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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

The Grand Unveiling

Posted by Tiko 3D (Creator)
Hi Everyone,  


First off, big news! The first 1000-Tiko container has been unloaded at Hong Kong and is now being loaded onto Zim Antwerp, a simply enormous vessel that will take them on a 9000+ km journey across the pacific ocean all the way to Vancouver, from where they will be distributed.

Click the photo to track this vessel.
Click the photo to track this vessel.


 What a voyage lay ahead for them!  On that note, it's time to talk unveilings. :)

Big Reveals

As promised in Saturday’s update, we’re excited to unveil some pretty cool projects we’ve been working on for months, and in some cases over a year. So, without further adieu, let’s begin!

The WIT 

The Tiko hardware might be quite innovative, but at the end of the day the user experience is what matters. Ease of use is paramount. Not satisfied with anything else on the market, we developed a custom software/slicer just for Tiko. We called it the Web Interface of Tiko, or, WIT for short.

Although the WIT was publicly unveiled in July by way of beta printers, it never really got its grand unveiling. So, here it is! 



We could tell you all about how intuitive the WIT is, but we don’t need to… you can experience it first hand. Check it out at :)

We believe the WIT represents nothing less than a revolution in 3D printing software. No programs/drivers to install, no compatibility issues for any operating system, no confusing menus, redundant options, or 90’s era styling. This, friends, is the future. :)

The Customer Support Portal

It’s no secret that 3D printing can be a challenge. Tiko makes it a whole lot easier, but sometimes you might still need help, so we created a portal where you can get help with just about anything. Check it out at 


Here you have access to our extensive FAQ, info guides, community, and so on, and we are routinely adding content as we receive feedback from users. But it doesn’t stop there...

What happens if you have a hardware problem with your Tiko? You call customer service, stay on hold for 2 hours, explain the problem 5 times, then spend a week fighting to prove you should be covered under warranty… right? Nope. Not with us.


Your Tiko is covered by a one year warranty. Within this warranty period, you can order replacement parts at any time, free of charge, no questions asked. That’s it. Need a component? Click on it, enter your serial number and shipping address, and it’s on its way. Simple as that.

We’re not just talking about single parts here, either. We ship entire plug-and-play subassemblies, making service/repair ridiculously easy. Owning a 3D printer has just never been this easy.

Now, there are some basic fraud-prevention measures in place, duh, but at the end of the day we've made it as open as possible. You guys had our backs this past year, and now we’ve got yours! :)

The Forum

One of the best aspects of 3D printing is being part of a community of fellow innovators and tinkerers. That’s why we went about reinventing the Tiko forum, and creating a home for our awesome community of backers and future owners. 


Here you can talk about Tiko, learn tips and tricks, buy/sell 3D printing related gear, and much much more. The best part, however, is right here: 


The Connect With Innovators section is our favorite. You see, 3D printing doesn’t just exist for its own sake. It exists to empower everyday innovators to create incredible things, and that’s exactly what this section is about. 

It doesn’t matter if you own a Tiko or not, or if you’re even into 3D printing at all. It’s about connecting with people who have similar interests, and a desire to create something new and special. You can accomplish a lot on your own, but you can do far more with the right people by your side. :)

In general, we have built the forum to encourage this kind of mingling and learning, so that we can all learn and grow. We hope to see you there, and we’ll happily drop in to offer some advice to aspiring innovators. :)


Last but certainly not least is the big announcement that so many people have waited for… Pre-Orders! As much as we run into surprise setbacks, we at Tiko prefer to move fast, so we’re not going to draw this out for months. Pre-orders will start on Cyber Monday at 12pm noon EST – exactly one week from today! 



Please be aware that pre-order Tikos will not ship until after all Kickstarter Tikos have shipped first. If you are a backer and would like to order another Tiko, you can use your backer information to get into the VIP batch that gets shipped first. That's how much we appreciate you guys. :)

Here’s to a long life of Tiko’ing and innovation. Thank you so much Kickstarter for helping us reach this stage, you guys are amazing!

