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Mobile online sword fighting game that allows players to engage in deadly sword combat and PvP!

Mobile online sword fighting game that allows players to engage in deadly sword combat and PvP! Read More
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This project's funding goal was not reached on February 4, 2012.

About this project

Hello all, thank you for checking out our project. We greatly appreciate your interest. For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been developing a new mobile game called By the Sword. It’s a first person online mobile game that allows players to fight each other using a very exciting fighting mechanism. By the Sword will be steeped in Asian culture with a blend of steam punk modernism and Western influences. But more about the game a bit later.

Who are we?
We are Tiger Punch! A group of rag tag game developers located in Singapore. A small hodge-podge group of guys from all over the world, including Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and even as far as the US. We may be from all over, but there’s one thing that keeps us working together, and that’s the love of games, and together we really want to bring Sword Fight all of our fellow game lovers out there! Check us out at

The Game
There are a couple of things that By the Sword is gonna have going for it!

First, kick ass art and music! Check out some of our concept art and you’ll see the strong Asian influence we will have in the game. We’ll have ninjas, samurais, ssaurabis, Kali warriors, all meshed together with cool steampunk femme fatale (male characters too), set in cool mythic backgrounds.

The score will feature local musicians who will volunteer some kick ass jams for the game. It will also feature music from 90’s super alternative indie band Seam and Bitch Magnet! Now that’s cool!

Second, the game will feature real online combat. You can call out and fight strangers or challenge your friends to real combat. Put them to shame and show off your skills by slicing them in half!

Last, but not least, By the Sword will have great customizations for your character. You want your character to look like a ninja? Maybe a some weird steampunk version of a samurai femme fatale. You’ll be able to do it. Create a cool avatar and show it off to all your friends on social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Hi5.

Where will the Funds Go?
Developing games cost money! Unfortunately we can’t just will a game out of nowhere. It really requires a lot of dedication and man hours.

Here are a few things we WON’T be spending money on:
  • Hardware that we can just keep after the project is over. We already have computers. We’re not using this to score a new Macbook Pro or a few iPads and Android phones. We will just make due with what we got!
  • Fantastic nights out and lavish meals. We are modest game developers and we pretty much eat all our meals at the local hawker center down the street. Not familiar with a hawker center? Just Google it, I assure you most meals do not exceed US$3 bux.
  • Some crazy marketing budget. Nope! Games gonna depend solely on word of mouth and viral marketing.

Here are the things that we WILL be spending money on:
  • Artwork - The cool stuff!
  • Programming this sucker! - No BUGS! That’s our goal!
  • Cool game play and design - Yeah we need that too!
  • Bring the game to market ON TIME!

The minimum funds that we are trying to raise will help us in finishing the game. However, I guess this goes without saying, but the more the better! More of the stuff that we mentioned right above. I assure you we’ll all be very grateful to our backers and our “rewards” will be insignificant compared to the satisfaction you’ll have when we bringing this game to market!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to watch our video and read about or project! Much love to all from sunny, muggy, Singapore! Now PLEDGE!


  • By the Sword will be a free to play (F2P) game, which means there will be no purchase price. Anyone will be able to download it for free on Apple and Andriod stores. We will instead be offering backers some cool in-game items or credits, which they can use in game.

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $5 or more
    About $5 USD

    4 backers

    Our most sincere thanks and gratitude. You will be featured in our “Special Credits” in our cool website and forever immortalized! Send us your profile picture, we’ll add that too! We’ll keep you in our hearts and in our updates!

    Estimated delivery:
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $10 or more
    About $10 USD

    3 backers

    Cool! We’ll give you some awesome ingame goodies that will allow you to customize your character! We’ll also get everything mentioned above AND we’ll add you to our Facebook! We’ll make awesome comments on your updates and photos from time to time. People will think you’re really cool! “Friends in Singapore, man you’re really international!”. Keep in mind that this game is free to play, so there is no pre-order. However, you will get a good amount of in-game goodies that will allow you to customize your character.

    Estimated delivery:
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more
    About $50 USD

    0 backers

    +5 to your coolness factor! That’s it. Enjoy~ Oh, and all the things above that AND I guess we can through in an inflatable sword! (Note to self: Go find some inflatable swords.)

    Estimated delivery:
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    0 backers

    Shirt Shirt Shirt! Just one, but it’ll be way worth it! We’ll also give you the recipe to our favorite drink, Tiger Punch. Here’s a hint, it involves vodka, fruit juice and Tiger Balm.

    Estimated delivery:
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more
    About $250 USD

    1 backer

    Your name will be immortalized as an epic item in game. The bestest and greatest item will bear your name. Imagine taking down player after player with the Sword of a Thousand Chris’ or wearing some truly epic shoulder pads called Susan!

    Estimated delivery:
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Everything above of course! AND we’ll totally diss someone for you in our game. Are you angry at someone right now? Did they wrong you? Do they keep taking your parking spot or something! We’ll make some totally gimpy looking character and name it after whoever you ask us too! (This reward is only available to this pledge. Mostly because we can’t have too many gimpy characters in our game.)

    Estimated delivery:
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $750 or more
    About $750 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    We’ll name legendary characters after you!

    Estimated delivery:
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (4 left of 4)

    Your name, logo or company name will have it’s own character in game.

    Estimated delivery:
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $2,000 or more
    About $2,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (2 left of 2)

    A whole background will be imbued with your name, picture, logo or company name! OR you can jump start your career in the game industry by being credited as an Executive Producer for the game.

    Estimated delivery:
  10. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more
    About $5,000 USD

    0 backers

    We’ll create a little ceremonial monument of you in our office and we’ll think of you everyday!

    Estimated delivery:

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