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Anti-Bacterial, Non-Corrosive, Hypoallergenic. Made with medical grade pure titanium, Ensō redefines the art of fine dining.
Anti-Bacterial, Non-Corrosive, Hypoallergenic. Made with medical grade pure titanium, Ensō redefines the art of fine dining.
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We know you have been worried. We were too...but we have good news.

Posted by Ti22 (Creator)

Dear all,

It's been a long while since our last update. And first of all, we'd like to apologize for the long pause. 

Paenitet esse servanda expectantes vos!🙏

So here's what's happening, in a nutshell...

Early Production

As you may know from our previous updates, our team have worked very hard during the holidays, and we have actually finished the first 1000 sets of Ensō production ahead of time, back in Feb! Yes we did. 

However, when our quality assurance team examined the first 1000 sets, we have discovered a large number of Ensō with minor defects, especially on the lines of the neck, most were wider than designed with uneven connecting points at the hinges. We know that these details won't impact the overall functionality of Ensō, but they do not match our quality standard and our promise to you, our backers. 

So we had a very difficult decision to make: We could either ship these as they were, or we have to deem these failed production batch and shelve them, while we learn from the mistakes and start all over again.  

After days of looking at different options as well as balancing the timeline, we have decided to shelve the first 1000 sets and start fresh. The quality standard and precision requirement was fully communicated to every step of the production line, so no detail can be overlooked or missed again.

New Production Status 

After a costly first attempt, we have resumed production in mid-Feb and we have since perfected our production quality. We could finally say that the outcome was satisfactory and our team were happy and proud to start delivering these.


Make the Impossible Possible...

Many people saw Enso and Enso Edition, and asked our team if we were worried that we could soon see our designs copied by other companies and sold on Amazon. Our answer was simple: it won't be possible, at least for a few years... 

We knew how difficult it is to work with titanium, that's why a Gray Titanium Phone Case can be sold for thousands of dollars each. And their manufacturing details can't even match the difficulties of Enso Edition. We know that even if someone attempt to replicate our design, they simply do not have the capabilities or manufacturing facilities to do it. At least not at the price we offer them. So, we are not worried. :)

What we are actually worried about, is time. We have promised you a timeline which we see as a key part of our brand promise. But we simply can not afford to sacrifice quality to save time. 

Design and prototyping is one thing. But making it real is another.

Most Kickstarter creators fail on delivering the original promise. At Ti22, that's what we can not afford to do. 

We prefer to overdeliver, not underdeliver. Even though, we may be criticized on time or communications, but our full team were devoted on making the perfect products, no matter the cost. 

Below are actual photos of the final production version of Enso Edition (without any retouching)!



So, here's where we are...

So far, more than 300+ backers have already received their complete orders, or their tracking codes. 

We have noticed that rarely backers will leave comment after they receive their packages, for two reasons:

1) If they are happy with the products, there's no need to complain via comments

2) If they are happy with the products, few would want to make the effort to share their experience since we are all always busy. 

Only when something goes wrong, we will see comments flooding in...which may lead to an overall negative impression of the project and other backers more worried. 

So, here's our pledge to you – if you receive your Enso and are happy with them, please share your comments too. It will help our community grow and help us do a better job. :)

Of course, we have close to a thousand backers, so 300+ is a small fraction of our total backer community. 

Here are the timelines for the rest of the backers

First Week of April: 200 – 250 orders to be shipped

Second Week of April: 150 – 200 orders to be shipped

And 150 to 200 orders to be shipped out every week thereafter until we complete all shipments. 

Factors that may delay your shipment:

A few factors may impact your delivery date, such as:

1) Whether or not you have custom laser engraving 

2) If you ordered Enso Edition, this will take longer due to the delicacy of more time-consuming production

3) If you have recently made changes to your orders.

How do I know if my order is shipped?

The best way to check your status is to email our customer service team:

That said, try to avoid unnecessary email communications as we do have limited human resources and it's best to allow our team members to focus on production, packaging and shipping. We do have a multi-functional team that multi-task all the time. 

Thank you again for your support!

You have trusted us during the campaign, and we pledge again to ask you for your trust and understanding during these critical times, so that we can focus on what we do best – bringing the best possible products to your hands. 

We know apologies are always pale, but we do hope Enso and Enso Edition will being smile to your face when you do receive them in the coming weeks. ❤️

Best regards,

Ti22 Team

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    1. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Brad — Yes we hear you. Your feedback is what keeps us moving. We are taking your feedback as top priority and implementing positive changes in how we manage backer communications moving forward. Thanks again for your great support! Regards, Ti22 Team

    2. Brad Dancer

      I appreciate its challenging @Ti22- but hundreds of others before you have managed and others after you will as well. If you don't communicate I would suggest not coming to kickstarter- which is a community site. Get funded another way - and please don't claim we're busy - as an excuse not to update. that's silly

    3. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Marie Mury – Hi Marie, great suggestion. We will discuss internally and see if we can offer the first batch of Enso as refurbished items at a significantly reduced price, exclusive to our existing backers. As we mentioned in the update, they are functionally sound except imperfection on details, which could be improved with some factory refurbishment. Let us know your thoughts on this and we will do our best to offer these below cost as extras to our backers. Regards, Ti22 Team

    4. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Paul Verbruggen – Thank you Paul! We look forward to having Enso delivered to you. :)

    5. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Chuque Berry – Hi Chuque, we will take a look at your order and see what's the issue. Will get back to you by email.

    6. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @AZEqualizer – Yes we are very aware of your order status and in fact we tried to expedite it. Unfortunately there are Enso Edition pieces in your order, and as we explained it takes a bit more time for us to finalize the production of Edition, hence the wait. Please be rest assured, your order will be shipped as soon as Edition is ready for shipment. Kind regards, Ti22 Team

    7. Marie Mury

      Would you consider selling the first, flawed 1000 batch at a discount with notation of it being a marred/sub-QA product? Clothing brands sell such items at steep discount to outlet or liquidationstores and personally, i wouldn't be opposed as long as it was clearly identified what the defect/flaw was for a particular product/item.

      Or, do you have/hope for other plans with those first 1000, such as refurbishing/reworking or will they just get scrapped?

    8. Missing avatar

      Paul Verbruggen on

      Good to hear you are on track and very quality conscientious. I am looking forward to receive my order

    9. Missing avatar

      Chuque Berry on

      I paid for custom engraving on a few pieces but there was nowhere to put what I wanted to be engraved. Will you contact me later or did I miss something?

    10. AZEqualizer on

      So, I am backer 200 and ordered the regular Enso Product.... you stated here that you have already sent out 300+...and you had pledged to send out the product to the first 200 backers first... I see several of us had been missed from looking at comments on the main comment site. What is up with that?

    11. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Brad Dancer – Thanks Brad and we fully agree. It's a little challenging when we have a multi-functional team that manages everything together but as we grow, we will have dedicated backer communication team to ensure that we communicate design and production processes in a more timely manner. We always value backer's inputs and we agree with you that's the essence of crowdfunding. Kind regards, Ti22 Team

    12. Brad Dancer

      thanks for the thorough update. Delays are not a huge deal when communicated. I wish you had been communicating all along and allowed the backers into your community. that's kind of the point of kickstarter - so a shame that you don't really value our input in that way - but glad to hear things are moving forward. We care about the product as much as you do - glad you are doing it right, but keep us informed, we're interested

    13. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Geoffrey Greene – Thank you very much Geoffrey! Your support means everything to us. :)

    14. Geoffrey Greene on

      Thanks for the update. Happy to wait for quality—and very pleased with creators who overdeliver rather than cut corners—so you have my full support!