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blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
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Blink1Control IFTTT connector for Windows

Posted by ThingM (Creator)


Thanks everyone for being patient about non-programmer documentation and applications.  We are working constantly towards making blink(1) as easy-to-use as possible. 

For Windows users we now have the Blink1Control application available to match the OS X version.    You can download it from the "Downloads" sidebar at or directly from here:

All future versions will live at that URL too, so as we make update we'll put them there. 

Like the OS X version, Blink1Control normally lives in your system tray quietly doing its thing. Right-click to see some status, or double-click to bring up its main window.  It also supports the Blink1Control URL API. Note that Blink1Control for Windows does require the .NET Framework 4.5, a free download from Microsoft. (We're looking into how to relax that constraint)

As we've been using blink(1) with IFTTT for a few weeks now, we've noticed our initial configuration UI in Blink1Control for connecting the two could use some work.  If you know a good HTML designer/programmer who understands MVC and is a fan of frameworks like Ember and Backbone, please have them contact us at blink1 at; we would love to hire them.

In other ways of connecting blink(1)s in Windows and other OSes, our GetSatisfaction forum has seen some neat community additions, like:

- a Python library :

- IFTTT & Raspberry Pi : 

- Continuous Integration Build Light :

And on the Net there's been a ton of fun things made.  Here's a sampling:

- Blinkenlights .NET extensions for blink(1) :

- Node.js library for blink(1) :

- blink(1) "ambient orb" :

- blink(1) morse code :

And as always, thank you all for supporting us!  


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    1. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Hi MIke,
      Send us a Kickstarter message (not a comment, which goes to everyone) and we'll get you sorted.

    2. mike smith on

      Just set mine up, looks like the green LED on one isn't working, the other one is fine for same input. What do I need to do to get it swapped?

    3. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      OOOPS! spoke too soon. ever since i rebooted, the blink1 control program crashes on start up.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      yes! the net.4 version works! Thanks!

    5. William

      XP users:
      A .net 4 framework version was just released in that get satisfaction link posted earlier in the official comment. Here's the link again:

    6. William

      Could be a million reasons why someone still uses XP. Here's a few. For instance, server or work related (there's still a large number of legacy apps out there). Or hardware, it requires more resources hardwarewise for vista/win7, and its not free to replace computer hardware (many places like non profits for instance aren't exactly flush with money, and if all they need to do is word and email and web, there's not much of a reason to upgrade). And the software isn't usually free either. Typically businesses can't just use the built in windows version when they buy a new computer, they must buy additional licenses for windows for each computer (they end up essentially paying for windows twice).
      Here's another example. I love my netbook. I'm not a big fan of tablets. Its better to have lower versions of windows on netbooks because of CPU/ram usage.…
      As of Dec 2012, there's almost 40% marketshare of computers still running XP nearly as much as windows 7 (and vista is only another 5% or so).
      So by doing a forced net framework 4.5 build, they potentially instantly alienate almost 40% of the computer market (yes they can still use alternatives above, but they aren't as easy to use as a GUI).

      Now if it were gaming, the marketshare is different there. 80% of average PC gamers use vista/7 or above, while only about 10% still use XP.

    7. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Hi William,
      That's a good question. I don't know the overhead of querying WMI or launching a process in Windows (for the blink1-tool.exe program). I say try 100 and see if you system load is impacted. :-)

    8. William

      The hdd light thing seems to work, but only for extended hdd reads/writes. I plugged it into my desktop to see, and compared it with the built in hdd LED. It misses more brief ones.
      Ah, this would probably be why "Wscript.Sleep 1000"
      What would be the consequences of lowering that to something like 100 (which I think is probably 1/10th of a second)? Ideally I want something as close to a live monitor (aka the physical wired LED light on a desktop) as possible, BUT its also important to have low CPU requirements, since it's a low CPU laptop.
      Is there a way to have it activate everytime something pops that wmi item, rather than poll it at intervals?

      Anyway, your script is functional, and I greatly appreciate it. It would be great if it could get a little more ideal, but even if this is it, at least it works :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Magnus Wittström on

      My 15 minutes of fame :)

      (blink(1) "ambient orb")

    10. Stefan Wolfrum on

      Still didn't get my blink(1) ... *sigh*

    11. William

      thanks for the scripts link! Yeah I dont care if its a command line thing or not. I can deal with command lines :) There's probably 3rd party tools out there to minimize a cmd prompt window to system tray or hide it if I wanted to do that.

    12. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Barry, Scott, and others with this issue, keep track of the GetSatisfaction issue:

      I'll try doing a .NET 4 rebuild and post it there for people to try.

    13. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Hi William,
      At the moment there's no regular Windows app for that that I know of, but if you don't mind running a command-line program, there's the "scripts" directory on the github, which I've zipped up here: and if you get it, unzip it and double-click on "blink1DiskActivity.bat" it should do what you want.

    14. mike smith on

      Why are you stuck with Windows XP?

      A fix would be using a non dotNet language, like c++, and statically linking the library. That would mean no RT dependencies.

    15. William

      Keeping in mind I'm not much of a programmer, perhaps the "fix" for the 4.5 and lack of win XP is to start over again with visual studio 2010. I imagine most of the code can be re-used if it doesn't depend on specific items in .net 4.5
      It still is probably a lot of work though.

      @barry Also, you can still use the other options linked in this update even in XP, especially if you are a programmer :)

    16. Scott McKay on

      yup, in the same boat with barry.... i hope this can be changed.

    17. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      screwed AGAIN! net framework 4.5 does not work on WinXP
      :-( GRRRrrrr..... :-(

    18. William

      Thanks for the reply. No, unfortunately I don't have much programming expertise. I'll keep an eye out for .net experienced people. And thanks for keeping the dependencies down to just the 1 item.

    19. William

      I want to use the blink to blink when my hdd is accessed (my laptop doesn't have a hdd light). Thats actually the reason why I got the blink. So, is there a way to do that without having to program something new? I didn't see it in the downloadable package, or the linked projects.
      If it makes a difference, I use windows.

    20. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Hi William,
      Basically it's because it's what the free Visual Studio 2012 Desktop started with. And when we tried shifting the framework to 4 the app became very flakey. (If you or those you know have .NET experience, we'd love to consult with them to make Blink1Control usable on more Windows platforms)

    21. William

      Was there a reason why you used net framework 4.5 instead of just 4? Because 4 is already included on win 7 machines.

    22. Chris Mandra on

      I love how thorough all of your updates are. Keep up the great work!