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Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.
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16,538 backers pledged $2,950,874 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Harold Hannon about 4 hours ago

      Again.... Obvious troll is obvious

    2. Missing avatar

      Steve Main about 5 hours ago

      Hah.. Classic mechanics there. Insults, veiled intellectual superiority, ridicule.. you have all the bases covered..

    3. Missing avatar

      Daniel Munn about 6 hours ago

      @Harold Hannon, obviously delusional. I really do think your crusade (well more like exaggerated personal vendetta) against Tiko and Kickstarter is petty and pointless though.

    4. Harold Hannon about 6 hours ago

      @Daniel Munn, Obvious troll is obvious.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Munn about 7 hours ago

      Criminal action XD wow you guys are the delusional ones. Anyone in Cort will instantly see how petty your arguments are and laugh. I've already had 4/5 law students i know say how pointless this is. The one who didn't think it was worthless only wanted to take the case to get paid as the way he works is to get paid to win and to lose. Unless you have a huge impact in the media and i mean huge, then kickstarter would care more about the type of coffee they drink then this case. I mean I'm interested in how it proceeds but only because i like seeing idiots being humiliated. Like that judge Judy show. @robin i agree, the people who want to sue tiko stink awfully of BS XD.

    6. Matthew Freestone about 8 hours ago

      Amen @Harold Hannon.

    7. Harold Hannon about 9 hours ago

      @Alex T, no I won't wait that long but if they come back in the 6 weeks with a veritable investor and plan then I might not hit the chargeback button. We will see. Like I said, the threat of criminal action should be an amazing motivator. My fear is they might be talking to investors in an attempt to still be the big time ego hounds they appear to be. I would be handing over the keys to the kingdom to get out of this mess. We'll see. No harm in waiting, the template for the chargeback seems easy enough to follow. Although that F's over Kickstarter and not these guys as much. But hey, I am also sick of the continued form letters from Kickstarter on multiple failed campaigns now. Let them sweat one for once.

    8. Robin Bonathan about 9 hours ago

      Funny smell in the air.
      Full of bullshit air.

    9. Missing avatar

      Joseph Sienko about 9 hours ago

      Don't know if anyone caught it, but Tiko logged in to Kickstarter on March 20

    10. Alex Tutusaus about 9 hours ago

      @Harold, as per last update things could be steady to frozen for the next 6 months. Are you sure you wanna wait that much? wow

    11. RoyT about 10 hours ago

      The olo (ono) kickstarter smartphone 3d printer has started shipping

    12. Michael Paal about 11 hours ago

      I will also wait for another week before I do contact my credit card company,
      (waiting 6-8 weeks for the next update is just b-***t)

      thx to all those backers for their continuing efforts

    13. BigD about 15 hours ago

      I do hope you folks will be able to recover some costs from your credit card companies. As I have a machine, no hope for me on that front although to be honest, I'd rather have the shipping dollars back than this rather hopeless 3D printer. I'm thinking of letting our students re-engineer it with the software engineers (mine are mechanical) and see if we can get a viable machine. I'm pretty sure with a bigger power supply, sufficient motors and aluminum or carbon fiber arms we can fix some basic mechanical problems. If the brain on board has room to add a thermistor and a fan like real 3D printers, might make something useful out of this yet. Of course, might be easier just to put a new chip and board in it with a USB plug and call it day. One way or another, I'll get worth out of this with the students. If nothing else, it is a nice example of how not to cut corners on a well known set of technologies! Best wishes to all of you on getting something back on this fiasco!

    14. Harold Hannon about 15 hours ago

      thank you very much David. I am taking your template and will use it when/if they fail to get investors soon. I assume this is more BS from them but I am holding out a bit more to give them a chance to hand this project over to better people and get fresh funding to continue. It is possible they could take all of that media buzz and leverage that plus some equity in the "parts". We shall see. Given the amount of pressure from criminal claims people are filing I think they stakes are extremely high for them and that might be a motivator for them to find investors. In short if they don't get an investor there is strong chance they'll end up tied up in criminal proceedings. That would motivate the hell out of me to find an investor lol.

    15. Missing avatar

      david about 17 hours ago

      @Rounda: the most funny part of this article: "The team created Tiko whilst they were university students, frustrated by the lack of 3D printing in education and the over complicated 3D printers that were being marketed to consumers."
      I think the lack was of EDUCATION not 3d in education ahahaha
      Well I guess if you follow the same steps than me you can get shippping + pledge, the HAPPY PACK !!!!

    16. Missing avatar

      Ronda Reid about 17 hours ago

      I understand this is part of the risk of investing through Kickstarter. Sometimes things don’t work out.

      But, the two things I cannot tolerate in this situation are 1) collecting shipping money and 2) not communicating honestly with people regarding the true state of the company. That is simply unethical and fraudulent.

      For example, I paid my $55 shipping on 2/15/16. This is the verbiage from Tiko requesting the funds:

      ‘We don't have an official ship-out date just yet, but it could be as early as late-March. That's right around the corner, and so it's time to collect your shipping/payment information.’

