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Staying Positive: The Road Ahead's video poster

We are about to embark on our biggest national tour and record our first full-length studio album. Join us on our journey. Read more

San Diego, CA Music
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This project was successfully funded on September 29, 2012.

We are about to embark on our biggest national tour and record our first full-length studio album. Join us on our journey.

San Diego, CA Music
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Our experience so far have been unbelievable. The support and encouragement we have received over the years validated the inner voice that told us to keep going. With your help, we can go even further.

We created this Kickstarter project to raise money for studio time and critical bus repairs ahead of our fourth national tour. Working on this Kickstarter project allowed us a chance to reflect on where we have been and the sacrifices made to get us here. We are entirely a product of unwavering support from family, friends, and fans. Throughout our travels, we have had the opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring and supportive people. They have welcomed us into their homes when we needed a place to sleep and included us in their lives. We are fortunate to share this connection with them.

Through our music, we wish to share these experiences in hopes to inspire people to stay positive in their thoughts and actions. With this philosophy permeating through our music and culture, we are all encouraged to help each other on our respective journeys. We each have our own paths and routes in life, but realistically, we're all headed in the same direction. Let's keep it moving forward and enjoy this ride together.

We wrote a song called "Zombies" back when we first started out.  We originally recorded it with Alex Pappas (Finch) three years ago, but recently re-tracked it with our good friends Keita and Matt of 3db SoundWorks. We are pre-releasing "Zombies" here on Kickstarter, along with the original version, to show a glimpse of our growth as a band. It has been a year since we released our latest EP, and we are scheduled to record our first full-length album by December 2012. We have roughly half the songs written and will be using inspiration from the road to finish the rest. 

Working with 3db SoundWorks on "Zombies" was a great experience. Some of us have known Keita since high school; working with him adds a real homegrown vibe to the process. You will hear the quality and level of production their experience adds to our sound.  They're cutting us an amazing deal on studio time to finish the songs we have so far, and we can't wait to get started!

We have been working with limited resources, and as a result, have had to compromise sound quality during the recording process. With your help, we will have a chance to fully record and present our music the way we intend it the be heard. We are also offering you a chance to see how our record is made. We are recording in a private world class studio at an exclusive location. Join us in experiencing our first time fully realizing our sound.


Our tour begins on the West Coast with Tomorrows Bad Seeds and ends on the East Coast with Rebelution and Passafire. It is imperative that we repair our bus so we do not miss a single show. Meet our bus "Bessy":


She works hard taking us show to show and she tirelessly keeps us safe. We have done our best to maintain her and she does her job well. We are fortunate that these vehicles were designed to keep children safe; incidents we experienced on the road could have turned out much worse if we toured in a more traditional vehicle. With 320,000 miles under her hood, we would like her to last another two years. We are experiencing problems with her transmission, brakes, and steering.

We have spent time turning her into our mobile sanctuary. To eliminate hotel room expenses on the road, we hand built bunk beds in the back and rotated the seats inward to form a living room. She has developed a personality over the years and we have grown attached.

We are also grateful for everything that has happened so far on this journey. Consider this our official thank you to everyone who has come out to a show, supported our music, and most importantly, to anyone who has ever believed in us. The energy you have given us is proof that we are all part of something bigger. And we believe it.

We've had growing pains over the past few years. We are real people and are as imperfect as the next guy. We deal with the same life problems that you all do, and we make the same mistakes.  We fight with each other daily and aren't afraid to admit it. Through it all, we've learned how to stay positive, and that's a lesson we would like to pass along.

We didn't know each other before this band; our love of playing music brought us together and we work hard every day to keep that love alive (although you guys usually do most of that work for us). It's our hope to show the world how to stay unified when times are tough, and to get and stay motivated. We constantly ask ourselves the question "How bad do we want it?" We believe if you work hard and keep your motives strong and pure, you can achieve anything you want. 

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read all this!  We'll be hitting the road very soon, so come out to a show, introduce yourself, and join us on our journey. We wish you all happiness and success in everything you do.

