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We are but three humble(ish) babes with a dream of bringing delicious pie to all. We're opening a popup pie shop in SF this summer!

We are but three humble(ish) babes who are tired of people getting their pie from non-babe sources. We have a great love for pie. We want to spread that love. We want to spread it like butter on a hot piece of toast. We want it to seep into the pores of humanity. Because we believe in the power of butter, flour, and fruit.  Don't get us wrong - we believe in other things, too (See Pie Chart):  

As you can clearly see, we believe in community and local food sourcing and being environmentally responsible and donating to charity - all kinds of wonderful things that make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. But like, mostly the pie thing.  Are you with us?  We really hope you are, because we can't eat all of this pie ourselves.  

Ok, so now that we're done discussing our feelings, let's talk about the fun stuff.  

We're creating a pop-up pie shop, everybody. Say it! Let it roll off your tongue. It’s fun, right? Well, saying it now is not nearly as much fun as visiting it will be. Picture three total babes serving you delicious, organic, homemade pie from a delightfully whimsical retail space - here for now, but only until the end of the summer (get it while you can!)  Or maybe we'll be vending pies in tiny jars from an adorable food-cart straight out of the 1970's?  You can get on board with that, can’t you?

We hope you can, because we want to create something really deliciously wonderful, and that is where you, dear friend, come into the picture.  We need your help to make our dreams of seasonal fruit pie deliciousness a reality.  

You see, we've got some assets to our name - recipes handed down from our great-grandmother in East Texas, relationships with some rad farmers (be our friend, Farmer Al from Frog Hollow.  How many times do we have to request it on Facebook?), and enough sass to get us a permanent seat at Saturday morning detention (with enough charm to get out by noon).  But you can't pay the rent with dreams alone, so we are hoping that you, our friends and supporters, will help us get there for realsies.  

Here's the deal:

We need money to cover our startup expenses (pie plates, rolling pins, three tons of butter) and our first month or so of overhead, so we can really make a go of this.  We're launching Memorial Day weekend, so time is short, and your contribution will help us bring pie to everyone.

$10 - Will allow us to purchase a pyrex pie plate so that we can bake a delicious pie to serve by the slice!

$25 - Will buy us an apple peeler/corer/slicer and save us countless hours of labor!

$50 - Will equip our shop with pie slicers and servers.

$100 - Will buy us a speed rack (used).  That's right, we're not above using second-hand equipment.  It's better for the environment, people.  Plus, Lenore keeps quoting Andrew Carnegie: "Control costs and profits will take care of themselves."  (This assumes we can keep from eating our pies before we get a chance to sell them!)

$200 - Will pay for one week's rent in our commercial kitchen space.

$400 - Will cover our incorporation costs.  Three Babes Bakeshop, Inc.  Say it with me, friends.

$500 - will allow us to purchase this awesome 70's Apache Pop-Top Trailer - Pie in an adorable jar for everyone!

$1000 will pay for a month's rent in our commercial space.

$1500 - Will cover all of the durable equipment we'll need, not to mention get you a pie with your name on it on our menu.  You can help us develop a recipe that reflects your personality, features ingredients you love, or even conjures up long-forgotten memories from your childhood.  The sky is the limit!

Every donation will be met with a sweet sweet reward - see the bar on the right for more information.  We also hope that all of you can join us at our Kickstarter Kickoff Party on April 23rd.  Check our Facebook page for deets.

So basically, that's the scoop.  Keep checking for details on our upcoming launch and hilarious tales of our misadventures in baking entrepreneurship.  

Love, peace signs and fruit desserts,

The Babes


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    A gift certificate for a free slice of pie at our shop, plus your name on our website.

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    A gift certificate for two pies in a jar, plus entry into a drawing to win a pie making class for you and a friend.

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    Gift certificate for a whole pie.

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    A sweet sweet tote-bag with two pies in a jar inside.

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    A cool hoodie with our logo on it, plus four pies in a jar.

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    A giant basket of baked goods delivered to your doorstep. (SF Bay Area, Boston & NYC only)

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    A gift certificate for one of our pies plus a private pie-making class for you and 4 of your closest friends.

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    We will cater dinner for up to 10 people in your home with a soup course, a savory pie with a salad, and a pie for dessert, with local beers to match!

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    A pie bonanza! We'll bake pie to serve as dessert for your wedding or private party. Serves up to 100 people and includes any pie you can dream up.

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    We will name a pie after you (or a person of your choice). Trying to impress a lady? Name a pie after her! Trust the babes - we know what ladies like. You can help us develop a recipe that reflects your personality, features ingredients you love, or even conjures up long-forgotten memories from your childhood. The sky is the limit! Plus, get a free one-year membership to our pie subscription service - a pie every month!

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