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$8,721 pledged of $14,000 goal
$8,721 pledged of $14,000 goal

Re-launch of Throw Like A Girl's Kickstarter Campaign

Greetings Loyal Backers and Baseball fans!

I am very excited to report that work has been progressing at a rapid pace on Throw Like A Girl in spite of the fact that we fell short of our fundraising goal last time out on kickstarter.  It is my sincere hope that you will pledge once again during our new campaign.

To that end, I am announcing that our new campaign will begin on Tuesday, March 22 and will run through June 1. We've revised the budget goal since we missed out on traveling with the EarthStars to the Phoenix Cup in Hong Kong, however we still want to catch up with those players to include them in this film.  Over the winter, we've met so many wonderful ballers who have terrific stories to tell and who are inspiring us as they breakdown barriers that will only add to the richness of this portrait of change.

Please check out the new profile with a new, improved and more comprehensive video.  Naturally since the finished film will be in the 85 min range, we will be able to feature more talented ballplayers than we can in a few minutes here, but hopefully you'll see where we are going and will be excited enough about the film to pledge your financial support and want to share information about the film and this campaign with your friends, relatives, co-workers and teammates.

My thanks and respect for your encouragement and support.

Play Ball!


PS Just a reminder that pledges are only charged if we reach the budgetary goal, and that will not be until the fundraising drive is complete on June 1.

Sent back down to the minors . . .

But like true ballplayers, we are going to keep slugging away.

You have probably already been notified by kickstarter that we came up short this time around. Fear not, loyal and steadfast Backers, Throw Like A Girl will be completed! We just need a little time to go back over the budget and see how we can do more with less, and then we will re-launch this project on kickstarter. It is our sincere hope that you will stand by us and will reaffirm your pledge soon.

Because we did not reach our goal, you will not be charged for your initial pledges, in fact I believe that any and all holds on your funds have already been released.

I am so appreciative and humbled by your support. So many of you did far more than offer a pledge, I know you re-posted the notice to your and your organization’s Facebook pages, you've blogged about the film, linked from your own websites to our kickstarter page, emailed and called your friends and family asking them to pledge, wrote up a notices and placed it in your newsletters, notified your women's and girl's baseball databases, increased your own pledges in an effort to stimulate others and to do all you could do to help, and offered me your suggestions on additional fundraising ideas.

I think, 86 Backers pledging nearly $9000 is very impressive and I thank you all so much! We had pledges coming in until the very last minute, so it is my feeling that we just ran out of time. We had so much momentum coming into the last few days, I think if we had a few more days we would have made it. Kickstarter does offer a 90-day funding cycle, so I’ll be looking into all of our options over the weekend and will be back in touch soon.

Thank you again so much!

With Respect,
Cami J Kidder

We have reached 25% of our Goal!

Greetings Backers and Interested Parties!

I am so happy to announce that we have hit a big marker - Throw Like A Girl is 25% funded! We have 9 days remaining in our cycle to raise the other 75%. It is a tall order, but I have received so many messages of solidarity and support from ballplayers and their parents and their loved ones that I believe it is possible.

Thank you to everyone who has posted our kickstarter link on their Facebook profile, their blog or website and those who have sent out information about TLAG and our fundraising cycle to their databases, friends and family. One person alone cannot make a successful film. All of interest you all are generating will also make it easier for us to find distribution once the film is completed. Sales agents really like to see that the film has an audience before they take it on.

I am sure you know, but it bears repeating since it is so important, unless we reach the 100% funded mark, none of the pledges made thus far will be collected upon. It is All-or-nothing. So if there is anyone you know that you think might also be interested in supporting this project, please let them know.

I am thrilled and gratified to have your support and trust as my crew and I strive to bring this story to an international audience!

Thank you so much,

PS If you haven't "liked" it already, please join the fan page for Throw Like A Girl on Facebook!/pages/Throw-Like-A-Girl/134383966594052