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Please support our feature doc that chronicles the quest by girls & women for acceptance in the traditionally male world of baseball.
Please support our feature doc that chronicles the quest by girls & women for acceptance in the traditionally male world of baseball.
109 backers pledged $14,235 to help bring this project to life.

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Progress and Status Update for THROW LIKE A GIRL

Hello Faithful and Patient Backers!

It has been quite a while since I reached out with a progress update about THROW LIKE A GIRL. We ended up going to the Women’s Baseball World Cups in Korea and in Viera Florida because NEW things were happening. As much as we have tried to be finished with filming, when something exciting happens, we just have to be there! Pakistan and India debuted National Teams in Korea in 2016, and then in 2018 the World Cup was held in the United States – for FIRST time. So, of course, we applied for Media Credentials. When two women were hired to play professional baseball by the Sonoma Stompers, we had to be there too.  

Team USA takes on Team Puerto Rico at USSSA Stadium in Viera Florida
Team USA takes on Team Puerto Rico at USSSA Stadium in Viera Florida

Fortunately, these stories intersect because these through-lines are what we really need to make a compelling film. When we first started we conducted A LOT of interviews, which are important, but documentary films that SHOW instead of TELL are more effective. Since are striving to changes hearts, minds and a culture, we need to draw people into the story and take them on a journey.

To that end, we’ve decided that the film should mirror real life. I went to Fantasy Camp in 2005, but I didn’t have a good time. It has taken me a while to go back through the footage that was shot then because it was painful to be mocked, teased and ignored when all I wanted to do was live out my dream of being a professional baseball player. The hard lesson I learned was that as a woman in that place and time, I was not even allowed the FANTASY of being a baseball player. So, this is how THROW LIKE A GIRL is going to start – that’s the set-up to give context. 

Striking out at Fantasy Camp
Striking out at Fantasy Camp

Then in the film, as in real life, I set out on a journey to find other women like me and try to find an answer for why American girls are shut out of American’s National Pastime. This will allow us weave in the interviews from our experts and champions like Justine Siegal, Perry Barber, Debra Shattuck, Barbara Gregorich and more, along with the other events we’ve attended such as the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Legends of the AAGPBL
Legends of the AAGPBL

The bulk of the film will center on the Dream Team (11-13 year old girls), who played a full USSSA tournament season against the boys. Because we kept up with a number of players, we are able to see how far they are able to go with baseball, and explore how softball figures into the equation.

The Dream Team!
The Dream Team!

As luck would have it (for this filmmaker certainly), THREE of those Dream Team girls played in the World Cup for Team USA and Team Puerto Rico. If you are familiar with the iconic film HOOP DREAMS, this kind of unfolding story can be so powerful because one gets drawn into the lives of the people on screen.  

Good Game!
Good Game!

We are currently running a Second Kickstarter for Finishing Funds for THROW LIKE A GIRL for the express purpose of hiring Doug Blush, who is an Oscar award-winning editor. Over the past 4 years, he’s worked as a story consultant/producing editor on at last 30 film that have all broken through and had brilliant trajectories on the film festival and awards circuit as well as securing distribution deals. I met him at a filmmaker conference and he in interested in helping us that this film from good and interesting to a must-see event! This fundraiser wraps up tomorrow, Nov. 1 at 11:55am PDT.

 You’ve already supported us - some of you more than once - we couldn’t have gotten this far without your help! We do have some terrific new rewards that you might be interested in, so here’s the link just in case.

Once this pledge drive wraps up, I’ll be getting back to editing (hopefully full-time). I need to take the 800 hours of footage we’ve collected and cut it into scenes that I think should be in the film. These scenes will become essentially puzzle pieces that I’ll place into an assembly cut, which will probably be about 4 hours long. Then we’ll work with Doug to decide which of those scenes are the best way to show this story and shape the into the finished film which will be able 80 minutes long.  

The Future Meets the Past
The Future Meets the Past

Still a lot of work ahead, but hopefully we’ll make the Kickstarter so we can move toward the finish line faster. If we don’t, I’ll still finish the film, but it will take me longer since I’ll need to try something else to raise the funds – like a holiday second job and keep trying for grants.

Thank you very much for all your encouragement and support over the years. I am really excited to finally finish this film and get it out into the World where it can start changing hearts, mind and a culture!

All the best,

Cami and the whole Throw Like A Girl Team

Winter Meetings 2015


Greetings All,

Our project has taken many twists and turns over the past few years, and I can't tell you how much your patience and support means to me and "Throw Like Girl." 

You may recall that I am currently pursuing my MFA in documentary film. I had expected that this program would help me craft and complete this film on a schedule. In fact, I found that it was very very difficult to work on an existing project in a program such as this. The good news is, I think all this turmoil finally yielded the answer I was seeking. I am going to be very candid with you all because you trusted and believed in me and this film, and it has taken much longer than I imagined it would.It is very fair if you are frustrated or irritated by that, or even lost your faith (hopefully only temporarily).The main problem I discovered I had was that I had a great topic, strong characters, great visuals, tons of footage, but I didn’t have a story.A documentary without a compelling story to tie everything together can be made, but it becomes a dry info documentary.And that sort of film will not help us change the hearts and minds of those who oppose girls playing baseball.Since that is the entire point of me making this film, I needed to find and was searching for the story.

The good news is, I found it, about 8 days ago!  So we are back!  It is still going to take some time, probably close to a year, to have a completed film, but we will have an amazing film that honors all the girls fighting their battles on and off the field, and those who support them by creating and finding opportunities for them to play.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns.The rewards are currently being printed/processed, so you should be receiving them within the next few weeks.

