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It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
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DATELINE - Update Town

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Big retro news today. First off the presses is that Ken Macklin, who did the cover art for Maniac Mansion, has agreed to do the cover art for Thimbleweed Park. So, if you’re getting the box or poster, it will feature glorious Ken Macklin art. We’re excited to be working with him again.

The second whammy for the day is that David Fox is going to be coming on to help with Thimbleweed Park scripting/programming and rodent-related gags. David Fox was the one who decided putting a hamster in a microwave would be a good idea in Maniac Mansion. Gary and I were aghast at the idea, but David insisted it was “comedy gold”. David did most of the SCUMM scripting in Maniac Mansion and would go on to create and design Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, the second Lucasfilm SCUMM game.

In unrelated retro news, it is now official that Thimbleweed Park will be available on Steam. Other online stores will probably be added later and a DRM free version will be available via Humble Bundle. If you download the DRM free version, you need to pinky-swear you won’t upload it to pirate sites. That’s all we ask.

Also a quick reminder that getting your name in the Thimbleweed Park phone book, and (optional) custom recorded voicemail message when the number is called, is a Kickstarter exclusive. Once the Kickstarter ends, this will not be offered again. Also, if you want a name of a family member to appear instead of yours, that’s a-ok with us.

And… other Kickstarters....

Congratulations to That Dragon Cancer for funding!

Please check out Rocket Ranger Reloaded - 1989 Golden Joystick Award-winning hero Rocket Ranger returns in a completely fresh new take on the classic action-adventure videogame!

Now… on to the Thimbleweed Park Talkie stretch goals...

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    1. Raphael S. Neto on

      Kinda late commenting, but +1 for GOG copy on release day. =D

    2. Josep M. Pons on

      I want a GOG copy and that Disney put Maniac Mansion + Zack McKraken on it :D

    3. Nemo Pohle on

      David Fox? That's great news, Zak was always my favorite LucasArts game (no offense to you guys) so it's great to see him at a LucasArts-ish game again. Seems I have to think about my pledge level again...

    4. Andrew Tuckett on

      I would like a gog copy too; they are my preferred store. Also the place where ye old classics reside, a perfect fit!

    5. LuckyLuigi on

      I would really like to have a GOG copy instead of HumbleBundle.

    6. Andres Janssens on

      @Ron: Can you please confirm that the physical version will be steam-free? This has been a major issue with some other kickstarters and a physical box only makes sense when the software is not connected to any playform in any way. I'm not even sure the box wil include the software?

    7. David Fox on

      @Roland, thanks!! So you didn't play using the wonderful German translation that Boris did? I know that the biggest Zak fanbase is in Germany, and that's where all the fan-created sequels were made.

    8. Roland on

      David I have to say Zak blew my mind back then (at age 11 or 12)
      Such great memories.
      And lots of discussions with friends.
      Helped me a lot to learn english too !
      I hope you know, especially in Europe, you made a lot of people happy.

    9. David Fox on

      Thanks @☜☆RSF☆☞ @Roland @Zato77 and of course my favorite play tester, @Robert Megone!

    10. Roland on

      Wow, that's great news !
      Loved Zak back in the days, it was the first game I actually bought.
      I was too young to afford MM in '87 so I looked around ebay.
      The prizes are crazy !
      That says a LOT about the popularity of MM to this day.
      I pledged for the boxed version, so at least I will have that.
      Thanks Guys, for totally surprising me with this game !!

    11. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      Also, gotta say Zak was / is awesome. :D Welcome on-board David.
      Also of cause, welcome too for Ken. :-)

    12. ☜☆RSF☆☞ on

      What a great update - makes the box / poster even more tempting a reward for everyone! Also, really good of you to give a shout out for Rocket Ranger Reloaded. I'm quite looking forward to that game too. They did a great job with Wings Remastered, so quite confident they can do the same again with RRR. :-)

    13. Sir Jordi

      excited with the idea, indeed
      good work..but beware! the expectations are growing bigger and bigger!

    14. HermanTR on

      David Fox, wow, great news!!! Welcome aboard! :D

    15. Robert Megone on

      Also, fantastic news that Ken is involved too! Things are getting more amazing by the minute!

    16. Robert Megone on

      BEST NEWS EVAR!!!!! Thanks for making this happen. You guys have made me so happy!

    17. David Fox on

      @Shinjica I'd love to see an HD Zak, or even just a re-release of Zak. Let's focus on Thimbleweed Park — if it's successful, that increases the chance that Disney will work with me at a later time.

    18. Missing avatar

      Shinjica on

      We need a Zak McKraken HD version on Steam/GOG etc. Make it happen David

    19. Jeff Chausse on

      Oh man, make a tier with some kind of Zak McKracken related rewards and I will IMMEDIATELY upgrade to that tier! I loved that game. Poor Sushi...

    20. David Fox on

      @Tomimt I'm still apologizing for the mazes. Seemed like a really good idea at the time. @Joseph O'Connell, no, only place to get Zak is on eBay or a.. ahem... pirate site. And thanks @Diduz! I loved making Rube Works! Working on a new version with German and Spanish localization.

    21. Helge Frisenette on

      This just keepsmgetting better and better! X-D

    22. Missing avatar

      Diduz on

      Daaaaaaaaaavid! So glad you're part of the team! I really enjoyed RubeWorks. ;-)

    23. Joseph O'Connell on

      Is Zak McKracken available on any mainstream platforms today? I would love to see a port of that game to iOS/Android!

    24. Tomimt on

      I've always liked the box art of MM. And,despite it many mazes, I have always liked Zak McKracken as well. That's always been a game I've wanted to see a sequal to, in the same tabloid atmosphere of course.

    25. David Fox on

      @cimerians, I'll see if I can get a release from Chuck the Plant to use his name in the game. He's been pretty much of a recluse since all that exposure in the 80s & 90s, so I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses. And thanks Santiago and Mario!

    26. Mario Faroß on

      That's absolutely awesome! Can't get any better than that. Thx for coming on board David!

    27. Sensi on

      The updates are getting crazier, that's ex-employee #3! Three old blokes/experts on board, a wonderful idea to have in mind. Wouldn't be surprised when the whole team gets together again.
      Artwork, poster, already reserved a special place in the games room, above the PC :)

    28. cimerians on

      Wow...the band is back together indeed. I wonder if we'll see a Chuck the Plant cameo. :)

    29. Santiago Montero on

      So happy that David Fox is onboard now! Thank you David for everything! :-)

    30. Frodo

      Hey Ron & Gary

      Excitint news!

      Any chance we could get the DRM-free version via GOG though?

    31. David Fox on

      I'm really excited to be working with Ron and Gary on a graphic adventure game again! It's been too long, guys!

    32. Mischa Magyar on

      Wow! That's very exciting news indeed!
      Excuse me, I have a pledge to upgrade...