Wrapping Up

Phew, that really was a lot of stuff! Crazy thing is, there’s still more. Later this week we hope to showcase some of the early reviews of Tiko’s out in the wild, along with some other little goodies we’ve been working on. The fun just does not stop!

Cheers guys :)

Team Tiko 

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    1. RoyT on

      Should have an update soon about arrival of batch 1 in Canada and depart from China of batch 2 for USA.

    2. Alan Tseng on

      From what I saw last night, the ship has arrived at Tsawassen near Richmond, B.C. early this morning (PST). Hopefully those on Canada's west coast can see their Tiko within the next week or so......

    3. Chris Aitken on

      Ship is a day late :/

    4. Lothar on

      @Tony Lum,
      for a repeatable result, you could split the part, print parallel or sequential and glue the parts together. This should work with most structures.
      Enabling a pause is a good feature to input nuts or other materials anyway!

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Tony Lum on

      Not sure if this was mentioned in previous updates or comments but would Tiko consider an upgrade which consist of some sort of extension tube to increase the Z print area by 2x's?

      Enable a pause print when original print area reached ( place extension) continue?

    7. Dennis

      The ship has sunk. Won't move for several days ....

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew Young on


      Is being regularly updated?

      According to the previous update and backer number i should be in group #2, however my status is still "In queue".

    9. Missing avatar

      Brenton Reger on

      painful to wait so long.....

    10. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      go to enter anything into the passwort field and request a new one.
      about the shipping payment, i can't really help you there don't really remember, how that went. I think over that link, too.

    11. Missing avatar


      thanks. I just cannot find the shipping survey email and not pay for it. I've PM tiko 2 month ago, but did not get the reply yet.

    12. RoyT on

      Contact tiko via kickstarter private message. Did you pay for shipping?

    13. Missing avatar


      "Shipping survey is incomplete" how to provide my shipping information~~

    14. Missing avatar

      Graham Romero on

      @Pop - I looked at the Support page they mentioned in the update and it looked like you could choose to purchase them (between $5 - $25 USD). You also enter in one of the options for why you need that part, so I'm sure they'll be tracking data about it.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. Stewart Farquhar on

      What international courier are you using to post to U.K.? I have found that USPS don't raise import taxes. This would be very advantageous to your U.K. customers.

    17. Missing avatar

      Pop on

      Are there any plans for support beyond the warranty year?
      If not, may I suggest that by the end of the warranty year, you identify the number of each subassembly which needed replacing and offer either extended support or subassemblies for sale so we can continue maintaining them?

      Also,are you planning any upgraded subassemblies or add-ons?

      Optimistically expecting to use Tiko beyond a year,
      - Ken Hooper

    18. RoyT on

      Depends what batch you're in. But 12/25 delivery for anyone in USA is unlikely.

    19. Henrique Castro on

      When should I expect to receive my Tiko? I am moving out of the US by Dec 25th, and I would love to take it with me.

    20. JamesRoseUK on

      WOW! Just played with the demo site for 20 mins. It's so simple! I'm super excited to receive my TIKO, shame my backer number is in the high 13,000's!

    21. Missing avatar

      Mark Bell on

      No word on shipping costs, though :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Mark Bell on

      Pre-orders will be $179 during the cyber monday 12 hour sale, then $199 after that.

    23. Wouter van der Horst on

      How much will the pre-order be for us backers?

    24. Miroslav Vavrinec on

      @Tiko - hi, i am backer number 15,858 and therefore i am in list batch #8 but when i look on map my Country (SLOVAKIA) is geographicaly in batch #4 & #5 in EUROPE. Then which batch will be mine? Thanx :)

    25. RoyT on

      Send a private message to tiko on kickstarter

    26. Wim ten Brink on

      I checked out the demo WIT and it looks impressive, even though it is limited to STL files. Not a big problem for me, as I just convert my DAE and OBJ files, if need be. (Search the Internet for the AccuTrans app for windows or get it at
      Now, as I made my models for the printing services of Shapeways, I can do some nice comparisons between them. I already have quite a few models printed. Just not with the Tiki. But as most of my models are small figurines, it will be challenging for the Tiki. (See for one thing I printed with ShapeWays...) Printing my Ruby model with Tiki will sure be fun, although it probably eats up a lot of plastic... :)
      I will also use my Tiki to make a mold of some figurines and then recreate the prints in resin. That's going to be fun! But first I need my Tiki...

