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Using the ancient gift of Crimson, take on the role of Flynn to halt the Scourge on the land. A beautifully crafted pixel adventure.
Using the ancient gift of Crimson, take on the role of Flynn to halt the Scourge on the land. A beautifully crafted pixel adventure.
Using the ancient gift of Crimson, take on the role of Flynn to halt the Scourge on the land. A beautifully crafted pixel adventure.
2,455 backers pledged $63,218 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Nathan on

      Are we close to another update?

    2. SunPunisher

      @Studio Thunderhorse Im so sorry for my words guys. Please forgive me. I never should say this. This was my bad.

    3. Thalus on

      Thanks for your reponse.

    4. Studio Thunderhorse Creator on

      @SunPunisher responded to your message quickly, but you haven't answered so we have to assume it was cleared up. You simply added an extra copy of the game through late backing.

      @Thalus it's something we will definitely be researching! Nothing we can promise just yet.

    5. SunPunisher

      What a fu ck is going on here guys? I just checked my credit card and saw that on monday this studio took from me 12,09 euros for nothing. What a fuck is this shit. I was pledging for $12 dollars and the campaing was already told me at the end of it that they pledged that money so why suddently after few month they took another pledge from me? Omfg im so pissed right now.

    6. Thalus on

      Gamemaker Studio 2 will support Nintendo Switch this summer.
      Are you going to reconsider porting on this platform?
      I would be interested in such a version.

      Good luck

    7. Nathan on

      I love the change notes you added in update 20!
      It is looking great.

    8. Nathan on

      How is development going Studio Thunderhorse?

    9. Nathan on

      Oh no! A water temple!
      Just Kidding, the progress looks great so far. Keep us posted.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaw on

      Do we know if we're going to get an update soon. I really want to know how it's going

    11. Missing avatar

      Etienne Wilhelm Marais on

      Super excited for this game :D How is it progressing? You having fun? ;)

    12. Thalus on

      I hope that a switch version will be possible

    13. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Shaw on

      when reading the part of the campaign that talks about the Switch I was wondering that if Nintendo and Yoyo games work it out would a Switch port become available at some later date or at launch

    14. Gauvin Claire Elma Ramirez on

      What is the most recommended controller for this game?

    15. Studio Thunderhorse Creator on

      @Il Terribile that is normal, yes. Early bird tiers were always meant for Steam/DRM-free codes, sorry about that!

      @Simon Stillwater we can!

      @gamingnightowl it's being worked on, we just hope to have some more art to show first :)

      @EAA00 Please go here and input your email to attempt to recover the survey -

      If that doesn't work, send us an email/message and we'll look in to it deeper!

    16. EAA00

      What should we do if we didn't get a backerkit email?

    17. gamingnightowl on

      Hi, you guys should make a storepage on steam already. That might bring in more late backer from people that are browsing upcoming games. Plus we all can add the game to wishlist as well as follow the game there too

    18. Simon Stillwater on

      Can you confirm that the DRM-free release in the backerkit stands for GOG release?

    19. Missing avatar

      Il Terribile

      Good morning, i have a question:
      It is normal that in my backer kit there isn't the option for the PS4 version?
      I'm a Early Bird Tier

    20. Briana Weiss

      Hey team! Just got my survey link for backerkit and had a question. Is there a reason the shipping cost is different between Kickstarter and backerkit? It’s only a difference of $2, but was just wondering why it wouldn’t be the same.

    21. Allan Z on

      Congratz with the success of the campaign, unfortunately I also having troubles with the payment, KS says is the bank vs the banks says they haven't receive any transaction nor block anything, I believe the bank because I try 3 cards from 2 banks same problem, the funny part is a month ago I have my first time problem with a pledge, never resolve a week ago another pledge goes without a problem, now again I think I had to do with campaigns base on the US, right now KS is just not addressing the issue because they just blame the banks, please put an update with the alternative quickly because after 7 days we will be cut out of the project and any updates

    22. Missing avatar

      Maxime SARRAZIN on

      Hey @Studio Thunderhorse! Congratz on this successful campaign, there's still a long way to go but you're off to a good start :)
      I was wondering, where/when shall I input my address to receive the physical goodies (like the tee)?
      Thank you for your answer and for this wonderful project!

