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Uncover countless mysteries of the past as you battle across platforms in this 2D action RPG inspired by Viking mythology.
Uncover countless mysteries of the past as you battle across platforms in this 2D action RPG inspired by Viking mythology.
709 backers pledged CA$ 20,380 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Quests


I Heard You Like Mounts

With just two weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to give you an opportunity to unlock even more content in your pledge package as well as some new unique additions into the game itself. By simply spreading the word about our project and interacting with the community through various platforms online will earn experience points towards unlocking these additions:

The content unlocked through these quests will become available for backers at all reward tiers once the following goals have been met. If these quests get completed, backers will be able to choose one of the three unlocked mounts to call their own, and the Dullahan boss fight will now have a chance to drop his mare. Participate in the following quests to earn EXP, and unlock these exclusive backer rewards:

Following the Blue Bird

Sharing One of Many Faces

Walking Among Aliens

  • Create a new Reddit topic with a link to our campaign page
  • Upvote any links related to Dragon of Legends
  • +5 EXP for each new Reddit topic / +2 EXP for each upvote
  • Note - This is harder to track than the other quests, so if you participate in this one please send us the link through Kickstarter messenger or any other social media 

Backs Against the Wall

A Strange Green Glow 

The EXP gained towards completing these quests will start today (March 7th), and you will have until the end of the Kickstarter campaign to unlock these rewards. If they are not reached in this set timeline they will not appear in the game so if you want a chance to obtain the Dullahan's Mare and an exclusive backer only mount - you'd better act fast! 

Take the Reins!

If you have already liked, shared, or commented on our content before thank you so much - but completing these specific objectives will be the only way to obtain EXP so if you already Like our Facebook page and our Twitter, why not create a new topic about our project and post it to Reddit or post another comment to our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight Pages. Everything helps towards unlocking these goals but they can only be completed once per person, so try to complete them all!

Now there's no time to waste! Let's band together and unlock that Dullahan's Mare! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      Steve B. on March 7, 2016

      I'd already liked on Facebook, but now I've shared, and got following and retweeting on Twitter going too.

    2. Thrive Games 2-time creator on March 7, 2016

      @safetypin: I am going to be tracking the progress on a daily basis, and update the bars accordingly each day until the end of the campaign. They will slowly fill up as people participate in the quests and gain EXP

    3. Missing avatar

      safetypin on March 7, 2016

      How will we see our progress to 200xp?

    4. Claude M. on March 7, 2016

      -random comment-

    5. Alberto B.(Batroel) on March 7, 2016

      let's spread the word with love!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Mohammad Valifard on March 7, 2016

      I really like the idea! But I already followed you on twitter :D
      Got your retweet tho.
      Coming for the MARE!