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Anti-Bacterial, Non-Corrosive, Hypoallergenic. Made with medical grade pure titanium, Ensō redefines the art of fine dining.
Anti-Bacterial, Non-Corrosive, Hypoallergenic. Made with medical grade pure titanium, Ensō redefines the art of fine dining.
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Ensō Edition Production and Shipping Updates

Posted by Ti22 (Creator)

Dear all,

Happy Friday!

It's been a little while since our last update. We are very excited to show you the latest production photos of Ensō Edition. We are also closing the surveys for the first 200 backers. Early shipment will commence soon.  

1) Ensō Edition Production Updates

Since we completed Ensō Collection production, our team have been busy perfecting the production details for Ensō Edition, our masterpiece of the Ensō series. 

We are extremely excited to announce that the result of Ensō Edition is even better than we have expected. All production processes went exceptionally well and the result is breathtaking.

Here is a sneak peek:



2) Survey and Early Shipping Updates 

We are closing the surveys for the first 200 backers tonight at 23:59PM Eastern Time. (It is important to note that, if you are not amongst the first 200 backers, you can still edit your surveys and add any additional items to your order if you would like to.)  We will start processing the first 200 backer orders early Monday. Custom laser engraving will follow and we expect the engraving process to take 7-10 days. Once custom engraving is complete, we will commence packaging and shipment. We expect to send out the first batch by the end of first week of Feb if all goes well.   

Important: For those backers who are among the first 200 and have ordered Ensō Edition as part of their pledges, your processing time may be longer. 


3) Updated Ti22 Logo Engraving 

At Ti22, we are proud of our brand and what it stands for. Since titanium is the 22nd element of the periodic table of elements, we named our brand as Ti22. As the numerical part of our logo '4.54g/cc — Ar 47.87— 1668 °C/3034 °F' represents the scientific properties of pure titanium, it effectively means 'Pure Titanium'. So we use the numeric properties of our logo and the term 'Pure Titanium' interchangeably in different contexts. That's why in the above Edition production samples you see the numeric version of our logo.   

Based on the feedback of varies backers, in order to keep a more minimal look, we will be using 'Pure Titanium' after the Ti22 logo instead of the numeric properties. This way, it is immediate that the users of these stunning cutleries know the material and quality. Here's how the updated logo engraving on the final production will look like:

Hope you like the updated look as much as we do.  

More updates coming...stay tuned!

Kind regards,
 Ti22 Team

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chuque Berry on

      is there an option to not have your logo engraved on my items?

    2. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Tim Schoch – Hi Tim, the straws will be shipped at the same time with all the other orders based on the order/backer numbers. Regards, Ti22 Team

    3. Ti22 2-time creator on

      @Val – The logo treatment won't change on the bottles. We have been using the same logo treatment for Therma and Via since they were launched in 2017, so we will keep them consistent.

    4. Missing avatar

      Tim Schoch on

      Looks great! Any News on the ETA of the Straws?

    5. Missing avatar


      Will the logo be similarly changed on the bottles?