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pledged of $19,000pledged of $19,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, June 12 2019 6:43 PM UTC +00:00


My name is Eric Mintel. I’m a professional Jazz musician and documentary filmmaker. I recently lost my second “adopted” mother MaryAnn Hoffman in Sellersville PA. I knew MaryAnn and her husband Verne, who also passed 3 years earlier, for over 30 years. They were like my second mother and father.

MaryAnn was an incredible woman who always had a kind word and thought for everyone she met. In early March my daughter and I visited MaryAnn at her home for an afternoon lunch. We had a lot of laughs and always interested in what I was doing next, I had told her about a new paranormal television show and videos I started producing in 2016 called Bucks County Paranormal Investigations. She loved the idea and loved the videos I showed her that we produced. She was always such a supporter of my dreams.

I have a TV show on TV30 in Princeton that is showing my videos on Saturday nights as well as my Facebook page for BCPI. As we left that day a thought occurred to me. Wouldn’t it be cool to have my team traveling to our various locations in MaryAnn’s 1959 Thunderbird showing a new generation of viewers not only a piece of American engineering but one really cool car.  I emailed MaryAnn and told her my idea and she LOVED it and was very excited as we made plans to film the car.

Sadly less than two weeks later MaryAnn had a massive heart attack. I was summoned to the hospital where I and the rest of the family were by MaryAnn’s side as she slipped away. I had recently lost my own mother back in September of 2018 so loosing another Mother was not only sad but devastating.

After her her celebration I had asked the executors of her estate if we could film the car and use it as a legacy for MaryAnn and they agreed. We have posted a recent video here.

It is our wish and the wish of MaryAnn’s estate that we start this kickstarter in the hopes that we can secure the car and use it for all scenes where we travel to different locations and by doing this sets up a long lasting legacy for Verne and MaryAnn as their names would appear in the credits in Loving Memory of Verne and MaryAnn Hoffman. Verne and MaryAnn were two of the greatest people you would ever meet. After the untimely death of their only daughter Lori years earlier they still remained strong and positive in the face of that tragedy.

I hope that you would consider helping fund our project so that we can make a lasting legacy for MaryAnn. Verne and MaryAnn were always enthusiastic supporters of my dreams and I would like to keep their memory alive. Would you help me? Thank you so much.

Eric Mintel

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