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I'm an 18-year old singer/songwriter from California. I'd love your support to get my album of original songs professionally recorded. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 1, 2011.

I'm an 18-year old singer/songwriter from California. I'd love your support to get my album of original songs professionally recorded.

Tiffany Alvord
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Tiffany Alvord

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WHAT I WANT TO DO Hi, I'm 18-year-old singer/songwriter Tiffany Alvord. I have been sharing my talent with millions of people through YouTube for the last 2-1/2 years (My YouTube channel.) I'm currently the 26th most subscribed musician on YouTube with over 295,000 subscribers! I have posted nearly 20 original songs on YouTube and I have many more. My goal is to professionaly record my original songs and create an album for digital distribution.

WHAT I HAVE TRIED I had a link on my website since October for fans to pre-buy my first album. I had about 60 people pre-purchase the album. (Thanks to all of you!) I understand why many who want to buy my album would be hesitant to pre-purchase it when they aren't sure when or how it will be completed. My awesome fans have also helped me win online contests, however, even with the prize money, it won't be enough for an entire album. What I have earned so far, has gone towards the album!

HOW I PLAN TO DO IT Kickstarter will provide a no-risk way for BFFF's (family, friends, and fans) to back my project..You can pledge any amount you want. You don't actually pay unless I reach my goal! Once the project is funded, I can get the album done quickly. If every facebook fan contributed just $1.00, I would reach my goal!

WHAT THE MONEY IS FOR It costs anywhere from $1500 to $3500 to have one song produced here in California. That is how much it costs to pay upfront when you don't have a label or producer backing you. It is anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 to produce a full album of songs. I am not a musical engineer and so I cannot produce the songs myself! I have been able to pay for and professionally record one song. The money from this project will go toward professionally recording an additional 9 songs for the album. It will also cover the cost for mastering each song, a music video, and misc. items related to the album.

WHY SHOULD YOU WANT TO HELP? If I can produce a fan-funded album, I will be in control of the production and I can record MY original songs. Many times, when artists sign to a label or production company, they must record what the record company wants them to record. Usually the songs are written by songwriters that work with the record company. Often they aren't the style of the artist and the fans wonder why the artist changed. I feel I can stay true to myself if I am in charge of the songs I'm recording! I would love someday soon to work with other songwriters and produce an album with a label, but this first project is for me and my loyal fans on YouTube. I want to record my original songs because they are what got me noticed on YouTube and got me where I am today..

WHAT IF I DON'T REACH MY GOAL Some projects on Kickstarter reach over 100% of their financial target. Some reach under 10% and they don't get the financial support they need. I know I have enough fans that can help make this happen for me! If for some reason I don't reach my goal by the deadline, (March 1st), those who pledged financial support through Kickstarter will not have to pay out any money. Those that previously pre-purchased through Pay-Pal on my website will get a refund. I will have to wait to produce an album if and when I get signed and have backing from a producer or a label. If that happens, my album will be very different from the one I want to create now

WHAT IF I DO REACH MY GOAL - WHAT DO YOU GET? When I reach my goal, I will immediately start recording my songs in a professional studio. You will receive a digital download of my first album of no less than 10 original songs.($8 pledge and over.) There are more rewards in store for those that contribute more.. If I receive over 100% of my financial target, I will be very excited because I have enough original songs to start recording a second album!


.ALWAYS SM:)E ~Tiffany


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    Access to project updates! A big thank you from my heart. I appreciate it.

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    All the above + Digital dowload of my completed album of original songs!

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    All of the above + autographed photo of Tiffany

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    All the above + 24" ballchain necklace with 2 dogtags. Tag #1) Text: "I Love Tiffany Alvord / Always Sm:)e" and Tag #2) Graphic: Happy Face.

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    All the above + Live-Love-Laugh cap signed by Tiffany

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    All the above + "Always Smile" Happy Face T-Shirt signed by Tiffany!

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    If you're ever at a concert/performance, you can meet Tiffany backstage and you'll get 2 tickets to the show.

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    All of the above + appear in Tiffany's music video of her single from the album. Must provide own transportation to video location (undetermined at this time.) If you can't be in the video, you'll get an exclusive "behind the scenes" DVD.

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    Pledge $1,000 or more

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    All of the above + Tiffany will write a song for you and dedicate it to you on youtube! You can choose the topic. (subject to approval)

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    You'll get a new car!!!! just kidding... You'll get all of the above + an exclusive performance by Tiffany in your town. It could be at school, work,a party, your house, etc. Whatever venue you like. (This is USA only)

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