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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

Locked and Loaded

Posted by Tiko 3D (Creator)

Happy Monday Everyone!

We have a great week ahead of us, so let’s keep this brief.

We Can Barely... Contain... Ourselves :)

Since the last update, production went as scheduled, and as of today, we have manufactured the entire first batch of 1000+ Tikos.

We haven’t just made them – we’ve already loaded them into a container. We have space booked aboard a freighter ship, so after dropping the container off at the port, it will ship out this Friday, November 18th. Check it out:  

This first shipment is heading to Canada, and contains the printers for all Canadian backers who have filled out their shipping surveys. Being located in Canada ourselves, this is the easiest country for us to import to, giving us a gentle warm up as we begin the complex task of distributing Tikos around the world. 

We aim to have this first batch delivered before Christmas, but we cannot guarantee this, as there are factors outside of our control (ie customs clearance). Tracking information will be provided on Friday. 

Meanwhile we have initiated manufacturing of the next batch (destination: USA) to maintain a steady flow of production. Our first batch only took a week to make, so we're confident we can sustain a 1000-printer-per-week production rate after a brief (logistical driven) ramp up period.

Now, it’s important to remember that this first shipment isn’t a pilot or a test batch. It’s the real deal, and only the beginning. But how can we be sure?

Production Grade 

After shipping the beta printers in July, we discovered over a dozen flaws and assembly errors that compromised the user experience. All have since been resolved, but it was a valuable lesson in QC. 

You see, our QC process at the time involved a brief visual inspection and a short-but-simple print. It was (unsurprisingly) nascent and amateur for a manufacturing operation.

We discovered that many errors could have been caught or prevented through a more structured inspection. So structured our inspections we did...

Nowadays, every new Tiko is subject to a rigorous 88-point inspection, performed by trained QC personnel and logged into our printer database to assist with root-cause analysis of future warranty claims. We also perform drop-tests and torture-test-prints on random printers pulled from the line.

Furthermore, every Tiko now undergoes a more challenging QC print that contains bridges, overhangs, retraction, and other difficult features. We include this print inside every Tiko, and have set it as the demo print so that you can optimize your settings and confirm these results at home.

On that note, let’s talk about what's around the corner… 

Getting Social 

We’ve been rather quiet lately, but now that we’re shipping en-mass it’s time to reveal the many cool things we’ve hinted at for so long. We’ll get the ball rolling this week with some prints we’ve made during testing. 

The above are but a tiny few examples. If you’d like to see more throughout the week, then come join us on our social media pages: 

                 Facebook        |         Twitter         |        Instagram        |        Snapchat

Important announcements and information will be posted on Kickstarter and/or emailed to backers first.... but social media is where the fun will be. :)

Wrapping Up 

The container might be at the port, but we’re not considering it shipped until the ship has literally sailed. Therefore, we will post a KS update as soon as we receive confirmation of shipment, most likely this Friday.

In the meantime, we’ll keep the ball rolling with print photos and other little goodies. It’s only a start, though. We have a great deal of information to share over the coming weeks regarding shipment tracking, forum, warranty, user support, pre-orders, and much much more. So sign up to our social feeds and brace yourself, because things are about to get exciting! 


Team Tiko


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    1. Missing avatar

      Roy Stevens on

      At production of 1000/week, I would expect to see pictures of the second container load (hopefully to the USA) any minute now.

    2. Brian Artiaco

      Can't wait to have these in my hot little hands. Fingers crossed.

    3. Noch Exodus on

      If you continue the business like this, I do not think you can success. Now a days 3D Printer is cheap and nothing special. I must wait wait wait and wait it took toooooo long. I just bought some in aliexpress that cheaper and faster delivery. Hope you do your best.

    4. fmotta on

      Changing the delivery based on geography was not aforementioned.

      Have I missed the ABS print quality tests?

    5. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Waiting for more or less an year... Now this kind of printer are more cheaper... The delivery of mine was scheduled by February 2016, now it seems to be very difficult to receive it for february 2017... Tiko staff, you're doing business? You're doing it wrong.

    6. Missing avatar

      Karl J. Knippel on

      Please ship to U.S. before they close our borders to commerce.

    7. Rolts on

      @Dezi; I remember Danny's thorough analysis of the beta Tikos, but I thought he was part of the original 100 backers, my apologies if I've made an incorrect assumption. Danny's work was outstanding.

