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Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.
Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.
982 backers pledged $95,685 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Ahmed Sharif on

      Most recent update in December 2017, after the lengthy apology, you say:

      "2018 you all will hear a lot more from us. We promise to be more communicative now that we have a solid plan of action that took us a few years to sort out. "

      Its been months since (end of march 2018), and still nothing. No new updates.

      You cannot stay silent for years, apologize, make promises, expect people to accept your apology, keep staying silent, and break your promise.

      It feels like your stringing along and lying to everyone who supported and shared your vision. I honestly feel duped for ever caring about your work. We don't even know how the funds you gained from us was spent. None of the backer rewards have been fulfilled. As far as I can tell, you've taken the money and run.

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      Danny S on

      You guys suck.

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      CagDad on

      Did episode 2 ever come out? I remember they gave out the was...okay...but I don't think I've seen the second. I feel terrible to those who gave up way more than I did (only pledged $5). This whole things is pretty messed up.

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      Brett on


    5. Missing avatar

      LaWanda Butler on

      It would be nice if we got some kind of update on how things were going. For those who haven't seen the post on Facebook here is the link: You will want to read the one posted on November 30,2014 it will give you some answers. But a little word would be nice.

      I think when they asked for money to fund the project they should have just asked for the whole amount needed to do the first season studio's don't like to sink money into things they don't know, but if maybe you spend the money and all they have to do is play it they just might take a chance. Anyway I hope this helps any backers get some answers.

    6. Ahmed Sharif on

      Thanks Joe, I'll be doing the same on my side. It's really shady and unfair what Thousand Pounds, now known as EpicRival, have done. If possible, the only real way to get a response from either kickstarter or TP, is to have as many backers as possible file a report to KS and send an email to Epic Rival.

      If I get any updates from either I'll post them here.

    7. Joe D. Espinosa on

      With a google search of Thousand Pounds Action Company:
      The Writers and Directors behind Thousand Pounds Action Company have come together as a development and production unit to create high-concept story with actionable deliverables.

      Epic Rival’s purpose is to bring engaging storytelling and a unique eye to the fantasy/action genre. Our name stands as a challenge to all of the dichotomies we’ve seen in modern media. Flash versus Substance. Originality versus Marketability. We are here to stand as a rival to mediocrity, to use our creative story-telling and adrenaline pumping action to show people worlds and stories they’ve never imagined.

      Christopher C. Cowan

      Haile Lee

      Lex Randleman

      I sent them an email asking them what about us, your backers.

    8. Blake Anthony (BlakeyCakes by B.Anthony) on

      Wow. This is disappointing to hear they have ceased communicating with you all. I was just going through old projects I backed and remember this one and thinking what happened to it?

    9. Jason Rosado on

      Kickstarter Basics: Reporting a project

      How can I report something to Kickstarter?

      Every project page has a "Report this project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of it. You can use this option to notify us about a violation of Our Rules, Community Guidelines, or Terms of Use (there's also some information about our Copyright & Trademark policies).

      If you receive any messages that appear to be spam our outside of our guidelines, please mark them as spam to flag them for our team. Creators can also mark comments as spam.

      While we're not able to respond to each individual report, we do have a dedicated team that investigates every report that we receive. We appreciate you bringing anything out of the ordinary to our attention!

    10. Jason Rosado on

      Taken from the Terms and Agreements of kickstarter for projects that launched before October 19, 2014...

      "Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill."…

      To my knowledge to date, Thousand Pounds has yet to fulfill rewards or refund any of the backers for this project. Which means they've pretty much broken the terms of use of kickstarter...

    11. Jason Rosado on

      What's the word on this?

    12. Ahmed Sharif on

      Is there somewhere where we can file a complaint? Perhaps towards Kickstarter themselves to make them aware of those who scam backers?

    13. Ahmed Sharif on

      Absolutely disgusting what they've done to the very people who supported them from the beginning.

    14. Lukas Vitroler on

      Just take it as a loss, its kickstarter - its our decision if we give strangers our money

    15. AbsurdNerd

      Any other backers out there who want their money back? It's been almost 4 years I'm sure legally we must have some rights especially if enough of us complain.

    16. AbsurdNerd

      So comments since last September and no communication either. This was the first project I backed on KickStarter because I believed in you guys and wanted to help make your dreams a reality. Now I'm disappointed and annoyed. I really hope we get more communication soon as this really is beyond a joke even with the set backs you have had to face.

    17. Missing avatar

      LaWanda Butler on

      I have a few questions:
      1. When are the backers getting there perk?
      2. Do you have to go through Ayzenberg before you can hand out the perks?
      3. Do you still own the rights to Clandestine?
      4. How long of a contract did you sign with Ayzenberg?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      I have to say I am pretty disappointed in the responsiveness and complete lack of delivery of campaign perks. The fact that I now look back at this and see that I responded to their survey, and the estimated delivery dates were in September of 2012 and here we are in July of 2015 with no word from the company on even the possibility of delivery is very disheartening.

