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Thug life is a fast paced, urban action game where players take on the role of Bosses battling for respect in the Streets!
Thug life is a fast paced, urban action game where players take on the role of Bosses battling for respect in the Streets!
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Limited run, Big Boss token, Shipping & The Cook

Posted by Horseshoe Games, LLC (Creator)

Thanks for a really great and inspiring day Homies! Tonight’s update is brought to you by Al, but read all the way to end for a peek at our day new unlock, The Cook! Take it away Al...


What’s shakin’, Thug Life backers!

This is Al taking over the update tonight to go over a few production and shipping points as we dive into the final day of the campaign. Now that we have some realistic numbers, we can start addressing some of your questions about shipping and production. The first point we need to make is that this is going to be a very limited run of a passion driven project. Realistically speaking, Kickstarter may be the only way to get this incredibly unique game.

This limited run does give us some ideas for spicing things up. In particular, we are excited to get started on the:


Rob and I happen to be old hats at prop making and toy prototyping, so we are going to lean into this tight community and hand produce an awesome centerpiece for your game. Rob will be sculpting the original and I will be striking the mold and pouring the casts right in our own backyards.

This handcrafted awesomeness will be available to Kickstarter backers ONLY.  Even if you pledged $1 on Kickstarter but upgraded to a full game later (through Backerkit), you will still receive a Big Boss token. New “late backers” via Backerkit will NOT receive this item.

This is going to be a special piece and we want to reserve this for the first ones to answer our call for support.


Additionally: we are unlocking the “Ship Anywhere in the World” option for the remainder of the campaign! While we were always willing to ship anywhere, I realize we’ve been a bit cautious about offering it openly. A big reason for this relates to the second part of this post: Shipping Costs. Here are the rough numbers for some common inquiries based on our prototype box:

US: $15 (Priority Mail) Canada: $25 (First Class International) Mexico: $30 (First Class International) EU/Britain: $35 Australia: $35 Rest of the world: Please inquiry directly.

Our limited run does not give us access to the volume discounts and commercial rates larger companies have in the US and our box is too large to send via First Class mail. Without thousands of backers, these rates are something we cannot change. These rates are still about 15% cheaper than purchasing directly from the post office.

To wrap this up, I want to thank all of our backers for stepping up to support this project. It’s been a crazy ride to get here and I can’t wait to bring you the best version of this game possible.

~See you in the streets, Al


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