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Thiery on

      Like a lot of other backers, I feel sad not living in your country. I pledged quiet early 18 months ago, based on the "Delivery order based on backer order.". Unfortunately, I'm in Europe.
      Right now, I still don't have any delivery time, I only know that this printer will arrive next year. At least 1 year after the expected date.
      In april 2015, the price was amazing. But now it's a regular price. And by the delivery time, maybe it will be worse.
      Could you explain us the real reason you had to change the rules ?

    9. Marcelo Vasconcellos on

      for brazil eta is 2019 ?

    10. Katie McMahon on

      Hi Team Tiko - I agree with the sentiments of disappointment expressed below. Come on - us 'rest of the world' backers are not stupid, and we are given no information on our shipping timeframes. Will it be another year until we get our Tiko's? We are left none the wiser by your post, and your failure to acknowledge our continued patience is grating.

    11. Adam Chance on

      YAY! What a great milestone for you! Looking forward to hearing about the shipping progress and the reviews from the first users!
      Great job!

    12. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @bitflung. Maybe they can do a lot of thing. I don't care. I'm not asking some compensations. I'm just desapointed. Maybe they just can make some excuses to everyone and make sure they have a timeline for the next (rest of the World), instead of presenting a bad News like it is a good News for everyone. Of course the project is going to the good way. But don't break to much the trust you ask to someone. Till today updates have just announced lates even when they produce 1k per week.

    13. Oliver Broughton on

      Congratulations on shipping guys!

    14. Ir0n F4ther on

      As an Australian I know I will probably get mine last. If the print quality is poor by industry standards because it took so long to get here that other printers have caught up in technology, you can expect a demand for refund and a return. I paid for a product claiming to be on the cutting edge. I won't accept anything less.

    15. RoyT on

      From the update
      "Furthermore, every Tiko now undergoes a more challenging QC print that contains bridges, overhangs, retraction, and other difficult features. We include this print inside every Tiko, and have set it as the demo print so that you can optimize your settings and confirm these results at home."

    16. Missing avatar

      dezi on

      I think Danny Yu ( hope i remember the name right) was one of the chinese 100. And i think we all can agree that he made some HUGE testings with his unit :)
      @Lior Eroni
      Benchy is to big i would think. Those small prints look like they are hard to print, too. Would love to know, what model that is.
      @Tiko @Crator
      Does every Tiko make those testprints? will you inclue the testsheet and the testprint in the delivery? Would be really cool :)
      Is that a new filament? Looks less transparent or am i wrong?
      Great Update. Some more "testprints" and a video (totaly unedited so you don't have much work with it) would be awsome :)just one like the benchy or of some other torture test :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Lior Eroni on

      You guys should also try the 3D Becnchy as stress test print for Tiko.
      (it's a model built specifically for testing 3d printers)
      that would give us all a rough idea of Tiko's quality compared to other printers.
      Seeing the results here would be lovely

    18. Manoël Trapier on

      I count 50 box per palette, 5 box height, 5 column of boxes and 2 rows, so from what we see on the picture, on one there is 650 Tiko box :)
      So one container can probably be filled with about 1000 Tikos :)

    19. Alysia Pauslen on

      Great news to hear they are finally shipping as I have waited this long for my Tiko I can afford to wait a bit longer.
      To everyone complaining be grateful you are getting your Tiko and that they didn't cancel the project after so many setbacks like other KS projects recently. I just hope Australia isn't at the bottom of the list.

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Jefferies on

      That's true Andreas but I think that the settings for the test print may be optomised for speed rather than detail.

      The test prints have to prove that the printer is capable of the overhangs, bridges etc, not look pretty.

    21. Andreas Lindberg on

      I don't want to be negative but... Doesn't the testprint inside the Tiko in the picture look very stringy and rough? Not really like the items in the picture below it....

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter Wouters on

      i am backer 839
      what about " Delivery order based on backer order. ""

    23. Ron Au on

      So many cool things in this update! Thanks for the details/images and it's really good that you're shipping by region. It streamlines logistics and means a larger percentage of total backers get their rewards sooner in the long term.