      I had such high hopes, but so far it has been extremely disappointing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian Lowry on

      @Kyle They have given up on us Kickstarter backers. Look at the comments. My $250 is lost forever. On Kickstarter it's not as easy to see the snakeskin salesmen selling magical oils.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kyle Tripp on

      So about those backing rewards? It's a good ways into 2015 with no word on them. A confirmation on whether they are even happening or not would be appreciated by the backers I'm sure.

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Lowry on

      Some Kickstarters succeed. Some fail. I will write this up as "$250 lost". Thanks "Thousand Pounds". Glad you put those names out who are part of this so I know in the future who I am working with. Talent included. The backers remember.

    22. Tome Vang on

      Replied to the Clandestine guys about a message back in December 2014 about the clan and credits for episode one. Really disappointed to be left out in the credits/clan for episode one. Sent a follow up message and nothing. Great job on forgetting your backers.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jon "Sarara" P on

      Jon Pruitt: Eagle Clan

    24. Missing avatar

      Roy Sujanto on

      Hi Thousand Pounds crew, thanks for ur update n not forgetting ur backers. Hope everything is d way u guys purely want it to be creatively, take ur time if u need to, we'll always support u guys. Name: Roy Sujanto, Eagle clan.

    25. Missing avatar

      Darren Samuels on

      Don't know if this is where we should put this, but my name's Darren Samuels, and I want to be part of the Wolf Clan. :D

    26. Jean Rausis on

      I did not get season 1 ???

    27. Jonas Schiött

      Going by estimated delivery dates, this is the oldest non-delivered kickstarter that I have backed. But I'm still hopeful...

    28. Missing avatar

      Kyle Tripp on

      When can we be expecting the backing rewards now that the first episode has been released to us?

    29. Andrew on

      Hey guys - I recall filling out a form with a shipping address for rewards, but I have since moved. How can I update?

    30. Rich Wiatrowski @weaponlordzero on

      Now that Street Fighter is finished, are we coming along?

    31. Seizui on

      Hrrrm, this has been very inactive.

    32. Missing avatar

      OverlordKane on

      Hey Clandestine crew. I don't remember if we had to put in an address in our funding for you. If so, I have moved from since funding this project. I am curious to know if I can update my shipping address, and if we didn't actually put in a shipping address, when will you ask for one?

    33. LandStalker on

      Any updates on rewards?

    34. Missing avatar

      LaWanda Butler on

      Hey incase anyone is still coming here to this page I saw this update on facebook.:…

    35. Kristian on

      Hey guys, no updates for backers? too bad :(

    36. The Last Boss on

      Hmm... I get that y'all are possibly busy with production, but it seems it would be beneficial to provide updates and do some advertising to make this successful. People (even the ones that funded) are going to lose interest or just completely forget over time. Just saying.

    37. Gabriel Meunier on

      More updates here...

    38. Missing avatar

      Jonas Gilligan Gilmore on

      Hey guys! Haven't heard anything from you for awhile. I just wanted to check up and see how everything was going.
      Also, do you have a new estimated time of arrival for our Reward Packages. With the last Update from Nov. 19 you said you were 8 days away from shooting, and I know the original time of arrival was in September, but I know that doing the Filming and the Editing and all that Jazz take alot of time.
      I'm Super excited to see the finished product of this series and I'm praying that some Movie or Video Game company will see it and be like "Hey these guys are Super Awesome, maybe we should hire them to make a Real Street Fighter or Dragon Ball (Z) or Other movie." :D

    39. CYNELSA EB on

      Have the packages gone out yet? Anyone? I remember filling out my address after receiving an emailed update, but I haven't heard or received anything since then. Just checking...

    40. Gabriel Meunier on

      Only 5 days left to September guys :P

      Any update soon?

    41. benny on

      any updates on this project? I'm wondering, do we have to put our address somewhere? or we just sit nicely n wait for the package to come? lol

    42. Jason Rosado on

      Any update on when the skype/gaming sessions are going to happen?

    43. LandStalker on

      waaayyyy better than what I can do lol. Ive tried doing stuff like that before. I twisted my ankle really bad and that was it for me

    44. Seizui on

      This is a bit (read: WAAAAAY) late for me to show on my end, but.... This is what they will be working with:…

      Not quite the greatest, but... Hahahaha.

    45. Gabriel Meunier on

      Can we expect an update soon?
      September is here :D

    46. Alecsi Guieb on

      hey guys, any update yet? when will the other clan teasers be shown?

    47. Jalister on

      I just watched the Lion teaser again, and I think those 5 minutes alone were worth my pledge. I still want it all though.

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