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An adorable dinosaur excavation adventure for the whole family!
An adorable dinosaur excavation adventure for the whole family!
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Stegosaurus with it's custom meeple!
Stegosaurus with it's custom meeple!
Icthy is just adorable!
Icthy is just adorable!
One of the four player boards! All types of people are represented in this inclusive game!
One of the four player boards! All types of people are represented in this inclusive game!

 All backers will receive our Kickstarter Limited Exclusive mini- expansion with two new dinos to add to your game! The Sail and Tail dinos! This mini- expansion adds in a  Dimetrodon and an Anklyosaurus! New dino cards, New dino meeples, and New tiles to expand your game! 

Be the first to complete your museum exhibit with 3 assembled dinos!

  •  Dig for dino bones!
  • Or steal bones from other players!
  •  Assemble your dino once you have the needed bones!
  •  Display your assembled dino in your museum exhibit!

How to Play in 2 minutes!

Dinos Not Assembled Game Rules Downloadable PDF

If we can hit our social goals all Kickstarter backers will receive custom card sleeves for the dino cards!

Social Goals:

Facebook : 750 followers 

Twitter : 2050 followers

Instagram : 1200 followers

And check out the Board Game Geek Dinos Not Assembled page!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Jenefer Ham Glass to make a custom hand crafted glass dino stegosaurus meeple for the game! We are huge fans of her work and are excited to find an opportunity to be able to work with her. This $25 USD add-on will give you:

  • 1 custom glass dino meeple
  • 1 ‘glass Stego’ variant dino card

This will make your game unique and your play experience a bit more exciting as everyone at the table hopes to have the GLASS Stegosaurus in their section of the museum exhibit.

For those that would like to add the glass stegosaurus dino please increase your pledge by $25 USD. After the project closes we’ll be using Pledge Manager to finalize your add-on order.  

"This is gunna be a really cool little family game that I think will be well received. The art is absolutely gorgeous! And I love the presentation of the game! "-Brawlin' Brothers Boardgaming Podcast (Goto 1 hour 51 minutes for Dinos Not Assembled goodness)

"It lays a good ground work for children learning strategy games... This is a pretty solid kids game. ...It's in the upper tier of children's games that I've played... "

 - Plumpy Thimble and a parent's perspective!

 "In addition to being an excellent streamlined but not over simplified game, the artwork is absolutely gorgeous!" - Bebo

 "It’s a cute game that has easy-to-understand rules, and the gameplay is a mix of set collection with a touch of “take that.” - Geek Dad Review 

A video interview on how to design accessible family friendly games with The Cardboard Herald 

"It's fun. It's sweet. It's a really nice entry game. "- The Cardboard Kid

"If I didn’t stop for a moment and gush about the art, I’d be doing this game a huge disservice. The art is amazing." - The Rat Hole

Green Akers Games Interview

Proud partner of Playtest NW! 

We will be subsidizing the shipping costs so that it is more affordable for everyone. We will be using fulfillment companies in Canada, Europe, Australia, and South East Asia to make shipping customs friendly and duty free.

We won't know the final weight of the game until the campaign is over and we know which stretch goal additions are going into the game. Based on our experience we are expecting our shipping costs to be 20% to 30% higher than what we are asking for in our shipping charge. 

Backer fulfillment is always the most challenging aspect of Kickstarter projects.  As shipping rates are always in a state of flux we are doing our best estimate of those costs. 

We are asking for a portion of the shipping expense and we'll take care of the rest! 

During our previous campaigns, we were able to talk with a variety of board game retailers to understand what is important to them. The two big themes were Kickstarter advantages beyond distribution, and not wanting to have funds locked up in a Kickstarter campaign for a long duration of time.

So with our 'Retail Pledge', we are hoping to address those issues for our retailer partners. A $50 deposit gets you into our 'better than distribution' program.

You'll be able to get the game at better than distribution prices (60% off MSRP) through Thing 12 Games as long as you want to carry the game in your store.  You'll also have priority ahead of distributor orders.

Once you've backed at this tier let's start a conversation to understand what makes the most sense for your store. You won't need to pay the invoice until we have the product ready to ship out to you.