Thank you again Backers, you are the Best!

Our Logo!
Our Logo!

With Respect,


Thank you Jackie Robinson!

Today is the anniversary of when Jackie Robinson first took the field and broke the color barrier that had kept so many exceptionally talented athletes out of baseball. I am looking forward to day when a woman will break the gender barrier, and baseball will truly be America’s (ALL of America’s) Pastime. We’ve been busy here crafting a documentary that aims to shine a light on the gender inequity that is so pervasive in sport and society, and that showcases the talented women currently playing baseball. What I’ve come to realize in recent months is that we can best accomplish these goals with two separate films. Therefore I’m writing to let all our wonderful backers know what’s been going on, and why the film has taken so much longer to complete than we originally thought it would.

“Throw Like A Girl” will focusing on the young women playing the game today particularly the Baseball For All Sparks and the Dream Team. This film will unfold similarly to “Hoop Dreams,” following the players in detail and they grow and change ultimately revealing their decisions regarding college and athletics. To accomplish this, we need to shoot intermittently over the next few years to capture their whole journey from age 12 to 18.

The new project, “HARDBALL: Playing Left Out” will target the gender bias that still keeps so many women out of the game of baseball, but more importantly it will seek to begin an international conversation about what long lasting effects on society come from keeping 52% of the population off the playing field.

In a few months, we’ll be launching another crowd-funding campaign for finishing funds for HARDBALL. I mention this in case anyone knows anyone who didn’t have an opportunity to make a pledge the first time on the TLAG campaign, but wants to get involved. The International Documentary Association has accepted “Throw Like A Girl” into their fiscal sponsor program. This means that all donations are now tax deductible. I am also applying for grants and labs that will not only help us complete the films, but also raise their profiles. We should be hearing back from the Sundance Documentary Fund in July. Being accepted would be a huge game changer as you might imagine. The target completion date for HARDBALL is mid-September 2014.

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, they are always welcome. You can reach me at Thank so much for your continued interest and support!

With Respect,


Here are a few short clips if you want to take a sneak peak at some of the work we've been doing.

Back to Business

Hello Again,

I hope everyone had a safe, relaxing and fun holiday season.  I'm back in LA, where I plan to remain, chained to my desk, for the entire month of January (except for a few days promoting "Throw Like A Girl" at the Sundance Film Festival, so that I can have at least a rough cut completed by Opening Day.  For the non-rabid baseball fans out there, that targeted date is March 31, 2013.

The other major task that I have to complete this January is fulfilling all the rewards that you all have been patiently awaiting.  Naturally the DVD's will have to wait until the film is done, but the shirts, hats etc will be done this month!

I intend to have about 60 minutes of footage strung together to submit for finishing funds to the Sundance Documentary Fund by mid-Feb.  I think this is a great way of not only getting finishing funds, but also to get on Sundance's radar.  Sundance has long been one of the most difficult film festivals in which to get a film programed.  This year they received over 10,000 films for less than 300 slots.  However, they do tend to favor projects they select for labs and funding, so we shall see.

Thank you all for your faith, patience and support in/with and of me, as I travel this road.  The most exciting thing is that are always more and more female baseball events that deserve to be covered, but at some point one has to stop shooting and start actually making the film.  And that's where I am now!

Best Wishes for the New Year!


PS:  In case you are interested in supporting another baseball dream, this link will take you to a fundraiser that I helped create for Peyton.  She's a 12-yr old girl who has been fighting cancer since 2010.  She has the opportunity to go an play in Mexico's first-ever, female baseball tournament, but lacks the funds for plane tickets and housing.  If there is anyway you can help, Peyton, her Mom, Kimberley and I will be eternally grateful!  I have an interview with Peyton that I shot this past summer at BFA's Baseball Academy.  I'm ashamed to admit how unproductive I was and for how long after suffering a head injury in a car accident last year, especially after I met Peyton.  She played baseball ALL THROUGHOUT her intensive chemo treatments.   Imagine that!  What a true and deep love for the sport she has.

Also attaching a few photos from the last official shoot for TLAG, at the AAGPBL's reunion in Syracuse/Cooperstown, NY Sept 2012.

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Mid-season Report

Greetings All,

"Throw Like A Girl" is coming along very well, and I'm back in the saddle after my rather lengthy recovery.  The kickstarter donations got us pretty far in shooting this project, but I had to take a few months away to do some contractor jobs to earn cash to keep going.  The good news is, I was able to do that.

So, we basically have one more major shoot left, the Women's Baseball World Cup in Edmonton, Canada Aug 2012.  Many of you may know that I started on this journey with Dawn Hoopes and Amanda Vos at the previous World Cup in Maracay Venezuela in Aug 2010.  I think I can speak for everyone involved when I say we are hoping for less heat, humidity and gunfire in Edmonton. 

We are going to be focusing on the future of women's baseball at this shoot especially considering that the Olympics will be overlapping this event and it looks like there will be no campaign by the IBAF to get the women's baseball into the Olympics.  They just announced that they are putting in a joint bid for men's baseball and women's softball.  But maybe, just maybe, we can help change their minds with this film....and that is my plan.

I hope to have the official logo designed and ready to go this coming week, so I can finally fulfill all the rewards that are long over due because they need the logo before they can be made. As far as the actual film, my target is to be completed in March 2013.  Should you have questions, concerns and/or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to me here on kickstarter, on our Throw Like A Girl page on Facebook or at

In the meanwhile, here are a few photos taken by Richard Hopkins at the 14U Dream Team's latest tournament in Sunnyvale, CA last weekend. 

Thank so much for your patience, support and understanding!  Play Ball!!!

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