Very disappointed that you have switched to backer number shipping order. Due to this I’ve slipped form shipment 4 to 9, probably a 6+ week delay. One of the reasons I backed this project was because I was able to secure a printer slot higher up on the shipping plan. Over a year over due you're now pushing me back another 6+ weeks due to a change of mind in administration. Poor. This is easy to fix.

    5. Missing avatar

      FishBone on

      A little disappointed that you have changed to backer-number for shipping order. Was on the "first batch"-reward, would be 4th shipping (europe), but now I'm moved to 9th. wonder how long it will take before that one ships...

    6. David Ko on

      just got a unknown notice from Canada post , i wonder is it from Tiko ?

    7. RoyT on

      Canada Post is sending notices so a good sign

    8. Missing avatar

      Steve Rebensdorf on

      Hello backer #3292 here. Excited to see that the US shipment should contain my printer. Will be get advanced notice from the delivery company (UPS, FEDEX) when it is shipped locally?

    9. RoyT on

      FYI, the container generally goes to the port several days in advance. Before that, many boxes are stacked on pallets at the factory and wrapped in clear plastic. Anyway good luck to you.

    10. Phil Rader on

      I'm in shipment #3 and will be moving in a week December 17th. I send in a support ticket to change my address. I'm hoping that since shipment #3 has not shipped yet it's not too late to change the shipping address. Can someone from Tiko3D confirm this?

    11. Robin Furr

      Just out of curiosity, how were the included-with-the-printer test prints (that, from the pictures, look pretty good) sliced?

    12. Roberto Mendoza-Diaz

      Thanks for the update Tiko Team.

    13. RoyT on

      If you're in batch 1-3 it's probably too late for address change. Try a private message to Tiko through kickstarter.

    14. RoyT on

      Look at the shipping table in the update. Find the row that contains your destination. If there is more than one row, look at the backer range in each row. So whatever row has your destination and backer number is your batch # for shipping.

    15. Missing avatar

      Dave Blum on

      How do I find out which batch I am in or change my shipping address?

    16. Aaron Du Bois on

      nevermind hahaha

      Batch #2 is currently aboard the Hong Kong Bridge and is already on its way to Los Angeles, ETA Dec 20th. Fingers crossed we can get some delivered before Christmas!

    17. Aaron Du Bois on

      Thanks for the Update. Sorry if this has been answered already, but the #2 shipment that says shipped. does that mean its in transit or that all the numbered backers should have it already?

    18. Missing avatar

      Andrew Korsak Middleton on

      Hi Tiko,

      That error where parts of the print are ignored, i've seen this happen when 2 (or more!) components of an object have been incorrectly meshed (boolean leaves internal geometry, happens a lot with Sketchup)...
      Hope it is as simple, surely you'd have checked stl integrity..?


    19. RoyT on

      @ j
      No. Read the update under "Next Shipments". It's region first, then backer within region.

    20. Missing avatar

      J Willette on

      @Tiko, so, are you shipping solely off of Backer Number now? I found this project pretty late but pledged since I was able to get into a backer level that said "Be One of the First to get a Tiko", the first non-Early Bird batch.

    21. Missing avatar

      Lior Eroni on

      Good job on the updates Tiko team

      It took long enough, but this kind of frequency and detail in updates is what i wanted and expected from the start, that said, again, good job and keep it up.

      (compare that to the older updates that were like "we have so much to tell you that we can't wait for next month's update to tell you that we will tell you more on the next month" :P )

    22. Ed Bond on

      @Tiko Cheers - Heavy involved in supply chain work so kinda spot these things :) I love the idea after the post christmas lull I have something to look forward to!

    23. Missing avatar

      Austin Vermillion on

      @Tiko What batch am I in?! :D

    24. Missing avatar

      Danny on

      Tiko any chance batch 5 will ship before Christmas Im gonna cry if I have to wait until February until it ships because of Chinese new year lol fingers crossed.


    25. Martin Galik on

      Tiko3D is compatible with Simplify3d, you can check it on their web page:
      "Your Tiko 3D Printer is supported!
      When you open Simplify3D for the first time, you’ll be prompted to select your printer from a drop-down list. This will automatically apply the optimal settings for your printer and make it easier to create amazing 3D prints."

