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This family-friendly feature film tells the true story of the adventures surrounding the writing of the song, "The Love of God".

Our Mission

"Redeeming the Arts for the glory of God"

We want to tell a story that addresses issues that children face today while combining it with a story from church history.  The Love of God is a beautiful hymn of the faith with an amazing story spanning from the first crusades all the way to WWI, it also deals with the very core of Christianity that many children miss: adoration and love for God.

At the Thorn Crown Project our mission is to inspire, educate, and disciple believers and to encourage them to confront the culture by incorporating God’s Truth into presentations designed to challenge and correct the evil of our day.

Our Message

Indescribable, filled with adventure and humor, shows a young boy facing what every child raised in a Christian family goes through – does he know and love God for himself?  Is this just his parents’ faith or is God real to him also?  How can he learn to love God?  In the end, we hope that children will be able to connect with the characters and ask themselves the same question:  how can they love God?

Donation Matching

We have been blessed with supporters who are willing to match whatever donations we raise through Kickstarter.  This not only multiplies your gift, it also allows us to offer you a larger prize for each category.  If you have any questions as to how this works, leave us a comment on Kickstarter or email us through the contact page on our website.


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