    24. Rolts on

      @YiHeng Lee: why do you believe backers from Taiwan "are the least important backers that deserve to be put at the end of the list"? All that has been said about shipping so far is:
      1. The first 100 were in hindsight a beta test. (They will receive a replacement TIKO.)
      2. The second 100 were sent to backers in China, due to proximity and speed in the feedback process. (Didn't see any postings from this group.)
      3. The first bulk lot of 1077 were to be shipped to North America. This has been clarified; these will all be sent to Canadian backers.
      That is all we know apart from the fact that a 'hub and spoke' distribution method is being used.
      Nowhere has it been stated that Taiwan backers will receive their printers last. There are a large number of backers who are not in North America.

    25. Missing avatar

      YiHeng Lee on

      When will you ship to other country, or to be exact, Taiwan? You have been delayed for so so long, and are we the least important backers that deserve to be put at the end of the list?

    26. Mohd Fakhri on

      1 year long waiting is finally paid off :). I'll waiting here for my 16k pledge.

    27. Rich Alexander on

      @Scott Wilkins, here is to you moving to Canada!

    28. Brian Roush on

      We are all 'one of the first to own a Tiko' regardless of backer number or tier, just by being a kickstarter backer. I'm happy that the team made a plan and stuck to it. To me it makes sense what they are doing, so as not to have to deal with scores of different countries being shipped to all at one time. It's more efficient to deal with any problems the way they are doing it.

    29. Rabbit Burner, Lagomorph Hivemind Minion

      Great Update Tiko :) great your finally shipping cant wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys even if I got to wait a little longer (EU here).

    30. Missing avatar

      Francisco Jullian on

      When will be shipping to rest of the world? I'm in Chile

    31. JJ on

      @Tiko. Can you please advise what is happening with the Asia-Pacific shipments? As these are not being shipped to/from hubs but individually direct from CN I would expect that at least those with low backer numbers should be shipping as these containers are being loaded.

    32. Steven Kennett on

      @Tiko, Nice update. The test prints look good! I'm excited!

    33. Steven Kennett on

      @Jerix, everyone's waited that long not just the "Asian" market. As for the concern for shipping, I live in Canada where Tiko is based out of and I have to pay the same shipping as everyone else in North America. The printer itself was under $200 so even if shipping was a little more it's not really a financial hit.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jerix on

      Very disappointed because you forget the Asian supporters who have been waiting for almost 2 years and have already paid the Nonsense shipping extra surcharge. You just care for the Northern Americans! All you can be sure are asking for extra payment but regarding delivery you always say unable to confirm! Now you dare say nothing about anything for future shipments to Asia!

    35. Davy Akkerman on

      Backer nr 384 here and not very amused by this shipping policy. After being ripped off by fellow Canadian KS, Peachy Printer scam, this doesn't do any good for my trust in Canadian KS projects in the future. I hope you guys will reconsidder the shipping strategy and at least give a clear timeline when to expect delivery in other parts of the world (EU here). I understand this bulkshipping is cheaper but we all paid a lot for shipping (more than a third of the price of this printer!) and the costs for shipping according to backer number should have been in account in that price because that was the original plan.

    36. Missing avatar

      Doug Jefferies on

      I hope that ship won't literally sail as that would indicate a very old fashioned ship indeed, perhaps one with engines could be used?

      I'd be upset if the super early bird and early bird backers got any kind of further discount, they alreadh paid less than the rest of us.

      Being an earlyish UK based backer I would prefer a rotation in the shipping destination, ship 1000 to canada, then 1000 to US, then 1000 to Europe, then 1000 to asia etc.

      Base the delivery destination of the next 1000 units on the lowest backer number not yet delivered perhaps?

    37. Thushan Fernando on

      Great work Team Tiko! It's great to see the progress and the journey you've gone through to get here! We folks down under may have to sit tight for a while, but we're all excited!

    38. TS on

      @Rob You paid the same shipping as everyone....So even the Canadian backer who lives down the street paid the same. They should be mad that they had to supplement your shipping and VAT cost....

    39. bitflung on

      @Jason i saw another comment (here or in another KS entirely? i'm not sure anymore) with a novel suggestion: if Tikos can't or won't be shipped in order of pledge groups or backer numbers then perhaps the super early birds and regular early birds could get something ELSE of interest? that comment suggested a few things (can't recall exactly what they suggested just now) but i have a few ideas along these lines.

      to recognize the value of early backers, Tiko could do something like create models of our KS usernames and post them as downloadable content for folks to test their printers (so we early backers would have personal test prints but we could also see other backers printing our usernames as test prints).

      anything not requiring a change to hardware or box contents and not affecting the actual shipping order seems possible to me, provided it doesn't take significant resources to accomplish. even something like a discount code for future consumables purchases (like more filament, etc) seems reasonable to me.