      To me, this implied the product would be shipped in the near future. Clearly, they were not in a position to ship my order. However, they worded things in such a way to collect more money from me to, I’m assuming, funnel into their failing business.

      Secondly, in addition to the infrequent and apparently overly-optimistic updates, look at this write-up from November 2016: Tiko 3D – Learn from the students who made millions through Kickstarter ( Even with the ship obviously sinking, they seem more concerned about their egos than doing the right thing.

      We all make mistakes and investing on Kickstarter is risky, I know. But this seems to be a situation where honest mistakes were made much, much, much worse by egos and unethical behavior.

      I’m sure I will never see a product or a returned dime from this venture. And, Kickstarter will never see another investment by me again if this is how they allow people to operate through their site.

    17. Missing avatar

      david about 20 hours ago

      here's the link to some screenshots that I sent to my VISA company and were accepted as proof that the shipping was planned beginning of 2017 (for me backer 5771).

      You should add your own emails confirming payment and proofs of email were you asked for news about the final shipping (I guess no answer).

      Wish you good luck as I guess every Visa/Company company will have it's own reimbursement rules etc.

    18. Alex Tutusaus about 21 hours ago

      Awesome news @David @Alexander ;)

      Anyone got the batch list & table copy and / or a template we can all use to succeed in our demands?


    19. Missing avatar

      david about 21 hours ago

      Please dear backers: THERE WON'T BE ANY REFUND !!

      Factory closed in December 2016 and they kept it secret even if they should have informed the authorities. In the following weeks they were still sending fake hope messages about shipping and refunds. FORGET THAT. They just knew that time was their best weapon to escape from legal actions.

      We know they were 100% incompetent to successfully build a working 3d printer even if the money collected was huge compared to target.
      We know they were 100% incompetent handling a community, showing their arrogant & childish attitude.
      I can now add they are 100% incompetent trying to escape they responsibilities.

      WHY? because you can through your VIsa/Mastercard company get your money back, pledge and shipping!!!

      They just try to save time (that serves their escaping plans) with their fake hope messages about project and "investors" (ahahaa LOL investors ahaah LOL)

      The Visa/Mastercard banks can refund if you give them the following proofs:

      - Email confirming payment (~2015)
      - Announced date for shipping (you can send to them the table of the batches with your backer number)
      - Proof of email/messages exchange if you asked for the date etc, without any answer of course
      - an extra one is their 404 error page for the shipping, it shows that they just switched off the project (even if there's another page created for that)
      Th shipping is reimbursed as it comes from Tiko itself, nothing to do with KS, risk of crowdfunding etc.

      you can also get the pledge refund !!! The KS project is not considered as failed 100% as 4000 printers (shitty machines I admit) were sent. This makes apparently all the difference as there's an unfait treatment also because all backer order was broken for delivery!

      Nothing to do on your side, it seems the VIsa/Mastercard bank will trat with their bank to as for this money. Your bank refunds you as you are somehow protected by insurance for fraud, and then their bank will pursue them.

      My bank told me the important date is not the date of payment as it's a crowdfunding project (so delays for claiming are huge) but the date of announced delivery (batch list & table)
      That's why they are going to send fake empty messages every month, the more naive backers just wait and don't act, the less demands they will get.

      So maybe a good way to escape this KS nightmare for real, with all the cash in your pocket.
      KS is also loosing, all the reputation and social media impact as they kept silent sending robotic answers.

      @ Alexander thank you as you sent this pledge refund possibility message. It opens the door for full refund for all of us (I guess if insurance is similar through all via banks)

    20. Gary Mahon 1 day ago

      From a pre-order customer: " Feb 17. i opend a Ticket to cancel my Preorder. Never got an Answer to that Ticket. Feb. 22. all Preorderers got a mail that they will be refunded. Today i got my Money back.' - 2 weeks ago

      Tell me again about this no refund thing?

    21. Missing avatar

      anthony mcconnell 1 day ago

      @Victor Tagayun,


      I yield to a far better performance than my meager offering!

      Yet I reserve the right to challenge my master, if this unworthy should rise to the opportunity.

      My only reservation about carrying this forward is that I think some among us may not appreciate the parody. Some have missed the tongue in cheek nature involved.

      IF I come up with a slam dunk I won't be able to help myself!

    22. Peter "Apple Head" Andersson
      1 day ago

      @Tiko thanks for the update!
      Good luck with the investors and partners. Looking forward to some good news in a couple of weeks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Adrian L. 1 day ago

      @Victor Tagayun Your post would make me laugh but it's so close to how the next update will look like that it's sad.
      @Tiko should address everybody's concerns about the shipping fees/refund alternative and set themselves with a real deadline after which they stop the speculation and call it quits. You can always continue to talk to investors but as things drag on the possibility of actually getting an injection of capital diminishes.

    24. Sven Hansen 1 day ago

      @Victor Tagayun, LOL

    25. Robin Bonathan 1 day ago

      All we are getting is more bull shit.

