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It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before. PRESS: PLEASE DON'T USE OLD OUT-OF-DATE IMAGES FROM OUR KICKSTARTER. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR NEW ONES.
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Stretch Goals!

Posted by Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick (Creator)

Experts will tell you that announcing stretch goals on a Saturday isn't "PR Savvy".

Let's show them they are wrong!

Announcing Stretch Goal Saturday

Gary and I have pored through the comments and read all the private messages and emails and these are the stretch goals you're asking for the most. And aim to deliver.

By most popular demand, we'll translate Thimbleweed Park into German, Spanish, French and Italian. We'll also translate the game into one additional language the backers get to pick. If you pick Klingon, you better be fluent in it and willing to help.

This one is personally exciting for me. Boris Schneider-Johne, who did the German translation of Monkey Island has agreed to do the German translation for Thimbleweed Park.  His only condition was that we have a Monkey Wrench puzzle because he misses a good challenge.

Who wants iOS and Android? We do! We do! We do! The world's most retro and authentic jab & smoosh adventure game will be on iOS and Android.

Considered witchcraft in 1987, the English version of Thimbleweed Park will have full voice. Sit back, relax and let professionally trained actors save you the headache and embarrassment of actually having to read text. Reading is so 1987.

Please back our stretch goals and help us make Thimbleweed Park the best damn point & click adventure game you've played since that last point & click adventure game you played and liked.

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    1. Véronique Cloutier on

      Because I'm not fluent in Klingon, I'll vote Elvish languages (I'm not really more fluent but you ask no prerequisite for this one ;) ).

    2. McDrake on

      Ok. You got me.

      From 20$ up to 50$


    3. Frogacuda on

      Good stretch goals. Voices are a must.

    4. xwormwood on

      Paskart (koSH), honestly?
      No, it shouldn't. And if you think about it, you will hopefully understand why.
      Think about the work on the programmers side, not about the work on Boris side....

    5. Paskarl (k0SH) on

      Why is the German translation of Boris SchneiderJohne part of a stretch goal when he offered it for free???
      Shouldn´t it be included already??????

    6. Daniel Wintzen on

      doubled my pledge. GO FOR BORIS!

    7. Wolfgang Ziegler on

      Why is it always iOS / Android? What about some love for Windows Phone?

    8. Sebastian Faust on

      Hopefully the Talkies can be switched off. I'd like to go full retro!! ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Pip on

      Wie passend. Du kämpfst wie eine Kuh.

      Now I'm really sad I didn't learn Klingon!
      Mind you, the Bing translator can do Klingon (I wonder when Google adds it), but it's true, it should be authentic.

      Oh well, I can still play in the slightly softer little sister of Klingon – German! :D
      But I probably won't …

    10. Milo Casagrande on

      Awesome strech goals! I would have loved to help out with the Italian translation even for free!

    11. Adam Mayhem on

      Awesome update! Maybe this will become the first million dollar game of 2014? Kickstarter has been in a bit of a slump all year.

    12. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Oh.. I wasn't actually aware the base game wasn't going to have voice acting.. yeah here's hoping for atleast that then.. :O

      Still haven't heard any word on Steam/Greenlight =(

    13. Ernesto Borio on

      No! no talkies! let's go full old-school.

    14. Chris R. Parent on

      Hey Ron, Gary are you looking for voice actors, should you meet the Talkies goal? I'm a long time fan of the Monkey Island games and I kid you not, I will work pro bono if you need a male VO artist for supporting characters and whatnot.

    15. cimerians on

      Seeing this show up on PS4 next to Tim's Grim Fandango later on would be nice!

    16. Geir Eivind Mork on

      Voicesacting is retro. Was the glorious world when CD-ROM arrived. Ca 1993ish

    17. SagiMewtwo on

      I really hope it goes past $625,000. It'd be great to have some voice acting to go along with the weirdness.

    18. David Quílez on

      Great! More easy if I can play in Spanish! :P

    19. Steffen Breitbach on

      Totally upped my pledge to help with the stretch goals!

    20. Missing avatar

      Boris Reidel on

      I'm sure making a Commodore 64 version would not make sense from a financial standpoint, but wouldn't it be the most faithful?

    21. Tomimt on

      These are solid stretch goals. Let's hope that the Talkie is reached.

