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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Slyde about 5 hours ago

      Sad, isnt it?

      This used to be a forum of excitement and anticipation....

      Now its just a forum for (rightly) disgruntled people to vent about where their money went...

      and before long, more and more people will stop caring about even that, and it will be dead here... :(

    2. Robert Roeder 2 days ago

      I see things have calmed down on this site. I see phil is still here too.

    3. phil watt 2 days ago

      The 3d printer whisperer lol

    4. Richard Lozier 3 days ago

      Love the diehards: I was able to get the BIQU Magician Delta (printer #30) for $149 plus $18 DHL fee took (3) days from Hong Kong. I still have my beta and production plastic toys, tried the beta twice, and never bothered with the production version, after examining the enclosed sample. There are really usable 3D prints out there, cheap and ready to produce good usable prints. Why waste filament, and work so hard.

    5. phil watt 3 days ago

      @RoyT, Octoprint"s web interface has an upload button or you drag drop onto the page. Then hit the print button

    6. RoyT 4 days ago

      How do you transport the gcode from the pi to the printer?

    7. Missing avatar

      Tamarinen 5 days ago

      @Gord Lacey
      Set up a Google Group, or something?

      Not perfect, but way better than Kickstarter's comments section.

    8. phil watt 5 days ago

      @Gord, I'll get my octoprint cura slicer settings posted for you by the weekend

    9. Gord Lacey 5 days ago

      Thanks, @RoyT. I'll check it out and play with it a little bit. I wish there was a better forum for the few Tiko owners to chat about how to get the most out of the printer.

    10. RoyT 5 days ago

      I think octoprint running on the pi is a free and popular choice. Here is a link to octopi which is the version for the pi

    11. Gord Lacey 5 days ago

      @phil watt Any chance you have a link that has more information on how I'd go about setting up a Raspberry Pi to do the slicing? I have one sitting here not doing much, and I may as well tinker around with this thing since I have it.

    12. Missing avatar

      luke 6 days ago

      I`m sorry for being so it was my first thought when I was looking on the amount of money they burn in that project ....
      I write too Bdo that day too ask why they did not send email too me and they replied that i was on the list , so people if any one that was cheated by TIKO and did not get contact with BDO have to write and send the form to them first, doors are still open......

    13. Slyde 6 days ago

      id have to agree.

      Luke, you're being kind of ignorant.

      If i actually managed to get back a check for $47.90 out of this clusterfuck, then i'd consider it a victory......

    14. Reinhard Mitschang 7 days ago

      @luke: why are you laughing? That's roundabout the sum we paid for shipping and that's the only thing that many backers here want to get back.

    15. RoyT 7 days ago

      Here’s the creditor link again

    16. Missing avatar

      Manuel Michel on January 9

      I didn't receive an email from the Insolvency Trustee. Can someone give me the contact? Thank you.

    17. Roland on January 8

      @Ceri Yes that's the form I am talking about, the one they sent months ago. I still haven't filled it out and sent it back yet. Just wanted advice if that's what everyone is doing.

    18. Roland on January 8

      @Jerry thanks, I just remember last year people on here were saying not to fill out the form from BDO, and that there was going to be a class action or something. Guess that didn't happen. I'll fill it out now.

    19. Missing avatar

      luke on January 8

      I just come too see that BDO is starting too send emails but not too everybody (i just find out that i`m the one). I will try too send it trough soon.
      Looking on papers in BDO website and find that statement paper that makes me laugh correct me if i`m wrong

      2,895,598.88 that amount the ow too us
      2,129,075.40 deficiency - this amount they don`t have
      766,523.48 and this they will share among 16 000 plus backers
      so who ever will get money we looking roughly at 47.90
      can`t stop laughing ....................

    20. Jerry Bocci on January 8

      @Ceri Pritchard: That's the "creditor claim" form. Unless there were an error with your submitted form, you probably won't receive contact for quite some time. AFAIK, they're still assessing the TIKO assets to be sold/auctioned, and that may take a couple of months.

      @Roland: You won't get a "better deal", TIKO is bankrupt, and BDO is processing it. Fill out the form and send it in if you want to receive anything. (It's likely to be around $10-20; possibly more, if most backers don't bother sending in the form.)

    21. Missing avatar

      Ceri Pritchard on January 8

      What BDO credit form? I still haven't received any contact from them, despite sending in completed forms a month ago...