Much love and respect,

Through the Roots

T.T.Rmy: Our lifeline. These people have each played a critical role in getting us to where we are today.

And especially,
The Amaro, Betrix, Boatwright, Cruz, Hawkins, Hernandez, Jackson, and O'Rear families.


"Bigger Than" ft. PrimaVolta
April 2012 So-Cal Reggae Fest
Valley View Sports Arena, San Diego, CA

February 2012 Show w/ The Expendables
HOB Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

"Fed Up" & "Here to Stay"
January 2011 Show w/ SOJA
Hilo Civic Center, Hilo, HI



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    Tell us your favorite song of all time. We'll give you a shout out on our Facebook page dedicating that song to you. Songs will be compiled into a playlist that we share on Spotify and play at each venue before our show. Thank you for your support!

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    Receive a digital download of our new re-recorded version of "Best Friend." This is a Kickstarter exclusive release. Take this reward and share it with your friends!

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    Kickstarter exclusive pre-release download of "Zombies." This is your chance to finally get it! As a bonus, we are including an unreleased version of "Zombies" recorded back in 2009. Take a listen and see how we have progressed.

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    Pledge $15 or more

    11 backers Limited (19 left of 30)

    Skype session with band members during tour. Get a behind the scenes glimpse of our lives when on the road and off the stage. You will also receive downloads of the songs listed above! This is is a limited award and will not be included in higher priced awards.

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    Pre-order your digital copy of our full-length album due in January. As a bonus, you will receive a digital pre-release version of our song “All Your Love” once our project is funded. This will be the only way to get this track before the album is released. You've been asking for it. Now is your chance to get it!

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    Pre-Order a signed, physical copy of our upcoming album. You will also have access to the digital download of the album upon its release. Like the $25 digital pre-order award package above, you will receive an exclusive download of "All Your Love" when our project gets funded.

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    VIP Show Access. You and a friend will receive VIP treatment at any show during the "Great Escape Tour" with Tomorrows Bad Seeds or the "Give Thanks" tour with Rebelution and Passafire. During the show, you and your friend will be granted backstage passes to hang with the band. We will hook you up with free gear at the show since you are so important. Check out our website at for tour dates. Venue enforced age restrictions may apply. Excludes San Diego shows.

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    This is the ULTIMATE FAN PACKAGE. This package includes: Physical and digital copies of all our past EP's, a signed physical copy of our upcoming album, digital copies of “Zombies” and “All Your Love”, a signed tour poster, and a Through the Roots Kickstarter exclusive T-shirt.

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    Wish you were here. We will send you personalized hand written postcards from cool places we visit on tour. Includes a full band Skype session meet and greet before we head out on the road. We want to know who we're writing to. Also includes the ULTIMATE FAN PACKAGE.

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    Band BBQ/meet and greet before the show. This package is essentially the VIP package with pre-show perks. We invite you and a friend to come fire up the grill with the boys and get a behind the scenes look of what goes on before the show.

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    Signed, used acoustic guitar. We have a couple of acoustic guitars that we are willing to part with to help fund this album. These guitars have been on the road with us since 2009. We know you will take good care of them. This reward is NOT included in higher priced awards. Also includes the ULTIMATE FAN PACKAGE

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    Live Through the Roots acoustic show at your house! Through the roots will perform a 2-hour set in your very own living room. We will take a picture with you and create a shadow box for you to remember the event. Must be within 50 miles of tour routing or reside in Southern California. e-mail us if you have any questions regarding this award:

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    "The Weekend" package. We will be tracking our upcoming album in a very exclusive world-class studio in LA. This is your chance to experience this event with us. We will cover travel expenses for you to come out and be there as we work on the album. Due to this being a high profile private studio, we cannot advertise who owns the studio. If you are interested in this awards package and want more detailed info, e-mail

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    Fund our Album! This package is for the person out there who truly believes in us. Money from this package will be going straight to recording our album. In return for your much needed support, we will fly you and a friend out to San Diego for the weekend to be part of our album release party. We will invite you on stage to officially thank you for your support. The person that contributes money for this award will be granted lifetime access to any Through the Roots event.

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