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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Tamarinen on

      Just to be sure, PM TIKO and ask which address they have for you.

    2. JamesRoseUK on

      Checking I'm down as being in batch 9 (asia). But I'm based in the UK. What's going on? Thanks :)

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      Carlton Dodd on

      Jim B:
      Click "View Pledge" at top of this page. Scroll to the bottom of the window that pops up, and you'll see your number.
      Miroslav V:
      The list shows #8 as "Europe and Africa", with backer numbers between 12054 and 17849. So, I'm guessing your Tiko will be in that shipment.

    4. Miroslav Vavrinec on

      @Creator - hi, i am backer number 15,858 and therefore i am in list batch #8 but when i look on map my Country (SLOVAKIA) is geographicaly in batch #4 & #5 in EUROPE. Then which batch will be mine? Thanx :)

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      Jim Binion on

      How can I find out my backer number?

    6. RoyT on

      Please check for any shipping damage

    7. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @David Tal
      I would say, thats what the map is for. As far as i can see #8 or #9 but i am really bad in geographics and had to google where isreal is. So i could be wrong.
      @Brian Roush
      Thanks in Advance for that :)
      any idee where you are going to post the infos? Just so I know where to look :)
      I hoped you would get the Info about the auto calibration, too. I probably wouldn't test it, till i get the ok from Tiko. You could get a damaged bed again :D

    8. Brian Roush on

      ...and just as I post that, I got the "Delivered" message from FedEx. Too bad I'm at work all day...will have to wait to tonight to unbox it. I'll try to post something tonight if possible since I received the very first version as well as a slightly updated version with the better power connector & glue. Will be interesting to see if there's any major differences hardware-wise, but I'm most hoping for better auto-calibration and slicing (yes I know they're still working that out).

    9. Brian Roush on

      @Doug Jeffries, I'm one of the first 100 backers, so mine was express shipped directlu, as dezi said. I had gotten several emails from FedEx saying a shipment was working its way through "Clearance" issues and I couldn't figure out what it was talking about. I assumed I'd be getting mine like everyone else via hub & spoke. I then found that Tiko had posted the update and mentioned the express shipping. I still never expected it to be nearly here by the time I read that. Well, we'll see if it comes today, though.

    10. David Tal on

      which shipment is isreal?

    11. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      @Doug Jefferies
      He probably is one of the first 200 "beta" backers. Those get the new printer via express.

    12. Missing avatar

      Doug Jefferies on

      @Brian: your Tiko won't arrive tomorrow, it might have got to Hong Kong but not to Canada for a couple of weeks yet.

      Your Tiko won't be international mail, it will be domestic mail (because that's the point of Hub and spoke shipping), ship the container of a thousand Tikos to a country, pay import taxes once, send by local shipping from there.

    13. Alan Tseng on

      Never have I been so happy to be a Canadian backer living in none other than Vancouver.

    14. Brian Roush on

      So that's why I had strange emails from FedEx telling me a package was coming international. Says it should arrive tomorrow morning! Gonna be a long day at work.

    15. Tom Oinn on

      Well done on shipping! I'd be really interested in a review of the entire process once the dust has settled and you've all got a bit of breathing time, any plans to do that? One of the main points for me of backing projects here is to have some kind of insight into the process and you've obviously learned a huge amount on the way to where you are now, it'd be great to be able to share some of that.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eric Albert

      Wow! Congrats on starting mass production - and thanks for the detailed schedule for shipping and delivery. Looks like I'm in batch 2 if all goes well!

    17. Phil Rader on

      Wohoo I'm in shipment #3 to the US. Can't wait

    18. Tony Lum on

      Question about shipment #1 headed for Vancouver Canada, will this be a distribution point for the units destined for Canada? Or will the container head east before the units are distributed to backers? Just curious because I'm really close to Vancouver. Cheers and thank you for the detail in your update.

    19. Timothy Stark

      Good! Since I am #10460 backer. My order is scheduled to be ship during batch #7. I expect a package by February. I can't wait to see that.

    20. Roderick King on

      Any Canadians may be interested in tracking the vessel... go to vesselfinder DOT com and it looks like we are tracking this ship: IMO 9339284

    21. Missing avatar

      Saeed Khan on

      @Wong Hung Kwai Leo

      Consider yourself lucky. You get two printers for the price of one!!
      And your first printer is functioning well apparently. That was not the case with a number of other backers who got printers in July.

      Would you care to post some of the things you've printed with the July printer?
      Are you using Tiko's slicer or an external one?

