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Where fashion and technology intersect to solve a global problem.
Where fashion and technology intersect to solve a global problem.
694 backers pledged $64,811 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Hey everyone! If you have any further questions or thoughts, we'd love to hear from you and we also want to be 100% sure that you all got your orders and updates! Reach out to us via our site at, via or even give us a ring - 917.819.8171.

      Til soon, thank you everyone! Couldn't have done this without you and we're so happy to have you on the world-changing team with us! xo

    2. Missing avatar

      Meesha on

      Still no response- has anyone heard anything?

    3. Brunche on

      Same as Lisa. I haven't recieved my reward yet. I left you a message, but didn't get an answer. Could you please tell me, what is going on?

    4. Lisa Vaughn - Shipley on

      I also received my survey but have not received any backer reward. I have emailed "support" from the "personal" emails but have not heard back from anyone. what's up?

    5. Missing avatar

      Meesha on

      Hi, I just received a survey about my experience but have not yet received my backer gift. Is there anyone I can speak to about this? Thank you.

    6. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Hey guys! Hope that everyone has seen the last few updates via Kickstarter. One of the questions we've heard is that people didn't see an update here for a short amount of time. That was because everyone was receiving and seeing address confirmation emails to their personal email addresses over the past several weeks. They would have either come from or Hopefully everyone saw those and emails didn't get stuck in any spam folders!

      Team Food Chain - Hello! :) Yes, we do see a note from you on October 30th and that would have gotten a reply directly from Ayda. If you didn't see one, yes, you're intuition is correct :) We are still a good distance away from getting the momentum we need behind a men's line, but this exercise here let us gauge interest in that offering while also helping us to create the first line for women. So rest assured, you are very much in queue for those first pairs when they're available and we look forward to that date :)

      Thanks again everyone for your awesome support, and any other questions, just shoot us a line here or at

    7. Team Food Chain on

      Hi girls, I was one of the few men who backed the Men's briefs reward. No worries if this reward is not gonna ever happen (the whole project rocks), but I emailed "Service" a few times to ask if this item would be coming as the sizing info sheet had nothing about men's sizes. Again, no probs if this isn't going to be feasible after all, but an answer would be nice. Thanks!

    8. Mark Johnston

      For what it's worth, I just talked to one of the ladies, they should be sending out an update next week. I'll leave the details for that, since I don't have much, but it doesn't sound like an abandoned project.

    9. Mike on

      Where is the product? It's been months since the last update.

    10. Missing avatar

      Mippy Thunder on

      I'm rather curious as well.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jess on

      Mark, seconded :(
      What's going on?

    12. Mark Johnston

      So...any more recent updates? September and October are obviously out, and I don't too much care when the actual date will be, but the dearth of communication is concerning.

    13. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Hey everyone! We're writing an update now and will have it sent out imminently! We haven't been able to send yet because things have literally changed week by week... So hang tight, and check your emails soon!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kanako on

      Hi, just wanted to check in to see if you were still on time for the updated September delivery date?

    15. Missing avatar

      Jess on

      Hi, can we get news for whether or not everything is still on track for September? :)
      Much thanks

    16. Mike on

      It's a month since the last update, what's happening?

    17. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Jon - thanks for reaching out! And hi to everyone else who might read this :)
      We're working on a comprehensive update for you guys and will be sending that asap.
      Hang tight and look out in your email for that in the next few days.
      Have a beautiful weekend!

    18. Jon Underwood

      Any word on how production is coming along?

    19. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Hey Donna! Did you see our last update a few weeks ago? We mentioned a June delivery timing! This is our most current update and once we have a little more info from our factory, we'll be sending out another one. Thanks so much for being on the team! xo

    20. Donna Wong on

      How's production coming along? Will we really be able to receive them in May? Updates please!

    21. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Tiniko - thank you so much! So happy to have awesome women on board such as yourself! And Tori - we feel the same way! Can't wait to send you your hiphuggers too :) Which brings us to Abby's comment - Abby, we'll have some news on delivery in just a little bit. The original postings on our page says May and we are still working hard to meet that deadline. Will be in touch about that soon!

      Rock on everyone! xoxo

    22. Missing avatar

      Abby on

      Do you have a timeline for when they will be shipped??

    23. Tori Evans on

      Just finished filling out my survey and I can't wait for my hiphuggers to come! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the future reusable pads. I'm a big fan of "mama cloth" and have also used a diva cup in the past. Thinx is just so much more attractive; sexy even! LOVE it.

    24. Piko Activewear on

      So proud of the three of you!! I know you got to be really stoked right about now!! I would be, actually I am for you ladies!

      Much success!