      in fact, thinking out loud here, maybe that's the easiest and most reasonable thing for them to do. give discount codes to early birds and/or to the lowest backer numbers... but then where do they draw the line? and who should get the discounts (early birds or low backer numbers, since they aren't identical groups)?

      one could argue that the super early bird and early bird slots already got discounts (pledge price was lower). so maybe just the lower backer numbers then?

      i'm backer number 649 so around the top 4% of early backers... (did i do that math right?) and i don't feel any need for additional value here. i'm in North America but not in Canada, so maybe it's easier for me to accept the current state of affairs than it is for someone in the EU with an even lower backer number (or super early bird pledge)...

      regardless it seems trite to worry about shipping order at this point. we are getting our tikos - that much is a near certainty right now - and that's the big milestone we have all been waiting to see for a long time now. today is a great day for us all, even if a few in Canada get their printers before others with lower backer numbers.

    40. Missing avatar

      Scott Wilkins on

      I never had a desire to be Canadian, but the way things are going lately... ;)

    41. Missing avatar

      Tim Staton on

      So much for being first in line as a backer
      Seems to me the fist 1,000 printers should be going out to the first 1,000 backers promised a printer to be delivered exactly one year ago. I am not in Canada but seems to me Canadian backers are getting preferential treatment. Do the right thing and ship according to when the backers paid for it Please.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bob Uehlein on

      OK I see 1k/week for production, but how often will you be loading up containers and shipping them out?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I agree with you @bitflund but propose earlier backers is the mean to improve the campain and get a lot of funds. The best way to give back the trust of the earlier backers is to respect their engagement. The shipping should be more prepare. We know there will be a huge printer to send, why present this situation like something we just discover. Again shame. Now the next ? Everyone try to calculate their shipping schedules. Such a shame. Creators have to give them answers about it.

    44. Missing avatar

      Rob O'Callaghan on

      Yet another disappointing update, paid for expensive EU shipping 9 months ago to keep in line for a delivery. Now told North America will get the first 9 weeks worth of production. Add xmas, new year, Chinese new year... Really wished I could have cancelled this a year ago.

    45. Missing avatar

      Matej Soják on

      I don't want to this be rant post, matter of fact I Am so happy and excited that Tiko is finally being shipped to backers. BUT, my backer number is high (above 13000 I believe) but I backed for the third pledge option which state "Be one of the first to own a Tiko". Only 3000 backers can have this first three pladges so I assumed I will be one of the first from 3000 people to get Tiko and not the 13000 in line which is my backer number. :) Just saying that sending to backers with low number is not the best option either.

      Once again, congrats to release and please give us more update about shipping (to EU,...).

    46. bitflung on

      @everyone: calm down regarding backer order and think about this: they are shipping in volume. that's HUGE. volume production has begun and that means true success is right around the corner. so what if backer #800 gets a printer before backer #400? they will both be "among the first" to experience a TIKO. yes yes, the original intent was to ship earlier backers first - that's clear - but reality hit and Tiko has reacted in a very reasonable manner.

      @creator: congrats on reaching this point. this is huge. so many KS campaigns fail just as the creators need to ramp up production. you've made it! if a large enough subset of backers make a big enough stink over backer order then perhaps you'd want to extend the option for high-cost (i can imagine easily $100+ for this out-of-the-norm option) manual-effort shipping and handling for those particular backers. i don't even care if you ship to folks with higher backer numbers first - just keep on doing the Right Thing enough to stay in business and eventually ship a Tiko to me (seems at most 16 weeks or ~4 months away regardless of shipping order?)

      excited (as we all should be),

    47. RoyT on

      This batch is for Canada. USA will be the next 7-8 batches.

    48. Kurt on

      @Reid Rankin: Assuming that means you are moving on 1 Dec, I would change the address if I were you. Your printer may or may not "ship" before you move, but it will definitely be "delivered" after you move. Long after you move.

    49. Philippe CHAGNY on

      congratulation team, lot of job since the beginning. expect that the Tiko will give us a lot of pleasure ..

      Totally agree with Jason remarks (4 minutes ago)!
      French backer too and we don't know anything for us ! you even give us any "guaranty" to receive the Tiko for Christmas !!
      for 55USD shipping, we expect a fast shipping ..

      and waiting again about an invoice ..