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blink(1) mk2 is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
blink(1) mk2 is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
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Stretch Goals!

Posted by ThingM (Creator)

Every blink(1) mk2 will ship with a USB extender cable. To us, this is the primary accessory for a blink(1), one we couldn't make a stretch goal.  But there are many other mods & add-ons that would be really cool too. So we've created these stretch goals that every backer will get if we meet them. Get your friends to get a blink(1) mk2 so you can both get these add-ons for free!

The stretch goals are:

  • $65535 - Cable Clip Set
  • $88888 - Double Lenses: White & Clear 
  • over $90000! - Custom Anodized Frame Colors
  • $133700 - Generative Art Lamp/Diffuser

(we like nerdy numbers, so our stretch goal values reflect that)

Cable Clip Set

Put your blink(1) where you want it! Sticking the blink(1) somewhere visible is really handy. But using tape or bluetack is messy, especially if you like moving your blink(1) around. If we hit this stretch goal, we'll include at least three cable clamps for blink(1) mk2, probably similar to the ones pictured below. We've not decided on the exact form yet. 

We want the cable clip to:

  • clip the cable, not the device
  • securely grips cable at any angle
  • be usable on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • hopefully have a suction cup option
We also want to get the 3d files for them so we can create custom remixes on Thingiverse you can get 3d printed.

Double Lenses: White & Clear

blink(1) mk2 will normally ship with a translucent pale white "lens" (the plastic part the light shines through) that diffuses the light from the LEDs. We've had many original blink(1) customers say they would like a clear lens option too.  The translucent white spreads the light better so we prefer it in general, but the clear looks really cool, let's you see the electronics inside, makes the LED seem brighter, and makes the entire blink(1) look like a jewel. Below is what the original blink(1) looks like with samples of both. Unfortunately, it's not a good demonstration of how neat it looks. If we hit this goal, we'll include both lenses so you can tune your blink(1) mk2 to your taste.

Anodized Custom Color Frames

The metal frame for blink(1) mk2 will normally be a dark grey anodized aluminum. Sort of like this render.

If we hit this goal, we can offer custom colors for the metal frame. We're thinking up to four additional colors, and they might look like this:

We've got a few tester blink(1)s with different colored 3d-printed frames and we find it's nice to have an extra indication of what a particular blink(1) is for when you have multiples plugged into the same computer.

Generative Art Lamp / Diffuser

This one we're really excited about.  From several projects we've seen people do with blink(1)s and BlinkMs, we wanted to offer a way of easily "hacking" your new blink(1) mk2 without causing any damage or requiring special tools.  We've designed the case so it easily snaps together and apart. We want to provide a fun "lamp" or "orb" project with every blink(1) mk2 that let's you play with blink(1) in a more aesthetic sense. 

The image below is from a DIY lamp project. It's a really fascinating way of building a structure using a single replicated shape.  It's generative: many different resulting lamps are possible depending on how you connect the shapes.

If we hit this goal, we'll include a "Generative Art Lamp" that is designed for blink(1) mk2 and lets you create a larger, more noticeable light with your blink(1) mk2.   It will be able to be hung like a pendant lamp or put on a desk like an accent lamp. Note that it's still just using the LEDs inside of blink(1) mk2, so it won't be as bright as a regular lamp, think of it more like a notification orb or accent lamp.


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    1. Missing avatar

      calvinbean on

      I want the cable clips! Making them out of Sugru is a little expensive. (We all know what Sugru is, right? No? Google it!)

    2. ThingM 2-time creator on

      Yes, but we still have 3 weeks to go! I think we can make all of them if everyone tells their friends. :-)

    3. Bryan Hanks on

      The cable kit is only a few thousand away (yay), but some of the others...

    4. Joseph Sweeney on

      Those are incredible stretch goals! Come on, everyone! Let's make this happen!