    25. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Belle! Thanks for the shout out :) No, not a publicly trade company, but a start up with a lot of love and purpose to what we're doing. Did you see part two at Happy to have you on the team! x

    26. Janine Herb on

      I wear a size 18 in misses, I really hope you make bigger sizes. I would save up and buy a bunch of these if you did.

    27. Belle on

      Will this be a publicly traded company?

    28. Michelle Munn on

      Proud of you ladies!

    29. Belle on

      This is a genius idea, ladies!

    30. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Jay Mickens! That's the spirit! Thanks for the shout out and we also can't wait to get you a THINX Hiphugger :)

    31. Jay Mickens on

      Hey guys can wear panties too! Can't wait for my new hiphugger!!

    32. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Michael Cruz! Thanks so much! And if you haven't seen part 2 of the story, check out the 1 min video over at

    33. michael cruz on

      even thou I am a guy, I definetly love your idea. reason I pledge is because it would be a good gift to give to a certain lady I like, plus I do believe in the idea that one day that type of concept could be applied for men's briefs or boxers. good luck and hope your project is successful.

    34. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Hi Lauren O. ! Not sure if our reply went thru before, so here's another one just in case!
      These ARE life changing!
      There's really nothing like knowing you've got extra time if you need it, which is a boost to lowered anxiety as well as time saved trying to wash out stains! It's also great to know that you're also helping reduce the waste that currently goes into our landfills from disposables. Did you see the illustration on our page about that? Truly wild when you think about it. So excited to get your THINX to you and thanks so much for being a part of the team, and being instrumental in the story as it evolves! xo

    35. Missing avatar

      ashwini on

      Absolutely awesome idea!!! I've been soooo bummed about the lack of meaningful startups targeted at women and can't think of a better one than this to kickstart that whole segment off.. I really hope you guys rock this. Shared this with a ton of friends ... good luck!

    36. Missing avatar

      Lauren O. on

      I have a feeling these are going to be life-changing! As a diva cup user I go through a lot of panty liners for leak protection during heavy flow. I CAN'T WAIT to not be freaking out with I have forgotten panty liners. These underwear are also far cuter than my current period underwear. My boyfriend will be thrilled.

    37. Ramy Youssef on

      i donated even though i can't use the product because i am very a good person who makes good choices and has great opinions and is good to friends please like me

    38. Janine Herb on

      I pledged for the tote. I would get a pair, but I need a bigger size. I was wondering, what happens if they don't fit?
      I will end up getting some in the future though, I go through so many pantie liners! They are annoying and give wedgies, so not cool!!

    39. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Paula Wilson! Thank you so much! And thank you for spreading the word! Means the world to us. xo

    40. Missing avatar

      Paula Wilson on

      Hi ladies! I think this is the most wonderful concept!!! Tackling a hush hush problem with bold enthusiasm, charm, smarts AND charity! If I had the whole 50 K to give you, I would! Since I don't, I'll keep spreading the word! Good luck and God Bless!

    41. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Julia Lindenthal - can't wait to send them to you! Christina Weber - thanks and we love your Feminine Warrior spirit! Leo - we can't wait to hear how your wife loves them! You're a thoughtful guy :) And Julia - we hear you, and yes, these are definitely attractive and comfortable at the same time. We look forward to hearing your feedback once you get your very own pair! Thanks for your support everyone! And check out the second video @ if you haven't already xo

    42. Julia Gordon on

      I also like the idea of product that is sexy and comfortable at the same time. Most brands would have us believe that that's an impossibility.

    43. Julia Gordon on

      Just ordered a pair. Great idea! I must admit, my first reaction was "isn't it kind of gross?" But then I realized it's not as gross as walking around with pads on days that are too light for tampons. I hate pads and liners for many reasons and this seems to be a great alternative.

    44. Missing avatar

      Leo Nakada on

      My wife is really excited about receiving her Thinx underwear (Panties) ! I am buying for her as a valentines gift. She is both athletic and has a really busy professional work schedule and can use the back-up, security, and comfort this product (Thinx) provides all month long !!! Best, Leo

    45. Radha Agrawal on

      Loving the support! thank you so much!

    46. christina weber on

      Love the energy and reason why you're creating this brand. Channel your Feminine Weapon within and there's no way you'll lose. Rock on!! x

    47. Missing avatar

      Julia on

      Hi Guys,

      Can't wait to get both my items !!!

      Julia Lindenthal

    48. Antonia, Miki & Radha @ THINX Creator on

      Thanks Andrew!!!! We're beyond thrilled to have incredible supporters like you who are helping bring THINX out into the world! Can't wait to share more exciting updates as we go!

    49. Andrew Horn on

      This is amazing! Good luck girls.