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Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.
982 backers pledged $95,685 to help bring this project to life.

Hang With Us!

Posted by Thousand Pounds Action Company (Creator)

Hey All,

We wanted to throw everyone out there a quick update for Clandestine since you've been waiting ever so patiently for us and this project (thank you, again – we can't say it enough.)

First and foremost, good release news: we are going to be releasing the trailer and opening up the channels for more fan questions in two to three weeks! Our composer is finishing up a few songs on our original soundtrack that you all will get to hear within the trailer very soon! (We are over the moon excited about what he has done btw). The trailer too will hopefully answer a lot of questions I know everyone has been pressed to get answered and give folks a full look at the world and lore we created with everyone's kickstarter support.

Now... As for as distribution – It's been a long dragged out process that we've been under since even before preliminary shooting for Clandestine began and unfortunately – It's going to take even more time. We say this not without great feedback and great opportunities coming to the table but we have made the decision not to move on ANY deal unless it's really right for Clandestine, no matter how painful that is to us, who want nothing more to have this project done and ready for everyone to see.

To our fans and to those who have supported us – We personally want to let you know that you are in this with us, on the ground floor, taking the journey to bring this project/this full story to life. There are still many hurdles ahead and the fact is the path we are on does not end around the next corner, but we do know, we are a lot closer than where we started. This project will find a home, rewards will be claimed, and Clandestine will finally become a proud piece of action fantasy geekdom for everyone to enjoy. Hang on with us guys – it's a lot to ask, but so far – with everyone's faith and support, we've already come this far...

Thank you.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Ibrahim on

      Can you elaborate on "we have made the decision not to move on ANY deal unless it's really right for Clandestine"?

    2. Missing avatar

      Giahn Carlson on

      I'm still very excited and anxiously awaiting the finished product. I know it's going to be worth the wait.

    3. Jalister on

      I thought that a while ago you had a deal with Machinima. Did that fall through? Or maybe I'm thinking about Nuka Break.

      I can't say that I'm waiting patiently, but I don't have much choice. The only thing that keeps me going is that I truly believe Clandestine will be awesome.

    4. Mir A. Ahsan on

      No worries guys, keep it up. Good things come to those who wait. Don't mind the naysayers.

    5. unagi_don on

      How vague.

      Believe me, guys. If I could take back the money I donated to this project, I would. But you, unfortunately, have my money already, so I have no choice but to wait for the day this project is released.

      My only hope is that it will happen before the sun explodes.