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Clandestine is an original martial arts action web series created by Thousand Pounds Action Co.


You all have gone above and beyond what we hoped, increasing your original pledge amounts, spreading the word on various sites, and so much more. We are all humbled at your generosity and support. We can't wait to make this webseries happen, and we look forward to working with a number of YOU on some of the episodes! We have the greatest fans in the world, and we will make sure you get every penny's worth of your contribution! 

This is just the beginning.  The best is yet to come.


Thousand Pounds


We’ve described how each clan in Clandestine wields unique abilities, both mental and physical. How these abilities factor into battles will be one of the most exciting aspects of combat and fight action scenes in the series.

We’re giving you a sneak peek! Our first teaser video showcases Eagle clan powers, pitting Baruti (Brendon Huor) against an army of elite assassins.

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If someone else made a martial arts film like Clandestine, we wouldn’t have to. We just don’t see it. We know plenty of you want it.

How do we know?

We’ve been doing it as short films that have drawn to our corner a rabid community of martial arts fans, anime and manga fans, even fighting game fans. We’re the guys behind Thousand Pounds Action Company, creators of more than 20 martial arts shorts including “Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight I and II” and “Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within.” Our films have collectively drawn more than 15 million views.

And so we ask…

When was the last time you saw a martial arts film that left you panting? We’re talking about gritty, blood and sweat, bone crunching epics where you feel the pain, wince at every blow, root for characters in every fight. We’re talking about fight films where the storyline does as much as the action in keeping you on the edge of your seat.

With your help, we’ll deliver the next one. We’ll make filmmaking history. We’ll bring back the martial arts epic with Clandestine.

The story in Clandestine is big and supernatural but personal in its telling.  That is what’s going to make it powerful.  Even more so since the main character, our heroine Adelene, only discovers who she is as the series begins.  Completely unbeknownst to her is her role as the matriarch of one of five ancient clans with unworldly powers fighting for control of the physical world. 

You the viewer go on this journey with her from an innocent girl to a powerful warrior, and the possible savior of mankind, from the point of discovery.

The setting is modern day.  It begins as four leaders of the feuding clans who hold power over the world convene at a secret meeting.  There, they’re ambushed and killed.  The outcome leads to chaos, with rampant suspicions running between and even within the clans.

Enter Adelene, a street smart young woman who has come to live life relying only on herself.  She begins to have visions of a life she knows nothing about.  They worsen.  One night, the vision is of an older man.  He tells her he’s her deceased father, until recently the head of the Lion Clan.  She was given up at birth for her safety, given sanctuary from brutal reality by being kept in the dark, living in the haze of a normal day-to-day existence.  Now, he tells her, that sanctuary is no more. 

The visions now overtake Adelene.  In a completely confused state, she’s flung from this reality to the one she wasn’t meant to know.  Two mysterious clansmen break into her home and kidnap her.

Adelene awakens at the Lion Clan compound.  She’s told who she is and asked to take the mantle of clan leader.  Little does she know that the role she’s about to take on is that of a battlefield general, one who’s given rank only as the enemy is advancing. 

What follows is her discovery of the real powers of the world, including her family’s role in an ancient struggle.  Her family and the Lion Clan have used their spirit abilities and energy to wield power.  Their counterparts have strengths of their own. 

There is the Eagle Clan, who use mind and manipulation.  Among them a principal player named Baruti bonds with Adelene, forming an alliance with the Lion Clan against his family’s wishes. 

There is the Wolf Clan, who rely on their unity and instinctual defense ability. 

The Bear Clan are purely physical, powerful in their ability to take massive damage while also healing quickly. 

There is a fifth clan, dangerous but mysterious, hidden from Adelene, waiting for their chance to strike. 

Our goal is to open the doors to the world of Clandestine with two highly polished pilot episodes.  The episodes will introduce Adelene and follow her through a rapid discovery of herself and her abilities.  That includes many a battle.  They’ll also introduce the clans, setting up conflicts and alliances that will shape the fight for power as they each cope with the loss of their leader. 

Even with the story’s supernatural premise, the combat is going to be realistic.  That’s key for us.  While we love even the most fantastic takes on martial arts, as fans we’ve found it’s the gritty, visceral fights where blood flies and bones break that get us pumping. 

Which takes us to who we are, and why we think we can make Clandestine epic.

"A force of four ounces can move a thousand pounds"

The T'ai chi ch'uan proverb that inspired Thousand Pounds Action Company comes from Eastern martial arts.  For us, the four ounces represents our imagination and determination. The thousand pounds are our ongoing achievements and successes.

Clandestine is going to be expertly choreographed, much like our other works.  You can see what we mean in a couple of our most recent shorts. 

Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight I & II
Naruto Shippuden: Dreamers Fight I & II
Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within
Street Fighter X Tekken: The Devil Within

We’re not just martial arts filmmakers but also martial artists in training.  Clandestine co-director Chris Cowan and writer and co-director Haile Lee are both trained in Shotokan, studying under six time U.S. National Champion Taichiro Kaijima.

As makers of fight films, our pedigree is creating taut action scenes and thrilling scenarios, whether it’s a one minute fight reel or a ten minute mini-epic.  Of course with your help, Clandestine will be our biggest, boldest piece.

As for principal talent, there’s not going to be any fight training necessary.  Choreography? Yes.  Fight training?  Not really necessary…


ADELENE is Amy Johnston

Amy Johnston was raised in the wild west of Wyoming, the daughter of five-time world champion kick boxer David Johnston.  It’s no wonder that Amy took to the mat at such an early age.  At thirteen, Amy starred in Karate Kids Workout with Emmy Award winning director Lee Stanley.  It was only the beginning of Amy’s lifelong campaign to empower and inspire other young women through her martial arts training and performance.  Now living in Los Angeles, Amy’s abundance of talent has flowed over into acting and stunt performance, where she already has several professional appearances under her belt. 


BARUTI is Brendon Huor

As a martial arts student in the Midwest, Brendon Huor grew up as a prodigy traveling the tournament circuits of America.  After earning accomplishments and accolades in Tae Kwan Do and Karate, Brendon was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to study Wushu from a renowned master in China.  That was all before the age of sixteen.  In the present day, this “golden child” of the Thousand Pounds team uses his expertise in martial arts to both create and perform stunts and choreography as only a young master can.  That mastery, along with a true passion for the cinema arts, manga and mind-blowing fight choreography, makes Brendon a perfect fit with the vision of Thousand Pounds style action and storytelling.

So why are we doing this as a web series, and why as a fan-funded film on Kickstarter?

That’s an easy one.  In a short matter of time, this has become the way for indie filmmakers to develop their vision.  That is, to develop it in a way that’s unfettered by anyone other than you, the fans.  And as we’ve described, we have a grand vision.

Would Hollywood or TV grasp this?  Maybe, but they’d test it, and they’d probably twist it a hundred ways to make sure parents and girlfriends can watch it while eating popcorn.  Of course we want them watching.  And sure, they can make themselves a big ol’ tub of popcorn.  They might have trouble eating with their mouth constantly agape, or while grimacing, or while screaming things like, “No she DID NOT just do that.”

We think there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of you who instantly get what Clandestine can be, and will help bring it to life.

Once you help us turn our vision for the next martial arts epic into reality, then who knows?  Hollywood may be the ones pitching in their meetings, “Let’s do it like Clandestine.”

And there’s the other reason to join our cause.  You can be among the group of Clandestine Founders who made it a reality.  We’re going to recognize each and every one of you.  Join the cause and your name will be among our Special Thanks in the limited edition print art book.  Not some list on a web site, but printed, bound and etched in history. 

Plus we're offering a pretty nifty collection of rewards for just about every level of support.  You can see some of them below.  The artwork on these rewards isn't final, but help Clandestine become reality and we guarantee you'll have some great stuff to show off... or lock away in a collector's vault.

So let’s do this!

Your money is going to help bring production value to this project and elevate it to what you’d expect in a feature film.  If you’ve seen our work, you’ve seen what we can do on an indie budget.  With our starting budget of $75,000, we know we can deliver something memorable that’s going to satisfy you, build a following with your help, and deliver what could be the next chapter in martial arts fiction designed to get your blood pumping.


Update #8: Meet Clandestine Stars and Welcome Veteran Performer Mark Musashi

Actor and Hollywood stuntman Mark Musashi joins Amy Johnston and Brendon Huor on the cast of Clandestine. We sat each of them down for a video chat.

UPDATE #7: Chris & Haile Answer Your Questions! (Part 2)

The filmmakers answer more of your burning questions.

UPDATE #6: Chris & Haile give more insight into the clans in Clandestine

It's time to reveal just what gives these clans their power and how they wield them, whether in physical battle or conflicts of the mind.

UPDATE #5: New Rewards Levels!

Exciting new rewards tiers just added.  Check them out!

UPDATE #4: Chris & Haile Answer Your Questions! (Part 1)

You have questions.  The filmmakers have answers.

UPDATE #3: BONUS VIDEO! Amy vs. Many

Thought you might like to see our lead actress in action!

UPDATE #2: The Clans of “Clandestine”

It's time to meet the Clans of "Clandestine."

UPDATE #1: Clandestine Genesis - Anime Expo 2012

We wanted to share some of the excitement we felt when we announced "Clandestine" at Anime Expo.


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