If you're a retailer, please contact Sean at during the campaign to discuss.

Thing 12 Games is a team of passionate game developers with decades of combined experience in the video game industry. We have a love of the tangible camaraderie that only comes from gathering around a kitchen table, and engaging in excavating dinosaur bones!

And... rolling for crowns!

And... booming our friends!

And... becoming a plundering pirate!

And... unleashing Cthulian horrors!  Or stopping that from happening!

The Dinos Not Assembled Team 

 Dawson Kemper (Designer): Dawson is a 9 year old kid who loves playing Magic, board games, and spending time with his family. He recently co-designed this game: Dinos Not Assembled with his mom Alice Davis. He also has a younger sister that bothers him daily. Dawson loves to go golfing with his step-dad, swimming, and enjoys trying new things all the time.

Alice Davis (Designer): Alice is a full time Mom of Two, a full time director of activities, and a freelance game designer. She has a passion for making games. Alice has designed a few games such as Thieves Den, Dinos Not Assembled, her newest Bee Boppin’, and Co-Designed Kitten Klash with Matt Jacobs. If you would like to reach out to her, find her on Twitter @pa8ted. 

Jeff Willis (Game Artist):   Jeff is a fulltime creative soul. Among his many roles he teaches art part time at elementary schools in Redmond WA, he’s a video game artist and creator of McDivot the golf-hating gopher for “Fairway Solitaire” from Big Fish Games. Jeff has done illustration, animation, story-telling, freelance art, Wizard Cards and cartooning in his panoramic experience. Yes, he loves dinosaurs!

You can find out more about this Artistasaurus at 

Sean Epperson (Design Support): After the follow up to our second game, the award winning Click Click Boom, Sean left to seek out eldritch knowledge and power for further game designs. He came back with the artifact known as The Seals of Cthulhu. When not gibbering about creatures found in non-Euclidean geometry, he records a podcast with the Board Game Alliance on BJ's Geek Nation podcast network, and scrawling mad notes about future Thing 12 games. We should all be worried. 

Darrin Michelson (Graphic Design): is a graphic designer and illustrator who has worked on everything from games to gravestones. He enjoys working himself to death and anything involving the words 'Inception' and 'The Prestige.' And dogs seem to think he's okay. 

Sean Harrold (Product Management): is a video game industry veteran by day and a 'creatives' wrangler by night. He started Thing 12 Games with the goal of creating a safe space for all of his artist and designer friends. He manages all of the 'business' side of making games so that his friends can focus on being creative.

Risks and challenges

This is our 5th Kickstarter project as a development team.

We are constantly learning and refining our process. As a team, we strive to make the highest quality product for our backers. With this focus on quality, it could potentially impact our projected delivery timeline. Now we have padded our timeline to allow for iteration, as well as time to deal with the unknowns that ALWAYS come up on these campaigns.

With any project, there are a variety of variables that need to be managed. It is a challenge to create a game, manufacture, ship to the warehouse, and fulfill for our backers. We are working hard to minimize as much risk as possible. The game design has been completed for this project. The art is about 90% done. We still need to finalize the box design and the KS exclusive mini-expansion art. By the time the campaign ends we'll be ready to take the next steps in getting this game in front of everyone.

The biggest challenge that we see for this project is the complexity of backer fulfillment. To minimize that risk we are partnering with fulfillment companies in AU, CA, EU, and SEA. This helps with the final step of the process - the delivery to backers.

Another challenge that we've faced on previous projects is being able to engage with backers after the campaign closes. We'll be utilizing Pledge Manager to have each backer complete their order and provide us with shipping information. To minimize address changes and incorrect shipping, we'll be rolling out this service a few months after the project closes. Also, we'll be keeping it open as long as possible to allow for everyone to get us their shipping addresses.

We are consistently monitoring the project and working hard to remove as much risk as we can. We take pride in engaging with each and every one of you.

If you have any questions about the project development, please ask us. We are striving to be as transparent as possible.

DISCLAIMER: Many images representing potential physical products are artist renditions, and may change throughout the course of production. We are nonetheless putting forth a good faith effort to show what final production run items might look like.

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