      And a really nasty smell !

    26. Missing avatar

      Victor Tagayun 1 day ago

      THEN AFTER 8 WEEKS....

      Hi Everyone
      Thank you all for your continued commitment to the Tiko project. We understand many of your concerns, however we remain committed to the turnaround plan.
      We have bought 2 new houses and a Yacht... Some parts were 3D printed but not by TIKO...
      We have closed a deal with few investors, but this will take 4-6 weeks to sort some legal issues, like patents, investments etc...
      We have found out some HW issues that we were not previously fully aware of so we are going back to our drawing boards for another round of testing that could take 3-5 weeks of testing.
      We are truly sorry for all the troubles that we have brought to you, and you among yourselves are even fighting because of this.
      And for all those who give kinds words, we are very sure you will get your TIKO 2.0 and the rest, we will keep your money including shipping fee.
      Team Tiko

    27. Sven Hansen 2 days ago

      @anthony mcconnell, yup that sounds about right.

    28. Missing avatar

      Joerg Johann Mueller 2 days ago

      I agree with Slyde. Tell us about the shipping fee situation. The more and more you keep silent, the less your backers will trust you and your comments. If you want the backers stand behind you and your Project, you should be honest and open to them.

    29. Slyde 2 days ago

      Tiko, please address the shipping fee situation in your next update.

      To keep ignoring it is unprofessional, and honestly a bit childish.

      Good news or bad, your backers that you claim to love so much deserve to know the truth of where their money is.

    30. Missing avatar

      Marc 2 days ago

      thx for the short upd. increase informing at least to once a week even if small progress is done. turnaround is also necessary for backers mood.

    31. Gonzalo 2 days ago

      You will be chased. And found.

    32. Missing avatar

      anthony mcconnell 2 days ago

      Do you want to see my Tiko Creator imitation?

      Here goes:
      "Under advice of council I will appear here just often enough and make vague noises that some may construe as progress to prevent claims of failure of this project! Oh and thanks for your kind wishes and support!"

    33. Missing avatar

      Tim Hedges 2 days ago

      @alex Tutusaus if you mean the m3d then yet i did. works great ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      bamble 2 days ago

      I really hope these slimy c***s end up in court over this.

    35. Missing avatar

      Manuel Michel 2 days ago

      Thanks for the comment. Good to see that you didn't give up.

    36. Alex Tutusaus 2 days ago

      OOC any1 applied for the minicube discount program?

    37. Missing avatar

      david 2 days ago

      T I K O = T I M O

    38. Robin Bonathan 3 days ago

      Tiko team.

      Jail is looking more and more likely now !

    39. Robin Bonathan 3 days ago

      Tiko team.

      Jail is looking more and more likely now !

    40. Robin Bonathan 3 days ago

      Tiko team.

      Jail is looking more and more likely now !

    41. Joris Wisse 3 days ago

      WTF. Came here to check the project status, only to discover the whole thing went down... The last update wasn't send by e-mail....
      Another Kickstarter project with an enormous pledged total gone to crap... I have very little hopes of ever receiving my Tiko now, let alone my backed money... I know from previous projects that Kickstarter happily takes the 10% profit for their "work" and then let all backers left for dead if things go wrong. Definitely my last backed project ever.
      To you guys of Tiko, I understand it was a very ambitious project. I hope you can still manage a way out, acceptable for all of us.

    42. Slyde 3 days ago

      Tiko, PLEASE log on here and address the shipping fee situation....

      I don't know how much nicer I can ask.......

    43. Ben 3 days ago

      Refund my shipping costs!

    44. Missing avatar

      Antonio Regalon 3 days ago

      @Chantale, I was aware of the risk of not getting the printer too , I'm dissapointed about the lost of my shipping fee because this was outside the backer campaing, so it should not used for anything more that the shipping of my printer.
      Good luck with your Tiko

    45. Salopp 3 days ago

      You failed to address the issue with the shipping cost in your March 20 message.
      Why don't you reimburse the shipping and when and if the investor is onboard you can ask people for the shipping cost again?

    46. Missing avatar

      david 3 days ago

      Tiko, I found an international investor here at the Geneva TechLab Park, interested in your 3d printer project. Let's make the printer we have been waiting for. Please send me a private message for details.

    47. Steven Liang 3 days ago

      Tiko, I think it's time to end this and it is only fair to refund everyone their shipping fees. This fee is only intended for shipping and should be returned. For the sake of yourselves and all of us backers, refund us the shipping fee. If you don't, I'm afraid a legal charge against you will ensue.

    48. Missing avatar

      Steve Main 3 days ago

      @ben: I would be interested. Probably throw it up on thingiverse or something and post a link so it can be easily distributed

    49. Wei Khiung 3 days ago

      I don't want to believe kickstarter campaign anymore, I have few backed project... all delay more than 1 year as promised, and they always have a lot of reasons to delay. Kickstarter must have the responsibility to monitor and protect backers.

    50. Junsung Park 3 days ago

      @Tiko SERIOUSLY.

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