    22. renato on

      Finally you told something about the shippments of rest of the world! Thanks!! :D

    23. Jim Roysdon on

      So if all goes well, looks like 11 weeks before mine gets on a ship.....a few weeks more for crossing ocean and a week or two for customs (maybe less).... then another week or so for domestic about 16 weeks out or so. Can't wait.

    24. Missing avatar

      Kimberly Wilburn on

      You can also find your backer number by clicking on the "blue ball" icon in the top right corner and then clicking on Tiko under your backed projects list.

    25. Missing avatar

      Ben Stouffer on

      I am having an issue where it's not linking my email to my backer number so I can't view my tracking.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ben Stouffer on

      To get your backer number go to the rewards page and go you the reward you chose. Pick view reward and at the bottom of that page it gives you your number.

    27. Missing avatar


      Sorry for asking a question which has already been asked. But it has not been anwered up to now:
      How do I know my backer number?

    28. Al Jimenez on

      Great news and update. Good job Tiko team. Question: in prep for receipt of Tiko is there a support site that talks about example prints, software tools, downloads, etc. Thanks again.

    29. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ericson on

      I've reviewed all the emails I've received and can't find a backer number anywhere. How do I find my backer number?

    30. Rodrigo Camargo on

      As backer #3561 i'm very disappointed with this shipping, the smaller batch (166 tiko's) to South America will be the LAST one, this should be easy to "slice thru" 2 huge shipment's.... and i fell so bad for the #199 backer.... high number and still will receive his tiko AFTER the backer #17850. After 1 year (and knowing that i could order NOW a similar printer for less than i paid and still get it before the south america shipment is just a shame). I'm taking note no NEVER backing any other canadian project

    31. Missing avatar

      John Richardson on

      Tried to put in my email address to get my backer number but it would not accept it. I am a Canadian backer so should be in the first batch.

    32. Jussi Myllyluoma

      Ah excellent, looks like I'm due in shipment #5!

      This means that I can expect to get mine just about exactly one year after the initial estimated delivery — and I must confess I'm severely impressed by this!

      For a project of this level of ambition and complexity here on Kicksterter to only be one year behind its original schedule is rare, if not unique. Adding to that the fact that the original schedule was rather aggressive to begin with, this adds up to that this project, in spite of the engineering problems encountered along the way, has really been quick in its execution.

      So, kudos to the team in general, and I particularly applaud the project management skills at work here. Very well done!

      And if the device itself actually delivers on all the performance that has been hinted at here, I will be well and truly gobsmacked.

    33. Simon Dick

      Excellent, I'm due in the first Europe shipment :)

    34. Salopp on

      I have a high backer number but i was in the first (November) group. It looks as if this fact is now ignored and i will get the Tico last. :-(

    35. Crash Games

      Can't seem to get the tracker to work. :/

    36. Markus Laire on

      wow - this is GREAT update and really detailed information on shipping. :)

    37. Wong Hung Kwai Leo

      @Saeed Khan
      about July version printer, have not any big issues, nowadays is using.

    38. Dennis W. on

      Great job. Can't wait to get it!

    39. Pat M.

      Wohoo @Tiko, great job. Looking
      Forward tonreceovong my Tiko soon :D

    40. Missing avatar

      Saeed Khan on

      @Wong Hung Kwai Leo

      You're getting another printer. This one has all the fixes etc. in it that address the issues found in the first 200.

      Have you used the one you got in July? If so, did it work well? Did you have any issues?

    41. Missing avatar

      Lewis on

      Congratulations Tiko on the first shipment!

    42. Dennis

      Thank you for continuing that journey - even though it's really really late, I do appreciate your work in order to fulfill our plegdes. It wouldn't be very uncommon if you've dropped the project due to technical, production and financial problems - but you're still working on it. Respect!

    43. Wong Hung Kwai Leo

      in July i received the printers, so what will I receive in this week?

    44. Clayton Smith on

      go @Tiko go! Finally we have hard numbers and things are looking great!

    45. Vincent Poirier on

      Wooahh... We can see in real time where the ship is.. this is pretty awesome! Thank you for this update, hope to see my Tiko very soon ! :D

    46. Andrew

      This is the shipping sequence i expected when you said hub and spoke originally. Much happier then the all of North America first concept.

    47. Anthony C Aiken II on

      First Delta printer can't wait

    48. Tiko 3D Creator on

      Shoot! Sorry about that, there was a last minute mix-up with the images, the correct order for shipments 7,8, and 9 is the visual order of the table, NOT the numbers. That messes up the world-map as well. *facepalm*.

      The individual batch numbers on shipping status page will reflect the correct sequence, along with a copy of the (corrected) sequence map. Our apologies for any confusion!!

      Team Tiko