    27. Missing avatar

      K on

      How do I update my shipping to Australia before you send it?

    28. Tamarinen on

      "Now, there are some basic fraud-prevention measures in place, duh"

      Aw, shucks!

    29. Andrew Ayers on

      I've always like the concept of the Tiko as being a super-simple easy to use 3D printer - something that doesn't have to be fiddled with to get it to work, just print and go. At the same time, I don't want to be locked into any particular software.

      I supported the Oculus kickstarter because it promised multi-platform support - meaning that Linux was going to be a first-rate platform for the driver software. Today, official Linux support is zero, and unofficial support (ie - third-party reverse engineering) suffers from incomplete hardware support (because reverse engineering closed protocols and hardware is anything but easy).

      I don't want to see Tiko become like this. I'd like to see a more "open" approach with the slicer software and/or the on-board firmware. A github presence would be nice. At the same time, I can understand why from a business perspective this isn't done; with manufacturing in China, there's not too much left to stop anyone from cloning the product. In fact, I expect to see clones (imperfect as much as they will be - at first).

      I also expect to see a lot of people out there reverse engineering the firmware and other software on the Tiko. I suspect that the system is likely using some small Linux or Android kernel coupled with the slicer likely being run using NodeJS (I think I saw React mentioned - at least in the online demo page source). The embedded server is probably something fairly off-the-shelf. So don't be surprised or disappointed when this happens.

      Ideally, you should embrace it, but again, I can understand why you might not...

    30. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    31. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    32. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kilpatrick on

      @creator: WebGL is broken on my browser for random reasons that aren't your problem (old laptop doesn't have any 3d supporting hardware. Newer linux desktop has the 3d drivers mis-installed, etc). The ask is "if that happens, put up an error message instead of just a blank page". (Heroforge does a good job of this)

      To test it, you should be able to turn off hardware acceleration in your browser.

    33. RoyT on

      There's a countdown on to when pre Oder begins.

    34. RoyT on

      $179 for 12 hours, then $199. Details on facebook.

    35. RoyT on

      Third party slicers are already supported. The demo is internet. The real printer has a web server and software built in so no internet needed to print. Only needed to get updates.

    36. Wouter van der Horst on

      How much will a pre-order cost?

    37. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cain on

      @tiko, thank you for addressing my concern, but what I wished for was to just move it out of the work area. It doesn't matter how big or small it is as long as it isn't blocking what you are trying to do. Other than that it seems fine. It seems easy to me but I am not a coder, hopefully it is simple and doesn't start an endless domino effect of glitches in the code.

    38. Jorge Gomes

      The WIT does deserve massive applause, but you're also asking for a fair amount of booing if you're locking in users to your own limited-control, online-only platform. I hope there are other SUPPORTED ways to print that do not require using WIT. I know I'd want to be able to use a custom slicer, because, unfortunately, many vendors have no clue (and in many ways, this is normal: customers are creative!) what the customer wants to actually print: It's not just the shell - it's what's inside it and around it that matter too!

      Online-only is also bad - I hope that you are able to properly support not-on-the web users. Consider kids who to use Tiko in a school environment where it will be on a lab subnet without internet access. Also, what happens when your service is down (even if just for maintenance)?

      I hope that your design goals and philosophy contemplate these aspects.

      Carry on and keep up the great work!



    39. Tiko 3D Creator on

      @Adam - K, we'll change that, perhaps it will help with spam-filters to boot.

      @Philip Lassesen - It is indeed possible to upload multiple objects (not OBJ's at this time), however we've temporarily disabled multiple-objects to ensure the slicer is completely stable with one object first.

