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Thirty Two's goal is to cre­ate the Twin Cities’ most thought-provoking and intel­lec­tu­ally engaging magazine.

Thank You!

We are honored by your support and very excited that we have reached and exceeded our goal! A huge thank you to everyone who believes in our mission and understands the importance of supporting an effort like this in its early stages.

We cannot wait to get to know our new readers and are looking forward to building a community of people who share a common passion for our region and its future.

We still have few days to go and while our Kickstarter goal is reached, every additional subscription will help make Thirty Two a more sustainable venture. We just put the finishing touches on a smashing new issue, and cannot wait to mail it out in just a few short weeks. 

Once again, thank you so very, very much! 

What is Thirty Two

Thirty Two is the Twin Cities’ new bimonthly magazine. We see a unique opportunity to add a strong voice to the Upper Midwest that will illuminate the energy, creativity and cultural renaissance of our cities; connect and share ideas between businesses, artists, intellectuals and citizens; and lend a Midwestern voice to national and international conversations.

Thirty Two launched in June and has been met with enthusiasm in both the Twin Cities and around the world. Our decision to invest in content rather than marketing has paid off: Thirty Two's first feature story gained the attention of tens of thousands of readers and numerous media outlets across the world. We couldn’t be more thrilled that one of our main ambitions for the magazine has been rewarded.

While we are a small publisher, we never aim to be intentionally obscure—we find big-picture thinking much more interesting, and besides, when a piece of writing doesn’t resonate with people from different backgrounds, it probably isn’t worth the effort.

Thirty Two shines a light on the Twin Cities and our region without being unnecessarily celebratory. We don’t bore you with the same old “best of” lists. We don’t need to do expensive market research to know that service-based writing is hitting a wall of saturation. Instead, Thirty Two simply strives to make a great magazine for our readers. We hope that you will see the difference in every new issue of Thirty Two.

The magazine aesthetically reflects the intellectual richness of our region, celebrating the beauty of paper and its ability to showcase gorgeous photography and minimalist design.


Why we are on Kickstarter? 

A new, independent magazine doesn’t have the resources for an expensive direct mailing campaign. And besides, we think that investing in great content, rather than marketing, is a much better strategy. Now that our first issue is out, we need to reach a critical mass of subscribers who believe in our mission and will help us make this a sustainable project.  

If this Kickstarter is successful, it will cover the costs of our next print run, and partially fund future issues. Your contribution will offer you a great deal: for 32 dollars, you will receive six issues of Thirty Two

Any contributions above the subscription level will allow us to continue to compensate our best writers and photographers and invest in the quality content you expect from a professional literary & current affairs magazine. The Twin Cities deserve their reputation for having a thriving art scene, but we have heard artists and others in the creative industry tell us again and again that they have a hard time selling their work or services in their own backyard. We want to do our part in changing that: good writing, illustration and photography should be compensated.

How did we get our name?

We admit—there was a time when we thought we’d call it The Walleye. But then we thought better of it: as every Minnesotan knows, thirty-two degrees is the freezing point. But at Thirty Two, we also see it as the point of thawing, where the tundra gives way to something new and where movement and life begins. Minnesota also happens to be the thirty-second state of the union. At Thirty Two, it is our feeling that the thaw is here and new things are on the way—the very things we will cover, as the Twin Cities move to claim their place in contemporary America.

A sneak peek of select rewards

A subscription of Thirty Two awaits those who pledge $32 or more. And we'll throw some postcards into the mix, created for Thirty Two from the artists behind .onethirtyfive

You can view our photographer's portfolio here.

To see Will Dinski's work, please click here

How will you get my information? 

When the project is fully funded, we will send out a survey to all backers asking for your mailing address to include in our growing subscriber database, and if applicable, we'll also ask for your picture to include in an upcoming issue.  

For international subscriptions, please add $20 for shipping and mailing. 


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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