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Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.
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Clandestine -- Current Status Update

Posted by Thousand Pounds Action Company (Creator)

Hey everyone,

We extremely apologize for how long this whole process has taken. We thought we were going to have the news that we wanted to deliver to you all a few weeks ago but that didn't turn out to be the case - That's the only reason we held off with any specific announcements. We should've said something but we didn't want the only updates we keep posting to be along the lines of "Hey we're still busting butt on the project, just give us a little bit more time!" I'm sure you're tired of hearing that because WE'RE TIRED OF HEARING THAT -_- It's our dream project. Our baby. And it's very frustrating to us that we haven't yet been able to continue on with the story that we set out to tell (the remaining 10 episodes to season one).

Anime Expo® is right around the corner and we plan on giving a sneak peek of the first episode of Clandestine to our panels attendees. We don't know the exact date and time of our panel because that information hasn't been released to anyone just yet, but we're excited to hear peoples reactions and get their feedback. We'll announce more information regarding the panel as soon as we get word. Should be very soon because we're only 3 weeks away!

Over the next course of the upcoming weeks, we'll be releasing small clips and content from the series to you all. With the first of that being the soundtrack composed by the extremely talented Andrew Prahlow ( ), to the Clandestine Eagles Prey Prologue. We've received many requests about the music so we finally wanted to make that available to you all. We're also hoping to have the song available for download on iTunes in the next couple of weeks. With free downloads available to our Kickstarter backers. We'll announce to you all as soon as that's up and live.

In terms of Clandestine, here's where we're at -- We have a very big and exciting pitch coming up within the next couple of weeks. At the latest, early to mid July. We're still waiting on the studio to give us the exact meeting date/time. We feel very confident walking in that Clandestine is a great fit for this particular distribution network and we're inclined to think you all would agree. The next steps with Clandestine are all dependent as to how this meeting goes.

Now on another hand, we don't want you to think that all of these meetings we've been taking over the past year and couple months have been for nothing. That is 100% not the case. We've been to many studios who now know who we are and what we can bring to the table. Relationships have been made and that's one of the best steps towards creating opportunity. All of these companies really liked the work that we did on Clandestine but the only issue is that they're fearful of taking risks on new IP's (Intellectual Properties). The future is heavily heading towards online distribution. With companies out there like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu -- many other companies are seeing this and are planning to launch similar platforms of their own (these have been the companies that we've been pitching to). The problem is that they are nervous about launching new IP's like Clandestine right out of the gate, and have told us they'd rather have already known franchise names to adapt which already have large built in followings (ie. Popular Comicbooks, Anime, Videogames, Novels). Then after these companies get their platforms up and running and have a large active user base, will they start to green light more original IP's.

Because of this (very frustrating) information, we started to look towards different video game and anime titles that 1.) We know we could do justice 2.) Who's licenses weren't already acquired by other people. And as of VERY recently, we've received great news that one of the companies that we've reached out to in terms of seeing if they'd be interested in us adapting one of their particular titles, has said yes We can't announce what that title is just yet of course but the second we're able to, you all will be the first to know. Of course, this is just 1 step of plan B. We'd still need to secure studio backing. But again, walking in with an established IP with the IP's creators in full support of us, gives us a better hand to play.

It does suck that we still have to prove our worth to Hollywood. We know that we have something to offer and we know you all feel the same (other wise you wouldn't have had our backs) but unfortunately this is the nature of the beast that is this industry :\ That said, again, your donations haven't gone towards nothing. They have helped us create 2 cool episodes that have impressed studios enough for them to want to work with us, but only on what they feel is the "right" project. In terms of getting it green lit, we've already cleared many hurdles with Clandestine. Unfortunately we may still have a few more to clear though (pending this upcoming pitch doesn't go our way). And the way that we MAY have to go about clearing it, is by adapting another already established IP (ala Mortal Kombat Legacy, Street Fighter Assassin's Fist) to give the studio faith that we can do our own original IP (Clandestine) immediately afterwards. Yes, that's a simi annoying and roundabout way of doing things, but if we could give you the phone numbers to these execs and have you call them and yell at them to let us make Clandestine... We would :)

The reason we've held off from showing much of anything Clandestine is because we wanted to guarantee you all a full season. Because what's the point of seeing two episodes to a series you helped kickstart if you can't even finish the rest of the story? But we've heard the disappointment and want to do our best to put a stop to it. So (pending our upcoming pitch doesn't go well) we're planning to just release the episodes to you all on youtube and proceed with sending out all of the rewards. But if we go down this road, we can't promise you all that you'd see the remaining episodes that we have planned. Yes that part sucks but we don't want to ruin our name by not delivering on what we've promised you all (rewards and the first two episodes).

All of this will happen in the next couple of months. We're hoping to have firmer details later next week regarding the appx. dates of all of this, along with more content drops for you all! There are also plans for an official premier party in late Aug. We're still working out all of those details as well though.

Now a quick recap of our plans:

a.) Our upcoming pitch goes in the direction that we want and Clandestine is green lit for it's full season. We release rewards to all of our backers and we proceed with making the awesome series that you all helped in bringing to light With this route, there's a chance the studio may want to reboot Clandestine from the ground up with even more money behind it (and have more creative control over the series). Meaning the first two episodes could go out to you all as conceptual, while we work on the complete season.

b.) We work with a studio to professionally adapt an already existing video game or anime IP with the hopes of impressing said studio enough to warrant us making the full season of Clandestine afterwards. We also release rewards.

c.) We release the first two episodes online. We release rewards. We'll continue to try and pitch Clandestine to studios but we'll also be taking other ideas to them as well.

We can't thank you all enough for hanging with us. We'll have Clandestine to you all sometime this summer, in one way or another. Keep checking back for more info and content. We'll be rolling out weekly posts from now on (at the very least). For now, please enjoy a few tracks from the Clandestine Prologues OST!

One Less Soul - Clandestine Prologues OST:

Baruti - Clandestine Prologues OST:

Clandestine Team

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    1. Jalister on

      It has been a painfully long wait, but I'm glad to see you are still on this. I don't really mind the wait too much, it's the worrying that this project won't be completed that is tough. I'll hold my faith a little longer. If it does end up that you release the first two videos on Youtube, hopefully the opportunity will still arise that will allow you to continue the series.

    2. Christopher Dudgeon on

      Hay guys, great to hear your not all in a coma.

      I'm really looking forward to seeing Clandestine but as I've said in past comments if you need to take your time to make the best possible show then take all the time in the world.

      We backers know your work and if you need the time to make it even beter then we're all behind you!

    3. Thousand Pounds Action Company Creator on

      Amy is doing well and back on the action scene! :)

    4. Downward Viral on

      I heard Amy hurt herself on The Winter Soldier a while back but couldn't find any details on what happened. Do you guys know how she got hurt (what scene? she did some amazing stuff in that film as I understand it)? Is she doing better now? Cheers.