      @Robert - Was it a rendering problem, difficulty of navigation/use, etc?

      @DK Hipkins - Thanks! We have many plans for the future, and we're always thinking about what's next, but for now we're taking this one day at a time. :)

      @Chris Bruner - Indeed, G-code does contain absolute positional data. Making it moveable is something we can look into, but our slicer comes first right now. Try setting your slicer to set the origin (0,0,0) to the center, this is how most delta's (including Tiko) like their G-code.

      @Anthony Beatty - Numerical scale input is indeed in our to-do list. :)

      @Peter - Thanks for the feedback, both of these features are in our (very long) to-do list, so it's just a matter of time. Also, Tiko will indeed work with simplify3D.

      @armen evrensel - The WIT currently only accepts STL and Gcode files. Have you tried another model?

      @Douglas Kilpatrick - The 3D object viewing aspect of Tiko runs on WebGL so we're not sure how much we can do there. Did it crash WebGL, or do you perhaps have it disabled?

      @Joshua Cain - Ah, yes, that big ugly thing. Long story behind that. We've meant to slim it down but something always ends up taking priority. We'll address it soon. :)a

      @Grame Bennet - Thanks, 1) will be implemented in time, 2) is not meant to be adjustable but wee see how it relates to 1). We'll give it some thought. 3) Will be an option in time, though you'll see in time that with the magic rafts that Tiko prints, it's best to keep it on.

      @Wesley Astles - This, friend, is the massive logistics network that powers world trade. Pretty awe inspiring, wouldn't you say? :)

      Cheers guys,

      Team Tiko

    40. Missing avatar

      Wesley Astles on

      Hope they don't lose our Tikos, that is a lot of containers!

    41. Graeme Bennett on

      Pretty cool demo, @Tiko. I appreciate your emphasis on simplicity. I would, however, like to see three features in the slicer:
      1) some way to print hollow shapes. It won't harm the ease of use to set the lower infill percentage to 0%, and default to 15% or whatever your current default is.
      2) Some way to optionally make exterior shells thicker.
      3) Raft on/off option.
      Those are the must-haves. I'd also like to see "lay flat", "resize to fit" and "reset rotation" options for model placement options.

    42. Missing avatar

      Joshua Cain on

      @tiko I just tested out the software. Seems to work fine but one thing I found annoying is that the warning that comes up that says OBJECT IS OUT OF BOUNDS covers the whole bottom of the object and makes it nearly impossible to adjust the item Can this warning be moved to below the model so that users can see to adjust the object for printing? I had this issue on both Firefox and Microsoft Edge/internet explorer.

    43. mc_ott on

      I see Zim Antwerp docked in Hong Kong, probably loading my Tiko!

    44. Missing avatar

      Douglas Kilpatrick on

      Your demo page does not handle webgl failures well. I've just got a nice blank page here.

    45. Missing avatar

      armen evrensel on

      What kind of models file types can be loaded into the WIT? I tried an STL but it didn't work

    46. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Hi there!

      Thanks for this update! Waiting anxiously waiting for my TIKO to arrive! :-)

      I like your Web interface and its simplicity! But there are some features I miss.
      1. You show scaling in % it would be helpful to see angle when rotating the model.
      2. A lot of times one needs to place one side of the model flat on the print bed. Click to the surface of the model and it drops flat to the bed. :)

      Some other features are already mentioned below. But you shouldn't sacrifice the simplicity.

      Will the TIKO work with simplify 3D? (That would spare you an expert WIT ;)

      Keep up the good work!

    47. Anthony Beatty on

      So far looks nice! Not sure if I am missing it but a numerical input for scaling would be nice.

    48. Missing avatar

      Thanh Nguyen on

      This is great, happy to see all the hard work you guys put in paid off.

    49. Chris Bruner on

      Just tried loading 3rd party gcode. It loaded it off the platform (replacing what I had as I asked) but doesn't allow to reposition it or rotate it.