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It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
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Release Date Locked In!!

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Thank you for your massive patience as we pulled out our hair finalizing Thimbleweed Park.

We have now submitted Thimbleweed Park to the Xbox CERT system. What does that mean? It means that we’re finally confident enough to announce a release date for Thimbleweed Park.

So set your calendar reminders, make sure you’ve got your “I’m starting to feel sick” routines prepped for the day before release…

You’ll be able to play Thimbleweed Park on Thursday, March 30th!!!!!

Eh… what’s that you say? I backed this game over 2 years ago, you expect me to remember all the projects I’ve backed?! What’s it about now? What will I be able to play?

Here’s the short version:

In Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems. Switch between five playable characters to uncover the surreal secrets of this strange town in a modern mystery adventure game from the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. The deeper you go, the weirder it gets.

More information is on our new, shiny Steam page. And you’ll notice we’re shipping with English voice, and subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian with Russian soon to follow.

PledgeManager Is Your Friend

Now that we’re going to release, there’s some boring formalities that will be coming your way soon to make sure you get the version you want and to get your reward.

We will be delivering rewards via PledgeManager. So if you haven’t gone to PledgeManager yet to check out your rewards, now’s the time. If you can’t find any emails from PledgeManager, go to:

If you can’t get in to your PledgeManager account and see Thimbleweed Park on it, go annoy Jenn by emailing

If you didn’t get any physical rewards, we will not collect your shipping address. So PledgeManager won’t let you enter that in.

If you did get physical rewards, we’ll be working on shipping them out to you a few months after the game has launched. Right before we actually ship we’ll send you a message via PledgeManager to double check that your shipping address is still up to date. Feel free to log in now and update it now if you have no moving plans in the foreseeable future.

I Want MORE Updates!

As we head towards launch you’re likely to get more updates that we’ve been doing previously from us via Kickstarter and PledgeManager. However, we’ll always give more news via the Blog and twitter and Facebook. So follow them if you want to know more about release and other sweet deals.

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    1. Frodo

      Well done for actually putting an update for this KICKSTARTER game, here on KICKSTARTER, where it was funded! It makes sense to keep KICKSTARTER stuff all together.

      *marks 30 March on her calendar*

      Really looking forward to getting my GOG code for this. Excellent work.

    2. Martin O

      @michael mitchell:
      "Is still possible to modify our orders on Pledge Manager to add more goodies?"
      "No, adding new items has been locked for several months." - Ron Gilbert

      You get a digital download and you will be able to choose between Steam and GOG.

      @Twisted Trix:
      "The Kickstarter version is only the Mac, Windows and Linux." - Ron Gilbert

    3. tarasis on

      Very much looking forward to this

    4. Henri Koivuneva on

      Hey boss, look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!

      Awesome news! You guys have done an amazing job with this and I've absolutely loved following the progress through your blog and podcasts especially. It has been very inspiring.

      With Thimbleweed Park I'm sure it's not yet another "fine leather jacket", to quote your earlier great games.

      THANK YOU.

    5. Miguel Lleras on

      Looking forward to it!

    6. Twisted Trix on

      Can i swap my pc copy for an Xbox one?

    7. Vryl

      Is the guy with the tinfoil hat the Xbox rep?

    8. Missing avatar

      jfrisby on

      Only need to surive another 33 days, whew!

    9. Missing avatar

      Ahlon on

      Did i get a Steam Key when i have paid for the collectors edition box?

    10. Ken Gagne

      "Switch between five playable characters"…


      Surely not a coincidence, in the same month as Nintendo's new console launch! Can we expect Thimbleweed Park on the Switch? :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Cycho on

      Thimblewood Park confirmed!

    12. Missing avatar

      michael mitchell on

      When i click "Modify Order" at pledge manager, I just get redirected back to the checkout page. How can i pick an upgrade?

    13. Anaxphone

      Man, House of Many Doors, Night in the Woods, Torment, now Thimblewood?

      I need more hours in the day for all of these games coming out at once!