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blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
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Final production, packaging & shipping commencing

Posted by ThingM (Creator)

In this update, there's stuff about:

  • Production electronics received
  • Production enclosure parts received
  • Retail boxes on their way
  • Final assembly& packaging
  • Be sure to get us your shipping addresses
  • Team ThingM photo

Good news, we've received production quantities of both the electronics and the two parts of the enclosures. So we're beginning final packaging and are getting ready to ship.

Production electronics received

A week ago we received all of the finished electronics. Below is a photo of how they are shipped to us. Each assembled and tested unit is ensconced in its own little anti-static pocket of a larger anti-static 2-ply sheet. Each sheet contains 25 blink(1) boards, which is then rolled up with anti-static bubblewrap. Repeat for all 6000 units.

Enclosure parts

Because the CNC milling takes a while, we've opted to receive a partial shipment of enclosure pieces instead of waiting for the full shipment. This costs us a bit more money, but allows us to get started sooner on packaging and shipping. Yesterday we received 2000 of our ordered 6000 units, and that will cover about half of the Kickstarter orders. We will be receiving the remainder next week.

Here's what those parts look like straight out of the shipping box:

There was a little machine oil on the metal top parts, so before we started assembly full-steam, we washed all the metal tops in warm sudsy water.  It feels very weird to move your hands around 2000 tiny metal things.

Retail boxes on their way

The magnetic-snap box with foam insert that holds the blink(1) during shipment have also been shipped to us and are expected to arrive on Friday. Here's what the those boxes of boxes look like before they left our case maker

Each brown box contains 1000 little white boxes. :-)

Final assembly & packaging

The final stages of assembly are pretty straightforward. In the future we'll hire out to do this, but for now we're doing it here at ThingM Labs (aka Tod's converted garage) so we can gauge the final fit and finish. The steps are pretty simple: snap electronics to enclosure bottom, snap metal top to plastic bottom, place assembled unit in retail box, repeat. We've started and plan on having it done in a few days.  The hope is to start shipping units to our fulfillment house next week, so that you'll get them by the end of November.

One concern during final assembly was the consistency of sizing and quality of the various parts.  Initial indications are very good that we won't have any problems in that area.  Here's a photo of the first few assembled production blink(1) units, ready to be boxed up for shipping.

Get us your shipping address!

We have a few stragglers who we've yet to receive a shipping address from.  If you think you may be one of those, please contact us with a Kickstarter message and we'll get you sorted.

Team ThingM photo

Other companies will have regular group photos, but since ThingM is so geographically decentralized, we've never actually all been in the same room together.  Except that two weeks ago, we had an in-person all-hands meeting.  It was very productive and it was awesome to have everyone together.  So here we are!  (Thanks to Carlyn for taking the photo)

Again, thank you from all of us! (Tod, Kim, Mike, Abe, & Alex)



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    1. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      When will you be ready to start shipping?

    2. Jarno Peschier

      You must still be very busy and I don't have my two blink(1) devices yet, so my question might be (very!) premature, but... any thought on when I might start to see blink(1) appear on the page...?

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. Bryan Hanks on

      Yay! (Happy dance) Thank you for the updates and the wild ride so far!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      I stand corrected. I look forward to receiving my finished device soon.
      Thanks @William, @Brian, and @_=tod.

    6. Christopher Padfield on

      Congrats on getting to this stage; I've enjoyed reading these updates and the process you have gone through to make this product a reality as much as I am looking forward to getting the finished device.

    7. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Yup, what William and Brian said. Thanks guys!

    8. William

      If you hadn't done your survey there'd be a message at the top of every kickstarter page telling you to do so :)

      To verify you filled out survey, and double check your info/address look on the upper right at the green pledge box "You Selected"
      You will see a link that says "Survey sent: xx/xx/xx • Your response". Click it :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian T on

      If you need to check on whether you filled out a survey, look at the highlighted pledge level that you belong to, and it should have a date for when the survey was sent, as well as a link to the copy of your response. If you have not responded to one, you should see a message at the top of the site asking you to respond.

    10. visualkev on

      I don't remember if I did the shipping info form for the Blink. I usually do them as soon I get them, but i don't recall this time. please verify. thanks

    11. Javier Soto on

      "im not sure if i had received a shipping address form."

      Me neither. Where should I contact you guys with it? :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mistar Knowitall on

      im not sure if i had received a shipping address form.

    13. Pasha on

      people, you are beautiful!

    14. Sergey Chernyshev

      They look very cool! Can't wait to get my ThingMs ;)