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Many children in Haiti have never had their picture taken much less held a print. This project aims to give them a photo to hold onto.

Thanks for checking out this project! Here's a little bit about what I'm doing and the idea behind the project itself.

About The Trip

In February I will be joining a team of twelve in Port Au Prince, Haiti. We will be working with a mission organization there to do some construction projects, ministry and to help the people of Haiti. This will be my second time visiting Haiti and I am looking forward to going again.

About The Project

The first time I was in Haiti in March of 2011, I noticed that the kids really loved having their picture taken. I'm a photographer and my camera goes with me everywhere. I was a little nervous about taking it to Haiti, but I couldn't bear to leave it behind. I'm glad I didn't, it turned out to be really fun to be able to show kids pictures and videos of themselves.

So this year when I go down I want to purchase and take with me a Polaroid PoGo instant printer and print pictures out for kids at the mission base. 

We'll have a day when over 100 kids will visit the base for a children's ministry. My hope is to give all those kids a photo of themselves. 

Where Does The Money Go?

The money will go towards the purchase of the PoGo Printer as well as the purchase of additional paper to print. Any extra we raise will go towards the team's efforts in Haiti and more pictures. The more money we raise, the more photos we'll give.

What Is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a platform for raising money for creative projects. You can choose how much money you want to give and then if the goal is met by the end date of the project you will get charged for the amount. In other words, we only get paid if we raise enough money to actually complete the project. If we don't, nobody is charged a dime. 

The other cool part about Kickstarter is it allows us to give the people who give money or "Backers" rewards for helping. You can check out the great rewards you can get if you help support the project on the right.

Some Pictures From the Last Trip


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