    23. Studio Thunderhorse Creator on

      Thank you for the kind words about the campaign, everyone! We've jumped straight back in to development of Flynn full time, and we can't wait to share more goodies soon!

      As for any payment concerns, we have no control over anything through Kickstarter. If you're having problems, please contact them directly! If for any reason your pledge is unable to process, we are organizing late backing, so you will still be able to back there!

    24. Missing avatar

      Matheus Augusto De Paula Nattes on

      My pledge has also been refused!! What do I do?? Is my first time backing a game and I don't want my pledge to go to waist

    25. Max Jalife on

      I have the same issue. Not new on kickstarter though, on many pledges I have been rejected nontheless my credit is fine. Hope they open up a post kickstarter method (paypal and services of the sort) to keep our benefits as contributors.

    26. Hot Zombies Games and Entertainment on

      This is the first kickstarter I ever pledged money too, and I'm extremely excited to see this game. The art style is so beautiful and the gameplay seems solid. Of course there will be delays and problems, but I'll play the crap out of this game when it comes out no matter what!

    27. Valerio Bulla on

      I have the same issue as Alessandro, my card which I use all the time is getting refused. I would hate to lose my pledge!

    28. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati

      I mean, I've just pledged other two campaigns with no issues, with the same card.
      This is not the first time it happens (to me) for some reason. Doesn't matter how many times I try, and getting in touch with the bank or KS never solved anything.
      Btw, I see that the PM I sent you kind of disappeared (?)
      I'm going to try to get in touch again.

    29. Alessandro "NeatWolf" Salvati

      Hi there!

      For some reason Kickstarter is refusing the payment of this particular campaign. I've just pledged two other campaigns and sent you a message.

      Could you please help me or check your PM? :(
      3 days and my pledge will be dropped :(

    30. Missing avatar

      Timothee Milano on

      ah yeaaaa challenge mode hit! So glad we reached that goal, onto the beta in a few short months :3

    31. Edwin Flores on

      is this coming out early next year?

    32. Missing avatar

      Sage Young

      Congratulations on not jist achieving full funding but also hitting two of your stretch goals! As a backer, I hope to be with you guys all the way as you bring the world of Flynn into reality. I'm also hacing my fingers crossed for some way to port Flynn onto the Switch!

    33. Missing avatar

      Chris Hayes on

      Congratulations! If a project ever deserved it, its this one. Cant wait to see how this progresses.

    34. Missing avatar

      Collin Wong on

      Major congrats on a successful campaign. Can't wait to play the game!

    35. Missing avatar

      gabriel on

      Cheers guys you made it!
      Can't wait for your game!

    36. Matt on

      Congrats on your success! It's great to see impressive and deserving games get the funding they require to be a reality - best of luck moving forward!

    37. Kai Kubicek

      Massive congrats on the campaign and going over your target!

      I can't wait to play the final game, all the best on the project.

    38. Steven Chin

      T-Minus 2 Minutes!

    39. Missing avatar

      Sage Young

      A pity we won't be getting the animated intro. I wonder if there's any way to give support post-kickstarter?

    40. Missing avatar

      Jaime Thorin on

      This is ending, so it's time to say CONGRATS! :)

    41. Steven

      Could it be possible to still get the artbook after the end of the kickstarter?

    42. Missing avatar

      Max Tom on

      I would like to ask, for the more expensive pledges, can we get the documents used to create the content if possible?

    43. Missing avatar

      Matheus Augusto De Paula Nattes on

      @gamingnightowl I want the doc campaign!! I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff !!

    44. Missing avatar

      Matheus Augusto De Paula Nattes on

      I'm really amazed that we reached the challenge mode stretch goal, I remember being worried about reaching even console ports!!

    45. Conrado

      $900 and still 8hr to go... We'll reach Challenge Mode! :D
      Too bad we won't reach the intro nor DLC :(

    46. Missing avatar

      Scott Alderman on

      Less than $1,000 until we get Challenge Mode unlocked!! Alright!!!

    47. Missing avatar

      Timothee Milano on

      Being almost 3,000 away from the challenge goal with 19 hours gives me a good feeling. On another note, really glad there will be add ons available. Hopefully the intro and dlc can be reached through post funding!!!!

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