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TSRS is a tabletop FRPG designed with flexible guidelines to allow for quick play and heroic adventuring.
65 backers pledged $2,266 to help bring this project to life.

9 Days to Go for the TSRS All-in-One Guide!

Posted by Thom Wilson (Creator)

I'm extremely pleased to see so many pledges and backers for the All-in-One Guide!  We've made the $1500 goal; in fact, we're at 114% and still gaining with 9 days to go.  I hope everyone continues to spread the word and we get a few more backers by the end.  I'd love to get a print run of about 50 hard covers and soft covers (100 total).

All print backers can also get the PDF if they want it - backers will get a survey at the end of the project asking if they would like a digital copy in addition to their printed rewards.  Obviously, I'll need your email to send out the PDFs if you want them.  Those of you who have selected the digital supporter option will get your PDF at that time too.

Once the project ends, I'll send off the documents to both printing companies to begin printing.  At the same time, I'll order/purchase the necessary packaging materials to prepare for shipments once the books have been printed.  Although I set a delivery date of March 2014, the books may ship a month early if the printing companies aren't behind schedule.  I'll keep you all informed through KS updates.

Although the project has met goal, I personally hope to see a few more backers before the end date.  Again, please continue to share the KS link and spread the word.

Please check out this KS project for great dice (they work well for this system) - Matt Fleming's DoubleSix Dice.  His project is a cost effective way to get great rolling d6s:

Thanks everyone!  Your support is very much appreciated!

Thom @ Throwigames LLC


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