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A dynamic ecology strategy game—eat, mate, stay alive, and reproduce. Click the button:
A dynamic ecology strategy game—eat, mate, stay alive, and reproduce. Click the button:
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February 19th Deadline!

Posted by Thomas J. Elpel (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

Tom here with Wildlife Web, writing from the road.

Winter came late, but fierce in Montana, with heavy snow and -20ºF (-29ºC) temperatures. My friends and I were glad to pack up and drive 1,100 miles (1,800 km) south to teach at a primitive skills camp in Arizona. I enjoyed playing botany card games with students and teaching plant identification. 

I also had the delightful opportunity to play Wildlife Web with a few kids in camp one morning. I admittedly felt a bit uncertain about it, since we have primarily tested the game with older kids, and we officially recommend the game for "Ages 9 to 99." 

This time there were two girls, ages 8 and 10, plus a 7-year-old boy. The 10-year-old totally understood the game, and the 8-year-old simply handed any text-rich cards to me to read aloud, and otherwise played the game just fine. The 7-year-old teamed up with his mother, and that also worked well.

What surprised me was that the kids insisted on continuing the game... even after we had a winner!

In the rule book we suggest playing until one person raises three offspring to maturity, which lasted about ninety minutes this time. Then we kept playing for an additional hour until two players raised five offspring to maturity and we shortly thereafter used up all the offspring cards... at which point I declared the game over. 

The kids had great fun playing Wildlife Web, as did I. And it was thrilling to see how well they played Wildlife Web even though they were at or below the lower recommended age limit for the game!

As I post this update, we are very near the campaign deadline to jump onboard to order a copy of Wildlife Web for yourself and to get a 40%, 50%, or 60% wholesale discount on a bundle of games to gift to friends, family, and educators. 

Frankly, I've been blown away by how many people have chosen to order multiple games upfront, and everyone else who initially ordered a single game, yet later returned to increase their pledge to order multiple games:

February 19th is the last day to take advantage of these great deals while giving an added boost to the campaign to help take Wildlife Web from vision to reality.

We really could not have made Wildlife Web happen without the great enthusiasm and cheerleading from all of you who jumped onboard and pledged support and helped to spread the word on social media. Thank you once... thank you twice... thank you a million times for being part of the team and making it happen!

Be sure to remind your friends that this is the last opportunity to jump onboard with Wildlife Web before the final deadline!

We'll talk soon, and thanks for being part of the team!

My best,


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