    22. Roland on January 8

      Wondering did people sign the BDO credit form that was sent out last month? or are people still holding out for a better deal? I completely forgot about it so haven't done it yet.

    23. phil watt on January 4

      @Gord, yep it works pretty well if you don't run it too fast and use an external pc or raspberry pi as a server for the slicing. I use Cura. If you decide you don't want to open it and want more value than a doorstop, put it in ebay. I just might buy my 5th one ;)

    24. Daniel on January 3

      I got myself a used Solidoodle workbench, dual extruder/hotend, print volume 30x30x30cm, for 2500SEK (300USD) Haven't used it yet. It requires some TLC. But at least I know it will make decent prints. :D

    25. Slyde on January 3

      @alex: lol!

      @Richard: Thats good to know. As i said, i dont know what im doing really yet. I'm doing all of the learning about this hobby that i THOUGHT i'd be doing 2 years ago with my Tiko :(

    26. Alex Tutusaus on January 3

      @Gord Hodor hodor hodor, hodor hodor hodor.... hodor!

    27. Gord Lacey on January 2

      So... I was one of the few that actually received a Tiko 3D printer. It's still in the box, completely unopened. Can I actually use it for anything? Can I even get software onto the thing at this point? Is it useful for anything other than a doorstop?

    28. Richard Lozier on January 2

      @Slyde, nice budget printer, I have (3) among my printers, always have one in the living room, because of the small footprint, and ability to handle most of the prints..

    29. Slyde on January 2

      Happy new year, all!

      Ive been enjoying my MP Select Mini that i got for christmas. I still really dont have any idea what i'm doing with it, but im having fun with it, regardless.

    30. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller on January 2

      @Lothar... Thanks Also still here. Wish you happy new year too. Also when there's no TIKO and TIKO-Team kicked us into the ass, by stealing the shipping money.

    31. Daniel on January 1

      Thanks Lothar, and the same to you. Still here. :-D

    32. Lothar on January 1

      Happy New Year to everyone still reading here in 2018 now !

    33. RoyT on December 30

      Most agree that completing the form by the date mentioned was only needed if you planned to attend the meeting. Attending the meeting was optional and does not prevent you from submitting the form to become a registered creditor.

    34. Missing avatar

      fancyUnicorn on December 28

      In fact I don't understand what I read. Was it to be part of the meeting? I'm in France, I'd never do that. Will only the backers who went to the meeting be taken into account? If anyone could explain me, it'd be appreciated. I'm a bit lost.

    35. Missing avatar

      fancyUnicorn on December 28

      Never received the mail either. Just wrote to the contact email on the website linked below to know if it's too late or not.

    36. Kevin A Pearson on December 24

      Hi Everyone, Just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    37. Daniel on December 23

      If you read the updates, you would know there will be no Tiko. The money is gone. They have filed for bankruptcy.

    38. Joung Young Wook on December 23

      im still ricive my tico . what happen?

      who can explain it ?

    39. RoyT on December 22

      Actually it’s not publicly released yet. I got mini thru indiegogo. Should be available around April I think.…

    40. Slyde on December 22

      ah nvm.. i see it. they dont include it in their list of printers when you search for some reason.

      Maybe because its on back order?

    41. Slyde on December 22

      oh ok...i dont even see the delta on their page

    42. RoyT on December 22

      Technically it’s a step down. Cheaper & smaller build volume but has auto bed level and faster speed

    43. Slyde on December 22


      i forget.. is the delta the step up from what i got? i think they had like 3 different models...

    44. RoyT on December 22

      I also went with monoprice. Got the mini delta. Works good but build volume a little small.

    45. Slyde on December 22

      Finally decided to buy a printer from a company that actually delivers them, and got myself a Monoprice Select Mini. It got delivered the other day. I bought some filament, read the instructions, and i think im good to go.

      Looks like a great machine.. cant wait to play with it this weekend.

    46. Sarah T on December 22

      @RoyT Thanks for sharing the link! I received my (useless paperweight) Tiko but this will be helpful for everyone who didn't get theirs.

    47. Regina Tay on December 20

      @RoyT thank you. i just read some comments saying you are out of USA/Canada, no use... I'm from Singapore... I guess its not claimable huh... sigh

    48. RoyT on December 19

      I think you can still add your name. Here is the link

    49. Regina Tay on December 19

      welp if there's ever any email... din get any. am i too late to add my name to that list?

    50. RoyT on December 19

      The bdo link is working again

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