    26. Missing avatar

      Benty on

      ermahgerd its happening! I'm 2607 so hoping its on that boat heading to LA

    27. Tiko 3D Creator on

      Hey everyone,

      @Ed Bond - Touche, we have already manufactured most of batch #3 but until all 1500 of them are done and sitting in a container, we still consider the batch to be "in production". The only hold us is logistical, it's better to be conservative with the drop-off dates just in case surprises arise, but production itself is humming along nicely.

      @Laird Popkin - You can indeed use 3rd party slicers, however we don't think we've seen anyone post a profile for Simplify3D, so you'd likely be starting from scratch.

      @Daniel Tain, Alexander Parris, Wookhyun Cho - We've send you PM's

      @Kevin D. Clarke - They'll be shipped from BC! :)

      @SethJaffee - If you Private Message us your latest address we can check to see if it's what we have on file.

      @Edmund Rochford - You're in Batch #3!

      @Slyde - Lol wasn't Totodile supposed to bee yours? :P

      Cheers guys!

      Team Tiko

    28. Wookhyun Cho on

      When is my shipment?

      And I can not pay at the site below.

      The shipping paid button can not be clicked.

    29. Slyde on

      This was a great update @tiko, and how all updates should be. I love it.

      P.s. Inspector lestrade has indeed been awesome (even if for some unknown reason he simply refuses to print me a girlfriend!)

    30. Lothar on

      finding backer number:
      - go to top of page here
      - view pledge
      - there it is on the bottom!

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander Parris on

      Sooo... How do I check my backer number again? Having trouble finding it

    32. RoyT on

      Go on, enter xxx as password, click button to right, on pop up, enter email address then click resend

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Missing avatar

      Edmund Rochford on

      How do we know which batch our order is in?

    35. SethJaffee on

      I filled out the survey thing a long time ago, and last summer I moved... I think I may have updated my address at that time - is there any way I can check?

    36. RoyT on

      Maybe try a support ticket on

    37. Colton on

      I need to change my shipping address. I've tried contacting Tiko but haven't heard back yet. According to my backer number mine will be in shipment 11 (so it's not a super big rush to update my info, but I'd like to while I am thinking about it before I forget and never get my Tiko. )': ) How do I change my shipping info? Thanks!

    38. Kevin D. Clarke on

      Just read the update again! Local warehouse and shipped from
      There :) Yey!

    39. Kevin D. Clarke on

      @Tiko backer #501, shipping address in Vancouver. Do the first batch to Canada have to go all the way to Niagara to be shipped to backers? Or will they be shipped out of BC?

      *fingers crossed* for the latter

    40. Ed Bond on

      @Jay it's updated manually by tiko....expect a delay!

    41. Ed Bond on

      @Laird. Think Simplify3d generates gcode then yes. Just drag the gcode (stl file) into the wit and it will process. go to to try it

    42. Missing avatar

      Carol on

      @Daniel Tain
      Click on "View Pledge" next to the tiko picture on this very page. Then scroll down to Backer Number.

    43. Ed Bond on

      @Daniel. Click your profile pic top right, then back projects then tiko. scroll down and it should be there under pledge

    44. Missing avatar

      Jay Sy on

      Is the up to date? I'm a backer in the mid-200s in the US and am still seeing in queue rather than in shipment 2.

    45. Missing avatar

      Daniel Tain on

      Hello all
      How do I know what my backer number is? I contributed to the kickstarter campaign back in April 2015 I believe (US).

    46. Joshua Parr on

      Keep it up Tiko!!! I am in the second US batch and can't wait to get my Tiko!

    47. Laird Popkin

      I am excited to get my Tiko. I use Simplify3D as a sliver for my other printers. Is it possible to use that slicer to generate guide to send to Tiko instead of your 'cloud' slicer?

    48. Ed Bond on

      Do you not run a '2nd guessing session' where u get people to play the bad guy and then answer those question in a 2nd or further iteration of the draft update text?