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Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.
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Clandestine Plans

Posted by Thousand Pounds Action Company (Creator)

Hello all !
Time for a substantial update to end the year while laying out our many plans for 2015.

First, some good news we would like to discuss with everyone. The First episode of "Clandestine: The sacrifice for peace" will premiere in December.

A quick thank you to all of our backers from kickstarter that watched the first episode and gave their feedback. We were really excited to hear that you guys liked it! It made us feel a little validated for all the hard work we put into the piece. We are working very hard to clear things to release the first episode publicly, again, in December. I know, this means more waiting....but we want be clear on a few things to help you all understand our process...

People keep asking us "why has it taken so long to release the project publicly?"

Here is the truth. Very early on in the process of Clandestine we partnered with a very prestigious advertising agency who agreed to help us with turning Clandestine into a real series. Using the funds everyone helped gather from Kickstarter -- we made the first two episodes -- they have been done, in the can, and are ready for viewing.

The advertising agency helped us secure several meetings with various studios in hopes of booking a deal and turning this into an actual series. The meetings went great -- and the reaction to Clandestine was usually nothing but positive, the only problem was -- this route we chose takes time....A looooong time.

We were a little naive about that aspect. Shows being pitched that usually make it to television within their first or second year range from little to none. IF successful, it's usually a five year process and that doesn't come without changes in the creative team/ producing team/ cast and so on. All this combined with the fact that we didn't want to just SELL the project ( We want to make it ourselves) we had to turn down some of the few offers that we did receive.

We have found all of this out the hard way -- and feel horrible for dragging everyone through this process that should have only been seen by Chris and I ( You guys deserve to get great content without any excuses.) We also never wanted to ruin any chances for a deal created by the advertising agency by doing things like releasing publicly or going forward on certain deals without approval. On more than one occasion we have found ourselves stuck in between a rock and a hard place but all in all we have moved forward and are proud of the progress we have made.

This being said -- we want to release publicly and we will. And once you guys watch the episode - you need to let your friends and friends of friends know about it. If you like it then you need to let people know it's a show you want because at this point, to bring the whole series to life sooner than later depends on you guys alone. We will still pitch, fight, scratch, and work hard for a deal in the background but we are in year 2 of a 5 to possibly 10 year process. Saying that number is scary but after experiencing the processes of this business, it's a reality we may need to face. I personality will never give up on Clandestine, no matter how long it takes.

After the release of the first two episodes, Chris and I will go our separate ways for a bit, for he got booked on an new project as an action director (Yay) and I am reviving a project I did in my past that needs some new attention. There are also talks of taking a popular video game franchise and doing our first full blown series adaptation. A deal set in place to prove ourselves as film makers and to eventually be trusted enough to handle Clandestine the way it should be handled, but all of this is still early in the process so we don't want to say too much yet.

Once everything is cleared for public release, we will begin to do a rollout plan for kickstarter rewards and such. Everything is moving forward, and we appreciate everyone being there for each step of the way (even if you didn't know the journey was gonna be as long as it was...)

As soon as we know the exact dates of release for the first episode of Clandestine -- we will release that info here and on our facebook page. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and good luck with all the holiday shopping!

- Haile Lee and the Clandestine team

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    1. Jalister on

      This has been one of the longest delayed projects I backed, but I'm glad to see you are sticking with it and haven't just walked away. I enjoyed the first episode, even though there is one character I wish could have continued on. I'm eager to receive the rewards.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ahmad Ibrahim on

      Stoked but why weren't we informed about the extent of time the approach taken much earlier? You had hinted to it, but there were extremely long periods of time between updates.