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A limited run paperback collection of novellas, a short play, and complete lyrics by Thomas Nöla.


For the majority of the past decade, I've been compiling little stories. I suppose they would be called "novellas". I've made three of them into full-length movies ("The Doctor," "To The Wolves..." and my forthcoming "Blood Jungle," which I wrote under the title "Eviva il Coltello!")

Others not adapted to the silver screen are a little escape story involving a trio of strangers who avoid a fate on the gallows ("The Submarine Diaries"), and a little vaudeville number in play form ("Sugar & Dandy"). A collection of about five years worth of lyrics will also be included for you possible perusal.

Illiterate? Well, there will be illustrations!

In all, "Various Tails" will include:

  • "The Doctor"
  • "To The Wolves..."
  • "Eviva il Coltello!"
  • "The Submarine Diaries"
  • "Sugar & Dandy"
  • "Words for Musics"

And it'll be about 250 pages long. 

If you'd like to help this see the light of day, well, I'd be much obliged. On a sort of tit-for-tat level, you'd even get some things in return (see to the right). Perhaps we can have a little bit of fun.

With a handshake,

Thomas Nöla


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