Clandestine: Follow The Path

by Thousand Pounds Action Company

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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Roberts on

      I can chill if it means you get to make more episodes.

    2. Joe Whistler on

      I love this and you guys! Take your time to find the right distributor!

    3. Seizui on

      Well, it's good to finally hear from you guys. I had been a tad miffed that a good number of the big backers haven't heard anything from you guys. However, I did trust, at the same time, that you guys have been working hard. Besides, realistically, you guys have a reputation (and it wouldn't do you any good to damage it, you guys are too awesome to do that). So... it's good to hear from you guys again.

    4. jagler04 on

      It's good to hear from you. Wish you could release the episodes or something, but it is understandable that you can't. Good luck finding the right home for your project, and I hope to see the episodes soon!

    5. Missing avatar

      cursedseishi on

      Bah, who cares about little delay, am I right? It took a bit longer for the Naruto 2-parter to finish up but the wait was definitely worth it!

      So take your time finding a kickass distributor who isn't about to lock some hands behind your backs, synch up those sounds, cut those edits, and well... whatever other video editing terms out there are, because I for one don't mind waiting!

    6. Missing avatar

      Steven Shulley on

      Thank you for the update. Just a glimpse of Amy in action makes me happy!

    7. Jalister on

      4 seconds! Just 4 very brief, very tiny, very awesome seconds. My anxiousness to see Clandestine has returned in full force. Ack! Why did I watch?

      Do what you have to do though. I would wait to get the best of Thousand Pounds. I'd be very happy with a Wolf concept video to tide me over, if that's what happens.

    8. Brandon Vladimir Hernandez on

      I'm glad to get that 4 seconds, but I feel like listening to you two talk about your project is the most entertaining part of the video. I think more 3 or 4 minute videos of you two being you is awesome. You two are a lot like my friends and I, so I have faith that you will do your best and get a distributor for the show. I put money into a brilliant idea and I don't mind waiting for that.

    9. Bryan Foreman on

      Would LOVE to see wolf conceptual trailer. But, perfection needs time. I hope you guys find a distributor. ^-^

    10. silentslade on

      Would love to see more frequent updates from you guys, so we know you're still alive and working, even if things are at a stuck point. Keeping your fans engaged can only help you in the end.

    11. Sean Wright on

      Lol, haven't been on in a while (plus I've been out of town and missed the video chats!). I saw this a while back, and was glad you guys are still alive and going strong.

      Also just checked out the Attack on Titan video you guys put together and still expecting great things from Clandestine when it gets out!