    22. Ed Harrison on

      I'm particularly excited about the possibility of voice acting, and was even going to suggest it as a stretch goal last time I was thinking of commenting. Sure, being able to select in the options menu between text only, text and voice and voice only would be very nice indeed and keep the retro-nostalgists happy (and no judgment toward those people, I can see value in that preference), but I must say that my favorite versions of Monkey1&2 to play any time recently are those "Monkey Island Ultimate Talkie Edition" versions, based on the special edition 'remakes', that someone in the community created installers\builders for, which I would run in ScummVM with the original classic artwork along with the modern voice acting. To me it was a highly enjoyable combination of satisfying my childhood connection to those great games while also bringing something novel which made the experience fresh again, and even more characterful and engaging to the senses.

    23. Missing avatar

      bidji on

      how about a CGA mode in 4 glorious colors? And you get to chose the palette, too!

    24. Missing avatar

      Barbara Gleason on

      Great news about voice acting! Get Khris Brown to help you. Cheers from an LucasArts alum.

    25. Missing avatar

      Kyle Taylor on

      Let's go talkies!

    26. Torsten Stelling

      Open Source! To get it ported to all systems. Or scummvm support. ;) so all systems can provide support.

    27. Missing avatar

      Christophe Pallarès on

      Hi Ron & Gary, great to see the game's Kickstarter's progress, and to hear that localizing the game looks like it could be a viable option! Do you have any plans for French yet? If that's not the case, I'd love to apply for the job! I've been a huge fan of all your games since back in the day, and would love to have the opportunity to work on your latest one! That would really be a career highlight for me! :) Obviously, I wouldn't dream of even suggesting it if I wasn't a freelance translator specialized in videogame localization for the past 8 years. Should you be interested, please feel free to let me know, and I'll be happy to provide you with any further information you might need! (resume, rates, past projects, number of grogs spilled, you name it). In the meantime, best of luck with the Kickstarter! ;) Regards, Chris

    28. Frodo

      How about a port for the original Wii, or the original PS? ( :

    29. Tracey Craig

      PS4 port please! pretty please with cherries on top! :)

    30. Christoph Zürcher on

      Boris Schneider-Johne? What a pleasant surprise, might actually play the game in German if we reach the goal.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      love your idea Jaarik... so:
      if you add Jaariks goal i will pledge another $50

    32. Dexter Tyres on

      Extra stretch goal - $4,000,000.00 you add copy protection!

    33. For Science Purposes

      If we raise 700k can you take the voice acting back out so the writing will be easier to iterate?

    34. Torsten Stelling

      I vote for C64 version as well ;) or an Open Pandora version for the small handhelds with linux!

    35. Nicholas DiMucci on

      I second having an option to turn off the voice acting, if you happened to add it. Sometimes, I'd rather let my imagination take over for once!

    36. Anne Sullivan on

      Just adding to the "please make the voice-acting optional" requests. I would rather read at my pace then be forced to skip-click through all the voice acting that doesn't match how I want it to be acted anyway. :)

    37. Chris J Capel on

      All of these are great - and I'd love both a Talkie version and an iOS version. Can't wait.

    38. darkstorm on

      If you make it a talkie you'd really have to nail the voice actors - the monkey island 1 & 2 special editions voice acting totally killed the atmosphere there.

    39. Dexter Tyres on

      I am willing to translate it all into Welsh if you so please. It b a beauty of a language -…

    40. Missing avatar

      Alex on

      How about a C64 version?

    41. Missing avatar

      fryhole on

      Yeah if you reach the voice-acting stretch goal, please make it optional. I likes my retro point and click adventures properly retro!

      Also, while I'm being annoyingly downbeat about the stretch goals, put me down as another who'd up their pledge for a Wii U version.

    42. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I'm monolingual, cranky, and always skip-click through voice acting (I can totally read faster than people can act). It would be fun to have an iOS version, though, even I must crankily admit.

    43. Missing avatar

      Tom on

      overall nice stretch goals, but i'm with Adam about that voice-thingy.
      "Not sure about the voice acting thing fitting the style you're going for here..."

    44. Chris Inman on

      You should choose "Zombie" as the 5th language. Yeah we wouldn't know what the hell is going on. But it would make a second play through hilarious.

    45. Adam on

      Yes, I would up my pledge if there was a Wii U stretch goal.

      Not sure about the voice acting thing fitting the style you're going for here...

    46. Captn Gracey on

      Talkies™? I just upped my pledge. Reading is for books!

    47. René M Jensen on

      Boris is cheap, only 1 dollar.

      What about voice acting ?.