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Where fashion and technology intersect to solve a global problem.
Where fashion and technology intersect to solve a global problem.
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Final Update Before Delivery!

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Hello again team awesome! :) 

Here's our final update via video as our next update will be coming soon to your mailboxes! Please do know that while we'd like to gaurantee a Christmas-time delivery, we have to finish a small testing round and then we will rely on our shipping partners for the time it will need to properly sort, repack and then send out to all of you. So again, if you have moved or HAVE NOT CONFIRMED your mailing address, please do so at :)

Big hugs and gratitude out to all of you - each and every one of you have made this dream a reality and we're so very happy to have you with us on this journey!

With love, 

Antonia, Miki & Radha 


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Video update and delivery coming soon!


Hey team awesome :) 

Hope that all of you are enjoying a beautiful Fall season! 

Since we've been in touch with EVERYone individually via personal email to confirm addresses, some of you have still missed those emails and have looked for updates here. Please check your email to make sure goes to your inbox and NOT your spam folder and DO confirm your mailing address if you haven't. 

Please also know that we will be sending a video update directly from Kickstarter (just like this note!), and it will most likely be the final update before you receive your THINX delivery in the next few weeks! 

And yes, you read that right - the next few weeks :)

We look forward to sending out your rewards VERY SOON and we're so incredibly grateful to have all of you on this journey with us! 

Yours in all good things, 

Antonia, Miki & Radha


P.S. Here's a snapshot from the video we made for you guys that we'll be sending out soon :) Radha's standing in front of the "u" and yes, THINX loves YOU! You guys are an incredible team, YOU helped us bring THINX into reality, and we're so grateful to have all of you right here with us. 

The final stretch!

Hey Team Awesome! Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of summer before Fall officially starts on September 22! You guys all get an A+ for patience and team spirit, and we're so grateful to all of you for joining the story and being a key part in making all of this happen!

By way of an update, the good news is that with every step we have learned so far, it ensures that our next line of production will be QUICK because of all we know now. We've been waiting to send an update because we had to ensure final sign off on the finished product, and now that we have that in place, it will be 35 days for cutting and sewing.
However, rather than set a solid date, keep in mind that while it will be 35 days for cutting and sewing, we will still need another few weeks for delivery, re-packing and shipping orders individually to all of you. The good news is that shipping will be FAST because for all of you early (and awesome!) team mates, we'll be sending yours the fastest way possible, most likely via AirMail. In all reality, and considering that this is our first shipment, this may mean that deliveries may extend late into the Fall, if not sooner. 

So please continue to hang tight and know that we are busy at work and are going as fast as we can :) We're also so very excited to share these beautiful little creations with you!
Any questions, feel free to send over to and we look forward to having a VERY SOLID DELIVERY DATE to send to you soon! During this time frame we'll also be in touch to re-confirm everyone's mailing address :)
Big love and gratitude to you all, 
Antonia + Miki & Radha

P.S. Book is out! It's been an incredible experience to hear from people its resonated with, and we were thrilled when it reached #1 on Amazon in entrepreneurship books :) Please come visit over at Do Cool Sh*t and if you have a story to share, we'd love to hear...x 
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July Update + Book Tour :)

Hi everyone! Hope all of you are having a beautiful summer :)

Been wanting to reach out a few weeks ago with an update, but we had to work out a few variables first. Now that a few things have been clarified, let's start with the most eagerly-anticipated info on when THINX will be delivered!

We're being told by our production partners that September will be the new, soonest delivery date. Basically, in order to scale the underwear in production to properly fit women from XS to XXL, the technology needs to scale accordingly. As a result, we need time to make sure the factory is creating these smart underwear in the most thoughtful way: where every woman and girl who wears these various sizes will get the support she needs, and where she needs it most.

We are almost done with this process and once we have everything cleared with the factory, we will then need need 35 days to cut and sew. The factory feels confident that will begin in August, and don't worry about changing address information if you're moving. We will be back in touch to get solid and current address info closer to the delivery date. 

In other news, we've been very busy getting things together for our upcoming September/October tour throughout the United States where we will be visiting universities for THINX and Miki's new book. Did you hear about the book yet? It's being published by Harper Collins with a forward by Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos), and is called "Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start a New Business and Live Happily Ever After."

We plan on seeing as many of you awesome folks as possible on this tour (we'll send out actual locations closer to the date!), so if you have a local university you think we should visit, or a store where you can imagine THINX being sold, let us know! We'll also be looking for people who have stories they'd like to share about cool things they've done, so if you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know to come share your story, let us know!

Looking forward to sharing more news soon, and thanks again everyone for being such pioneering rockstars on our team! What an incredible time to be a part of THINX as it grows, and never again will there be another time like this one!

With love and gratitude for all of you,

Antonia + Miki & Radha


P.S. The image below is from Crowdfundx where we won $25,000 to help support the business and our work in the developing world starting with Uganda. We're so grateful and thrilled for the help that this movement has been receiving to change the world, and it all began because of YOU! xoxo

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Latest Update :)


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